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June Instant Pot Meal Plan (2018)

Delicious Instant Pot Meals For The Month of June

Summer is here!! School will be out in a few days and that means kids at home all day! Yikes! At least we homeschool 3 out of 5 so it’s not too much of a difference for us. But summer also means not so early mornings, and I’m all about that! You’ll love the June 2018 Instant Pot Meal Plan. The meal plan is full of easy and delicious meals to keep your family happy during this first summer month. Here’s what you can expect:

june instant pot meal plan calendar
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Big Batch Instant Pot Recipes

I’ve included some big, delicious meals you can enjoy for several days. That way you don’t have to worry so much about cooking every day. You’ll find the Hawaiian favorite Kalua Pork, which you can eat on its own or stuff into tacos or sandwiches.

You’ll also be making a big pot of Chicken and Dumplings. It’s the quintessential comfort food and you’ll get to enjoy it for a couple of days. The leftovers are always best!

My super popular Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork is also in the June meal plan. This pulled pork recipe is so easy to make, only requires 4 ingredients, and you can use it for so many meals! Sandwiches, quesadillas, nachos, and tacos to name a few!

Instant Pot Pasta Recipes

I also added some very easy pasta meals perfect for those busy weeknights or for when you’re tired from wrangling the kids all day! For those days, my Easy Beef & Bowtie Pasta is on point! This pasta dish is kid-friendly and super easy and quick to make.

Some other easy pasta dishes that you’ll find on this month’s meal plan are a traditional Lasagna, a creamy Beef Casserole, and a wonderful recipe for Swedish Meatballs.

Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

Chicken is my absolute favorite! I’ve included some wonderful easy chicken recipes for you to enjoy this month. Chicken Curry is an Indian classic that is always delicious. Serve over white rice and you have a complete meal. And the Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken is a must-try. It is super quick to make and the results are just as good as anything you’d get at a restaurant.

Side Dish Recipes for the Instant Pot

As usual, I made sure and added some easy side dishes. The Scalloped Potatoes and Macaroni and Cheese are comforting classics that go well with so many meals. If you’re looking for something healthier, then try the Quinoa and Vegetable Pilaf.

Instant Pot Desserts

This is my favorite part of any meal, and I have some amazing dessert recipes on my June meal plan calendar. You’ll find a fantastic recipe for Monkey Bread. Just serve warm with a scoop of ice cream and you’ll be in heaven.

Oh, and how about a Carrot Cake? Enjoy a slice of this timeless classic that’s made healthier by using low carb ingredients. Don’t worry, the carb count may be lower, but the flavor is all there. It’s still delicious!

And if you couldn’t care less about cutting out the carbs, then try my favorite Friday dessert, Turtle Lava Cakes. These little decadent cakes are literally oozing with warm, chocolaty goodness. Yum!!

Bring it summer! We’re ready for you with meals planned for every day!

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June 2018 Instant Pot Meal Plan

Below the list of recipes, you will find a link to the downloadable calendar and links to all my monthly Instant Pot meal plans.

Main Dishes

  • lasagna on a plate with salad
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    June 1Lasagna from One Happy Housewife

    A rich, creamy, and flavorful lasagna that you can have on the table in no time.

  • chicken legs in a bowl filled with rice
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    June 2Chicken Legs from The Typical Mom

    Fall off the bone tender drumsticks made fast in the pressure cooker.

  • dipping a french dip sandwich in au jus
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    June 3French Dip from One Happy Housewife

    An unbelievably flavorful and juicy meat, covered in melted cheese and served on toasted, crispy, buttered bread.

  • brazilian sopa de palmito in a bowl topped with cheese and cilantro
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    June 4Hearts of Palm Soup from Two Sleevers

    This Brazilian Sopa de Palmito uses just a few simple ingredients to make a creamy, tangy soup in minutes.

  • sliced pork tenderloin on table with lemon slices
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    June 5Vietnamese Pork Tenderloin from Recipes from a Pantry

    A moist and super easy pressure cooker pork tenderloin that’s loaded with Vietnamese flavor.

  • a plate of ground beef and farfalle pasta in vodka sauce
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    June 6Beef & Bowtie Pasta from One Happy Housewife

    A fast and simple pasta dinner that even the most picky of eaters will devour.

  • top view of a bowl filled with chicken curry and garnished with cilantro
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    June 7Chicken Curry from Recipes from a Pantry

    A simple and comforting Indian curry dish that’s full of flavor.

  • a large bowl of jambalaya garnished with cilantro
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    June 8Jambalaya from Paint the Kitchen Red

    A New Orleans staple, this Instant Pot version of jambalaya is loaded with andouille sausage, chicken, and shrimp. So tasty!

  • melt in your mouth mongolian beef on a plate
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    June 9Mongolian Beef from Living Sweet Moments

    Melt-in-your-mouth tender flank steak infused with a sweet and savory sauce. Skip that night out at PF Chang’s and make this instead.

  • a bowl of chicken and dumplings
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    June 10Chicken and Dumplings from One Happy Housewife

    Tender, tasty chicken, sweet veggies, and dumplings. This is the epitome of comfort food.

  • top view of egg curry in a bowl garnished with cilantro
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    June 11Egg Curry from Piping Pot Curry

    Eggs are boiled in curry sauce for a flavorful protein-rich dish.

  • overhead view of salpicon
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    June 12Salpicón from One Happy Housewife

    A light minced meat with a fresh citrusy taste. Perfect served on a corn tortilla or over a bed of rice.

  • close up of a plate of alfredo pasta
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    June 13Alfredo from The Halfway Homesteaders

    This rich and creamy Alfredo pasta will satisfy your appetite for Italian.

  • pecan chicken salad in a sandwich
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    June 14Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwiches from This Old Gal

    Fresh apples, grapes, and celery give this sandwich a nice crunch and taste.

  • warm pizza soup in a small bowl
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    June 15Pizza Soup from The Halfway Homesteaders

    The rich and wonderful flavors of pizza, in a soup bowl.

  • authentic red beans and rice on a plate garnished with bits of cilantro and green onion
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    June 16Red Beans and Rice from Paint the Kitchen Red

    An authentic New Orleans recipe made with red beans, andouille sausage and ham hock served over rice.

  • banh mi sandwich on a flat surface garnished with green onions
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    June 17Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich) from Paint the Kitchen Red

    Made with a baguette, pork, pickled vegetables, and fresh herbs, this Vietnamese sandwich explodes with the flavors of Asia.

  • a small bowl of spaghetti
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    June 18Spaghetti from Food n Service

    An easy spaghetti recipe that’s perfect for those days when you’re short on time.

  • overhead shot of butter chicken and rice in serving bowls
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    June 19Butter Chicken from Two Sleevers

    An easy recipe that’ll give you restaurant quality butter chicken in under 30 minutes.

  • a plate of korean ground beef garnished with sesame seeds and scallions on a bed of rice
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    June 20Korean Ground Beef (Bulgogi) from Simply Happy Foodie

    Looking for a different ground beef recipe? This Korean style ground beef will do it!

  • coconut shrimp curry in a large bowl
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    June 21Coconut Shrimp Curry from Piping Pot Curry

    This easy shrimp curry is made in a coconut milk base and seasoned with ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and flavorful Indian spices.

  • side view of creamy beef macaroni casserole in a bowl
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    June 22Beef & Macaroni Casserole from One Happy Housewife

    This deliciously creamy beef and pasta casserole is the perfect hearty and filling meal for those busy weeknights.

  • close up of a bowl of chicken fajita soup topped with sour cream, avocado slices, and two jalapeno slices
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    June 23Chicken Fajita Soup from The Halfway Homesteaders

    A wonderful Tex-Mex favorite in a soup bowl.

  • Mouth Watering Pulled Pork Sandwich on a platter
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    June 24Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork from One Happy Housewife

    Made with only 4 ingredients, this fall apart delicious pulled pork is so tasty and versatile.

  • close up of swedish meatballs
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    June 25Swedish Meatballs from Simply Happy Foodie

    I’m a huge fan of Swedish Meatballs and these right here don’t disappoint!

  • a dish with creamy tuscan garlic chicken
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    June 26Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken from This Old Gal

    You’ll have a restaurant quality dish in less than 30 minutes thanks to the pressure cooker.

  • overhead shot of campfire stew in a large bowl
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    June 27Campfire Stew from Recipes from a Pantry

    A hearty and meaty stew that’s full of flavor.

  • a small serving of cheesy chicken pasta on a plate
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    June 28Cheesy Chicken and Pasta from Food n Service

    This pasta dish is so cheesy and delicious with tender bite-sized pieces of chicken.

  • a small bowl of beef tips and gravy
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    June 29Beef Tips & Gravy with Mashed Potatoes from Adventures of a Nurse

    A full meal, these beef tips, gravy and mashed potatoes combo is so good!

  • overhead shot of kalua pork
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    June 30Kalua Pork from Simply Happy Foodie

    Achieve that delicious luau flavor at home with just a few ingredients and a pressure cooker.

Side Dishes

  • a ladle of chickpeas from the instant pot
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    Chickpeas from The Halfway Homesteaders

    Chickpeas can be incorporated into so many wonderful and healthy recipes.

  • overhead shot of quinoa pilaf on a plate
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    Quinoa and Vegetable Pilaf from Piping Pot Curry

    This vegan and gluten-free pilaf is high in protein and big on flavor.

  • overhead view of scalloped potatoes in a baking dish
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    Scalloped Potatoes from Recipes from a Pantry

    Cooked to tender perfection, these potatoes are engulfed in a creamy, cheesy sauce with a golden crunchy top.

  • a plate of green beans with rice and chicken
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    Green Beans from One Happy Housewife

    The buttery garlic flavor make these tender green beans a favorite side dish.

  • a ladle filled with a serving of mac and cheese
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    Macaroni and Cheese from One Happy Housewife

    The absolute BEST Instant Pot Mac and Cheese! A blend of four cheeses make it the creamiest and cheesiest.


  • overhead shot of monkey bread
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    Monkey Bread from Food n Service

    Make this super delicious dessert quickly using your Instant Pot.

  • a small piece of carrot cake on a large plate
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    Carrot Cake from The Halfway Homesteaders

    This healthier version of a classic carrot cake is made with fewer carbs but keeps all the flavor.

  • Turtle lava cake fresh out of the Instant Pot
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    Turtle Lava Cakes from One Happy Housewife

    These deliciously decadent mini cakes are overflowing with a molten chocolate center, caramel and pecans.

  • a spoonful of arroz con leche
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    Arroz con Leche from One Happy Housewife

    This traditional Hispanic dessert is so creamy, rich and delicious. Simple ingredients and so quick and easy to make.

  • a plate with dulce de leche cheesecake
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    Dulce de Leche Cheesecake from Living Sweet Moments

    This moist, creamy, and decadent cheesecake is a pure slice of heaven.

Download the June 2018 Meal Plan Calendar.

For more Instant Pot Meal Plan ideas for the month of June, check out my archive of June Instant Pot Meal Plans.

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