May Instant Pot Meal Plan (2020)

Hello May! The sun is shining, and we are ready for summer! My May 2020 Instant Pot Meal Plan has lots of easy and delicious recipes for you. I also included some super yummy sides and desserts to complement your meals.

Hopefully, you can find all the ingredients to make all these delicious recipes considering that most of us are still in lockdown. If not, you can always try to work with what you have and use the meal plan as a guide. Here’s what you can expect:

instant pot may meal plan

Easy Instant Pot Recipes

In this May Meal Plan, you’ll find so many quick and easy recipes. Some recent additions are the Cream Cheese Pasta with Sausage, and the Cajun Dirty Rice. Both are simple to make, delicious, and must-tries. Some other super easy recipes are my Salsa Chicken and my Hawaiian Sloppy Joes. These two recipes are perfect for those nights when you’re running around to all the year-end school events.

Cream Cheese Pasta with Sausage

This Instant Pot Cream Cheese Pasta with Sausage is a super easy dump-and-start meal and is sure to be a weeknight favorite. It’s creamy, flavorful, filling, and crazy easy to make. It has all the makings of the perfect weeknight family meal.

a bowl of cream cheese pasta with sausage

Cajun Dirty Rice

Chock full of the flavors of New Orleans, this Instant Pot Dirty Rice is a delicious Cajun dish that the entire family will love. This easy recipe is made with rice, a mixture of ground sausage and ground beef, chopped veggies, and Cajun spices. This recipe is quick, simple, and extremely flavorful.

using a wooden spoon to add a scoop of dirty rice to a small bowl

Salsa Chicken

The Instant Pot Salsa Chicken is a dump-and-start meal that cooks quickly and is perfect for making tacos, wraps, sandwiches, or even salads. All you have to do is add some chicken breasts, a jar of salsa, and a few spices to the pot and cook for 10 minutes. It couldn’t be any simpler. I love this recipe for busy nights.

serving salsa chicken on a tortilla

Hawaiian Sloppy Joes

The Instant Pot Hawaiian Sloppy Joes are a kid favorite. Since the ground beef is made with mild sweet peppers and pineapple, it has a distinctly Hawaiian sweetness to it. Scoop some of the ground beef on some sweet Hawaiian hamburger buns and watch those hungry kiddos devour them.

a homemade hawaiian sloppy joe on a plate

Instant Pot International Recipes

If you’re in the mood for something with international flare, I have you covered. I have some great blogger friends that focus on international cuisine. Especially Indian, Asian, and African recipes. Some of the wonderful international recipes that you’ll find on the May meal plan are Chickpea Biryani, Mango Chicken Thai Curry, and African Peanut Stew.

Instant Pot Cochinita Pibil

I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on my Cochinita Pibil recipe. I guess Cinco de Mayo had lots of people looking for authentic Mexican taco recipes that they could make in their Instant Pots. Well, my Cochinita Pibil definitely delivers on that authentic Mexican taste. You must try it. And when you do, serve it with my Pickled Red Onion and Habanero Salsa.

authentic mexican flavored pork carnitas tacos served on a plate

Instant Pot Side Dishes

As usual, my May meal plan has plenty of Instant Pot Side Dishes to choose from. You’ll find delicious sides like Parmesan Risotto, and Cilantro Lime Rice. I always want to make sure you have plenty of options to serve alongside your main dish. A delicious side dish always makes a great meal even better.

Parmesan Risotto

The Instant Pot Parmesan Risotto is a must-try with its creamy parmesan flavor. The flavor makes it an outstanding side for beef, chicken, or pork. And, making it in the Instant Pot is fast, easy, and produces perfect results every time.

parmesan risotto served on a plate as a side

Cilantro Lime Rice

The Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Rice is a light and fresh side dish that goes particularly well with any Tex-Mex or Hispanic dishes like my Carnitas, or Salsa Chicken. It’s also perfect for adding to tacos, burritos, and salads.

Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Rice
This easy and delicious Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Rice will pair with chicken, beef, fish, pork and almost any main dish you make. It adds a delicious kick to plain rice. #instantpot #cilantro #lime #rice

Instant Pot Desserts

For the desserts, I’m including some of my readers’ absolute favorites. You’ll find my wonderful Flan and Arroz con Leche recipes. They are some of the most popular dessert recipes on my blog. So, if you haven’t tried them yet, then don’t wait any longer! They are so delicious!

Coconut Flan

This month, you’ll find my Instant Pot Coconut Flan in the meal plan. This flan has all the deliciousness of the original, it’s rich and creamy smooth, but also has the added delight of coconut.

Sliced Pressure Cooker Coconut Flan

Enjoy the last month of school!

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May 2020 Instant Pot Meal Plan

Below the list of recipes, you will find a link to the downloadable calendar and links to all my monthly Instant Pot meal plans.

Main Dishes

  • overhead shot of tuscan chicken pasta served on a plate
    May 1
    Tuscan Chicken Pasta
    from One Happy Housewife

    Creamy, delicious, and very easy to make, this pasta dish is sure to be a hit with your family!

  • overhead view of salpicon
    May 2
    from One Happy Housewife

    A light minced meat with a fresh citrusy taste. Perfect served on a corn tortilla or over a bed of rice.

  • a spoonful of vanilla jalapeño corn chowder
    May 3
    Vanilla Jalapeño Corn Chowder
    from One Happy Housewife

    The gentle sweet heat of a warm bowl of this amazing soup is so comforting.

  • chili in a bowl topped with shredded cheese and green onions
    May 4
    from One Happy Housewife

    The rich, smokey flavor of this Chili makes it the perfect comfort meal.

  • juicy and tender carnitas
    May 5
    from One Happy Housewife

    Authentic flavor, incredibly juicy pork, and crispy edges. Traditional pork carnitas made in a fraction of the time.

  • spaghetti and meat sauce served in a bowl topped with shredded parmesan
    May 6
    Spaghetti and Meat Sauce
    from One Happy Housewife

    You’ve got a hungry family and not much time? This Instant Pot version of a traditional Italian dish is perfect for those busy nights when you need to get a tasty dinner on the table fast. This spaghetti and meat sauce is an easy one-pot meal that can be made in less than 15 minutes. Your family will love this one!

  • a low carb pizza casserole in a bowl
    May 7
    Low Carb Pizza Casserole
    from The Halfway Homesteaders

    Maintain a low-carb diet while enjoying that wonderfully delicious pizza flavor.

  • serving instant pot salsa chicken
    May 8
    Salsa Chicken
    from One Happy Housewife

    A very popular recipe that’s fast, easy, and so versatile. The perfect busy weeknight meal!

  • a white bowl with instant pot cheesy sausage rigatoni topped with parmesan cheese
    May 9
    Cheesy Sausage Rigatoni
    from One Happy Housewife

    Rigatoni pasta and savory ground sausage are covered in a cheesy marinara sauce. This is a quick, easy, and filling pasta dish that the entire family will love.

  • a plate with a hawaiian sloppy joe sandwich
    May 10
    Hawaiian Sloppy Joes
    from One Happy Housewife

    Pineapple, red and yellow peppers, and sweet onion give the traditional Sloppy Joe a Hawaiian twist.

  • a close up of a plate with sliced instant pot turkey roast, mashed potatoes, and gravy
    May 11
    Turkey Roast
    from One Happy Housewife

    This tender, juicy turkey roast covered in a homemade turkey gravy is perfect for a no-fuss fall or holiday dinner.

  • a hearty bowl of white turkey chili
    May 12
    White Turkey Chili
    from One Happy Housewife

    If you’re looking for the perfect recipe for that leftover turkey, then this hearty and delicious chili is perfect!

  • instant pot beef and macaroni casserole
    May 13
    Beef & Macaroni Casserole
    from One Happy Housewife

    This deliciously creamy beef and pasta casserole is the perfect hearty and filling comfort dish for those busy weeknights. It’s fast and easy to make, full of flavor, and guaranteed to satisfy those hungry bellies. This one is sure to become a favorite in your home.

  • overhead shot of chickpea biryani in a bowl garnished with cilantro
    May 14
    Chickpea Biryani
    from Ministry of Curry

    Plump chickpeas cooked in caramelized onions and spices over fragrant basmati rice make for a wonderful vegetarian Biryani.

  • a bowl of ham hock bean soup
    May 15
    Ham Hock and Bean Soup
    from Simply Happy Foodie

    This tasty and deliciously comforting soup with ham hock with navy beans is easy to make and ready in about an hour.

  • cajun shrimp and sausage alfredo
    May 16
    Cajun Shrimp Alfredo
    from One Happy Housewife

    Yes – you can enjoy Cajun Shrimp Alfredo at home! This creamy, rich pasta is loaded with andouille sausage, plump tender shrimp, and Cajun flavor. This popular recipe is easy to make and a must-try!

  • May 17
    French Dip
    from One Happy Housewife

    An unbelievably flavorful and juicy meat, covered in melted cheese and served on toasted, crispy, buttered bread.

  • a bowl of homemade enchilada soup topped with pico de gallo, shredded cheese, and fried tortilla strips
    May 18
    Chicken Enchilada Soup
    from One Happy Housewife

    Everything you love about chicken enchiladas in a warm comforting bowl of soup.

  • side view of couscous with ground beef on a plate
    May 19
    Couscous with Ground Beef
    from One Happy Housewife

    Made with Israeli couscous, seasoned ground sirloin, and sweet peppers, this quick and easy pasta dish is full of flavor and certain to become a family favorite. Perfect for busy weeknights!

  • a creamy bowl of chicken broccoli alfredo pasta
    May 20
    Chicken Broccoli Alfredo
    from One Happy Housewife

    A incredibly delicious pasta dish that features a homemade Alfredo sauce that’s unforgettably rich, creamy, and flavorful.

  • overhead shot of a bowl of mango chicken thai curry garnished with some basil
    May 21
    Mango Chicken Thai Curry
    from Spice Cravings

    A sweet and spicy Thai red curry with pieces of chicken, mango and veggies.

  • a large serving of cheesy ground beef and rice on a plate
    May 22
    Cheesy Ground Beef and Rice
    from One Happy Housewife

    An incredibly easy and hearty family-friendly meal that’s oh so cheesy and delicious.

  • instant pot lasagna
    May 23
    Meaty Lasagna
    from One Happy Housewife

    Looking for a hearty dish that can feed an entire family? Try this rich, creamy, and flavorful lasagna. It’s easy to prep and you’ll have it on the table in no time. Everyone will be asking for seconds.

  • instant pot chicken soup
    May 24
    Chicken Soup
    from One Happy Housewife

    This hearty, healthy, homemade chicken soup is so tasty and loaded with nourishing vegetables and spices.

  • a bowl of spinach chickpea curry served with white rice
    May 25
    Chickpea Curry with Spinach
    from Piping Pot Curry

    An easy one-pot curry made with chickpeas and spinach in a sauce of onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and aromatic spices.

  • a bowl of african peanut stew
    May 26
    African Peanut Stew
    from Paint the Kitchen Red

    This rich and hearty soup loaded with tender chicken and sweet potatoes delivers the perfect balance of sweet and savor flavors.

  • a bowl of beef and bowtie pasta
    May 27
    Beef & Bowtie Pasta
    from One Happy Housewife

    A fast and simple pasta dinner that even the most picky of eaters will devour. This one is sure to become one of your go-to recipes for those hectic weeknights.

  • hawaiian chicken served over a bed of rice on a plate
    May 28
    Hawaiian Chicken
    from One Happy Housewife

    Enjoy the delightful tastes of the islands with this sweet, savory and tangy chicken cooked with bell pepper, sweet onion, pineapple and macadamia nuts.

  • cheeseburger mac in a large bowl
    May 29
    Cheeseburger Mac
    from One Happy Housewife

    A super hearty and flavorful, from-scratch pasta casserole that’s sure to be a hit with the kids. This one is so delicious, it’s like having your favorite burger in a bowl. A great meal for busy weeknights.

  • a bowl filled with a warm serving of chicken and dumplings
    May 30
    Chicken and Dumplings
    from One Happy Housewife

    Tender, tasty chicken, sweet veggies, and dumplings. This is the epitome of comfort food.

Side Dishes

  • a large bowl of street corn pasta garnished with cilantro
    Street Corn Pasta
    from The Halfway Homesteaders

    Pasta with a Mexican flare – this street corn pasta is so fresh and flavorful.

  • overhead shot of lemon butter broccoli in a large bowl
    Lemon Butter Broccoli
    from One Happy Housewife

    An incredibly delicious and healthy side dish that can be served fast using the help of the Instant Pot.

  • a dinner plate served with parmesan risotto
    Parmesan Risotto
    from One Happy Housewife

    A creamy and delicious side dish that is simply irresistible.

  • a large serving of cilantro lime rice in in a bowl
    Cilantro Lime Rice
    from One Happy Housewife

    Perfectly cooked rice with a fresh lime and cilantro flavor. Enjoy in a burrito bowl or as a side dish to chicken, beef, or fish.

  • serving dish with creamy white cheddar mac and cheese made in the instant pot
    White Cheddar Mac
    from One Happy Housewife

    The perfect combination of flavorful cheeses and a hint of garlic makes this super creamy mac and cheese absolutely incredible.


  • instant pot chocoflan
    from One Happy Housewife

    A moist chocolate cake layered with a smooth, creamy flan, and topped with caramel.

  • a delicious coconut bundt cake served on a large plate
    Coconut Cake
    from One Happy Housewife

    Topped with a heavenly creamy coconut glaze, this moist and delicious cake is loaded with coconut goodness and is the perfect sweet treat to share with friends and family.

  • overhead view of french toast casserole in a bowl
    French Toast Casserole
    from Spice Cravings

    Everything you love about a classic French toast, just more delicious!

  • Turtle lava cake fresh out of the Instant Pot
    Turtle Lava Cakes
    from One Happy Housewife

    These deliciously decadent mini cakes are overflowing with a molten chocolate center, caramel and pecans. They are an indulgence like no other!

  • a spoonful of arroz con leche
    Arroz con Leche
    from One Happy Housewife

    This traditional Hispanic dessert is so creamy, rich and delicious. Simple ingredients and so quick and easy to make.

Download the May 2020 Meal Plan Calendar.

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