Meal planning is one of those things that I’ve never been 100% successful at. I always start with the best intentions and somehow after a short while I fall back into old habits.

It’s always the same story:

We get all excited, plan out a week of meals and buy all the ingredients. For a whole week, we eat delicious pre-planned meals and there’s no eating out. (That means $$ saved!!) Then comes week two and then life happens and we forget to plan the meals for the week and then it’s over.

Who wants Chick Fil A?

I Finally Have a Plan

So this year, I’m making it a goal to meal plan. Once I make it a goal, it’s ON!! I’m going to try to be as intentional as possible to stick to a meal plan every month.

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Save this amazing Instant Pot Meal Plan for later!

By putting these meal plans together every month, it will make it easier to know exactly what to cook each day and what ingredients to have on hand. I also really feel like the Instant Pot can help me keep up with a monthly meal plan.

Time to Conquer This Meal Planning Thing

Ok, so with 5 children and life in general, I have to be realistic. Maybe I won’t be able to follow the plan perfectly. Maybe you won’t either. The beauty of it is, you can tweak it when you need to and you can move things around to suit your needs. The key is to try to be as consistent as possible and when you go off track, just try to get back on it as soon as possible. Let’s be as intentional as possible and we can conquer this meal planning thing together!!

Available Instant Pot Meal Plans

As we go along in the year, you will see each month available in this list below. Simply click on the one you want and it will take you to the recipes for that month. If you just need recipe ideas, feel free to peruse any of the months!

Right below the list of months, you can find the link to the printable/clickable menu calendar.

Printable Instant Pot Meal Plan

I’ve put together a handy printable calendar so you can get a full monthly view of the plan. The PDF has clickable links as well so you can download it and keep it on your computer to visit all the recipes. The printable/PDF is available to my subscribers. If you’re not a subscriber yet, sign up below so you can have access to my entire collection of printables.

Monthly Instant Pot Meal Plans

February Meal Plan

Main Dishes

March Meal Plan

Main Dishes

April Meal Plan

Main Dishes

Instant Pot Accessories!

Here are some great Instant Pot Accessories. If you’d like to see my complete list of recommended accessories and their uses click here.

Don’t forget to check back at the end of each month for the next month’s Menu Plan Calendar!

Instant Pot Meal Plan: An Instant Pot meal plan created for each month of the year. Each day of each month provides a delicious meal that can be easily & quickly made in your Instant Pot.