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using glass jars is a great spice storage idea

Storing Bulk Spices

Try this mini organization project to get those bulk spices […]
making the bed to be more productive

How to Increase Productivity for Busy Moms

Five productivity tips to help you get more done, gain […]
organized bedroom

Organize Any Space in 6 Easy Steps

The mess in our homes can get out of hand. […]
the happy planner

Why I am Still A Happy Planner Girl

This is my review of the Happy Planner after a […]
a pile of paper clutter sitting on a bed

The Solution To Paper Clutter

Are you drowning in paper? Worried that you’ll miss paying […]
Organizing under the sink.

Organizing Under The Kitchen Sink

There’s a spot in our homes that often gets neglected […]
My new junk drawer organizer keeps everything neat and easily available. No more rummaging through the drawer.

Organizing a Junk Drawer

Ahh the dreaded junk drawer!! We all have one. Don’t […]
A Made Bed Makes For A Clean House

7 Habits That Lead To a Clean House Every Day

If you know me well, then you know my house […]
Homeschool Desk

The Perfect Homeschool Desk for a Small Space

Last year we made the big decision to start homeschooling […]
Pantry Basket

5 Amazing Pantries to Inspire You

Oh the beauty of an organized pantry! It makes my […]
pantry organizers

How to Organize a Pantry

Organizing my pantry is one of my favorite things to […]
setting a happy planner

7 Projects to Help Create a Beautiful, Stress-Free Home

I have big plans for 2017! So many fun projects […]
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