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Hello and welcome to my blog! At One Happy Housewife you can find simple solutions for making your life at home easier. Here you will find simple, no-fail recipes that are delicious and family-friendly as well as easy to follow organization and cleaning tips to help you maintain a clean and tidy home. I’ve even sprinkled in some family travel tips to help you enjoy your time away from home. I can’t wait for you to look around!

Meet One Happy Housewife

I’m Valerie and I’m One Happy Housewife! God has blessed me with an amazing husband and five wonderful (most of the time) children. I am originally from Honduras but have called beautiful Texas home for the past 8 years. My husband of 18 years and my children are my life. I love cleaning, organizing, baking, home decorating, going on dates with my hubby, and planning out and making lists for everything! I’m lucky enough to be a housewife and stay-at-home mom and do what I love every day.

One Happy Housewife

I Wanted to Be Just Like My Mom

Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to be a housewife and a stay-at-home mom. I remember always thinking I wanted to be just like my mother. She kept the house immaculate, and always decorated to perfection. She was always an amazing hostess, serving such delicious and tasty looking things every time we had company. My mom never rested it seemed. She was always doing something around the house. I can’t remember a day that she wasn’t waiting for me at the door when I came home from school. I was lucky to have grown up with a mom like her. So in my eyes, there was nothing better for me to be when I grew up.

I Also Wanted to Be Like My Dad

The thing is, I also wanted to be like my dad! Successful businessman and ever so organized! My father also got me started playing tennis, which for my teenage years was my life. I constantly traveled to play tournaments. I was lucky enough to visit some great places and meet some amazing people along the way. At the age of 16, I made the tough decision to leave home and go live in Florida at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. It was tough leaving my family, but it was the perfect decision for me at that time. My 2 years at the academy taught me to be independent and reinforced my dad’s teachings of hard work. So with the thought of following his footsteps, I finished high school and went on to study business and economics at Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, TX.


I Met My Best Friend and Soul Mate

With hard work and determination, I graduated with honors in 1998. More important than that though, I also met my husband Ryan two weeks before school started our freshman year. It was love at first sight, and I was lucky enough to go through my 4 years of college with my best friend and soul mate. Ryan and I got married the summer after graduation, and thus started my life as a housewife!

We Started Our New Life

We lived in Dallas for a short while as newlyweds. It was tough being away from both of our families, but we were thrilled to be starting our new life. Ryan worked long hours to support us and I was at home being a housewife, but feeling a little lonely. We went for a month-long visit to Honduras and it was then that we experienced the joy of being close to family and the much more relaxed pace of life down there. Immediately, we were hooked and knew that’s where we wanted to be.

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We Made a Move to the Tropics

After only a short year in Dallas, we decided to move to Honduras and work in my father’s construction business. We lived in Honduras for 10 years. Our two oldest children were born there. We were blessed to work with my dad, which made it ideal for raising our boys. They would either come with us to the office or they’d stay with my mom in her house, which was 30 seconds away. I learned so much working with my dad. He was always so organized. His office was an impressive display of organization and lifetime achievements. Everything had a place, and he always had a to-do list on his desk, always! He would say “You can’t forget it, if you have it written on your list!” One of my favorite tasks while working with him was taking his half crossed out lists and making them into his new list. To this day, he and I still make lists everyday, with the items we have completed perfectly crossed out.


Heading Back to Texas

In 2008, we decided to pack up and move back to the US. Since the boys were of school age, I thought I’d go to work and give teaching a try. I worked as a substitute teacher for a little while and they soon offered me a full-time position teaching high school Spanish. As luck would have it though, God decided to send us a little surprise, our third boy! Ryan and I decided it would be best for me to once again stay at home so we could raise our new baby the same way we had our older ones. I don’t regret that decision one bit!


God Calls Us on a New Journey

Last year, God led us on another journey. He was calling us to adopt a child. We always talked about adoption, but never felt it was the right time. This time though, God was being loud and clear. So we decided we wanted to adopt one older girl. Of course, as is always the case, God had other plans for us, and we adopted not one child, but two, a 10-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy. Add these two to our 15, 13, and 5-year-olds and here we are with 5 children! What an adventure it has been. It has not been an easy road but things have finally begun to settle down.

Taking the Plunge Into Blogging

For many years now, I have wanted to share so many ideas, tips, and recipes that I’ve learned in all my years of being a housewife and a stay-at-home mom. I felt like there was no better time than now! I hope with this blog I can help you make your days at home a little easier and happier. Join me as I share some of my favorite things and tips on all things home!

Thanks for visiting and I hope that just like me, you can also be One Happy Housewife!

One Happy Housewife
  • Lorens Jimenez-Estevez says:

    Wow what an amazing story! And I’m so happy to hear that you and your family follow Gods lead! I too am a housewife but I need some serious help, seriously. I am a mother of three and I don’t know how you’ve done it with five! I feel like your blog may be an answer to my prayers because I really want to get organized this new year. I will be looking through your page and probably be asking you for help as I go. I’m so busy that as I write this my 5 year old is asking me to play PopThePig with him 😄 God bless you!

  • Carol says:

    Thank You for sharing Your story and inspiring me!

  • Nicole says:

    The picture looks like the flan goes in the pan before the cake batter and then when you flipped it out the cake was then on the bottom. However, your instructions say to put batter in pan 1st. Directions and picture do not match. Which is correct, I’d love to try it. 🙂

    • Hi Nicole! The pictures do not match the directions because, during cooking, the cake batter and the flan mixture switch places 🙂 I explain in the post that’s why this is sometimes called the impossible cake. So follow the instructions and your chocoflan will look like mine. Batter goes in first, then the flan. Thanks for visiting the blog!

  • Rhonda says:

    Your Instant Pot turkey roast and gravy recipes were phenomenal!

  • Cameron says:

    I’ve spent about 5 years living in Honduras. From Puerto Cortes to Santa Rosa de Copan, San Pedro Sula to Choluteca. I miss it everyday. My friends, family, and the cuisine. Your recipes are amazing and have brought joy into my life. Mantaquilla is the way to my heart. I am only missing queso seco. Thank you for all you do! Keep it up!

    • Hi Cameron! Your comment made my day! Thank you so much for your kind words. By the way, we found a place here in Houston that sells Honduran semi-seco and we got some and it was amazing! Brought back memories of home!!

  • Matthew Blackburn says:

    Hello Valerie. It is so great to come.across your website. I found it as I have been searching about Honduras. Like your father I work in construction as a project manager. I am moving to San Pedro Sula for about 3 years to build a project. My wife and 4 girls, ages 7-12 will be moving with me as well. We are all so excited. Our plans have been delayed because of Covid-19 otherwise I would already be there making plans for the rest of the family. I love to cook and so I enjoy seeing your authentic Honduran food. I’d love to learn more about Honduras from you as I make plans for our family. We also lived many years in Houston so your posts about traveling to and from San Antonio are fun reminders of rhe same places our family loved to visit.

    • Hi Matthew! I appreciate you stopping by the blog and reading! How exciting about your move! Please stay safe! I wish you and your family the best in Honduras and do let me know if you have any questions. Happy to answer anything about living down there. You can use the contact me form as well. Thanks again for stopping by!

  • Jerry says:

    Hey There, Valerie. It’s Memorial Day Weekend and along with ribs, Boston butt and various brats- cooking chili. Was going to do your recent email recipe. However, the chili is really for a working young friend with no time to cook. Will opt for an older recipe on the site we’ve done a doze times. Bless you. Have a wonderful weekend.
    The Alabama Boy,
    Jerry Crowder

  • Mrs. says:

    Hi Valerie, My husband is from Honduras and we live in on the east coast! I never would have imagined I’d marry a hispanic but God always has the best plan for us:) I have never travelled there but I’m sure it’s a beautiful country. I would really love some quick recipes—where the ingredients are minimal and easy to find. Thank you for your wonderful story may God bless you continually!!

  • Julie McNair says:

    Hi Valerie, my daughter and I travel to Honduras in the summer on a missions trip, this will be our 4th year. We have a passion for Honduras and her people!❤❤ I enjoyed your story, too bad I live in PA, I would ask you to come and speak at our moms group at our church.
    Can you share any more Honduran IP recipes?
    Many thanks!

  • Chuck Jones says:

    At 78 years old I decided that I want to start cooking something other than routine or mundane meals. I bought an instant pot and taking a cooking class and I’m also doing a lot of research in YouTube and Google looking for interesting and tasty recipes to try. I ran across Valerie’s recipe for flan and decided I had to give it a try. I went out and bought all the things she recommended and tonight I made my first flan. I put it in the refrigerator (did not peek) and tomorrow morning I’m going to see if at my age I can follow directions! I found her recipes very detailed and easy to follow. I intend to look for more of her recipes.

    • Hi Chuck! I’m so proud of you for trying something new and jumping right in! I hope the flan turned out amazing. Do let me know. I appreciate your kind words and hope you find many other recipes to try! Thank you for stopping by.

  • Iris says:

    Now I see who I want to grow up to be like looks like! Wonderful! Beautiful!
    God Bless you and your beautiful family!
    From a fellow Honduran, stay at home mom of four living the dream in Key West, FL.
    Manny blessings!

  • WW says:

    Hi VK,
    I’ll never get tired of reading your blog and telling you what a beautiful experience it is to read its content, it surely makes my day when I come across your writing!! As you mentioned, today is Independence Day in Honduras and your publication of great Honduran recipes!! Thanks, Val. WW

  • Marge Sullivan says:

    Hi Valerie, It took me forever to visit your blog. Very professional. Look forward to trying all your great ideas I my new home. God bless, Marge

  • Kim Loyer says:

    I am ever so thankful I found your site and more thankful that you take the time to make these Monthly plans with fabulous recipes! Please know that your efforts and hard work are not for nothing! I appreciate you.

    • Hi Kim! Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it. It makes me very happy to know my content is helpful to you! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  • Valerie, I’m so glad I discovered you! I recently bought an Instant Pot–it’s still in the box!–and tonight found your helpful video, which led me to your website.
    I loved reading about your and your family and your faith journey. Don’t you love the adventurous and unexpected ways God leads us?
    Blessings to you and your family!
    P.S. Have you ever read the book The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer? I enjoyed it when I was a young mom raising my three sons, and I think you would appreciate it.

    • Hi Judy! Thank you so much for your comment! I’m so glad you found me too! God definitely has unexpected plans for us, every step of the way. I appreciate the blessings, and I’m sending them right back to you. I have never read that book, I’ll have to look it up. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and I hope your Instant Pot is out of the box and getting some good use!

      • So wonderful to hear from you, Valerie–thanks! Unfortunately, my Instant Pot is still in the box, since other things have been more pressing lately. And I’ve been distracted by the fire down the canyon from where I live in the Sierras–still a long ways away, thankfully–but I know several of the people who have lost their homes in Paradise. I’m praying that God will bring beauty out of the ashes, as only he can.
        I do look forward to enjoying the use of my new purchase soon! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  • Maureen says:

    Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. You sound like a very blessed woman. I’m new with I-Pot but loving it so far. I came across your Chicken & Dumplings recipe. I have a 6 qt. pot so I suppose I would need to halve the recipe. Take care, Maureen

    • Hi Maureen! Thank you for stopping by the blog! I appreciate it! I am indeed blessed!! As for the Chicken and Dumplings, the pot doesn’t get too full, you should be ok with a 6 qt. If you do decide to half the recipe, there’s no need to adjust the time. Let me know if you try it!

  • Lou says:

    I loved your story, I traveled Latin America for 23 years an loved very country including Honduras , good luck with your job. Five is a good number mine are a Blessing. Lou Ortega

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Lou! I appreciate it! Latin America is amazing, and Honduras is certainly a beautiful place! I really appreciate you taking the time to read! Have a great week ahead!

  • WWK says:

    Hi beautiful!,

    As always I enjoy so much reading your blog, that monthly calendar with the recipes is amazing!! Congrats, keep up the great work. WW

  • Tom Meeker says:

    Dear Valerie,
    You and your big family and your moving to Florida and Texas and Honduras and SMU and your wonderful education graduating with honors and your parents and adopting two children needing all the love you and husband have in abundance and your cooking and cleaning and teaching at home and … whew! You and your husband and your parents are such great role models and we feel like we have known you all for years. My mother-in-law was just like your mother and yourself. Everything you said your mother did for you growing up seemed like I was hearing about my wife and her years growing up. And, you moved to Florida for your tennis school and I am a native of Coral Gables, Florida where my life began. I met my soulmate after many years of friendship with a neighbor down the street where she and her parents lived. But I never met my future soulmate all the years I went to visit my friend down her block. My wife and I should have met on at least one occasion but we did not. Another coincidence with my wife’s family and mine is the fact that her father and my father worked almost 40 years for the same air line, Pan American Airways. God works in so many ways we don’t understand today but when we all finally meet with Him, that is one joyous occasion we look forward to as much as your family does as well. I am really happy to have found your Blog and plan to visit and see what your cooking and lovely family are up to. Thank your husband for us for being such a nice soulmate and making you so happy living a great life. My wife and I will have our 39th wedding anniversary this year and then we will look forward to beginning our 4th decade together. When we are surrounded by great family members who have an abundance of faith in our God who gave us all we have today, life just does not get much better. I am sure you would agree with me. And thank you for asking your readers to leave you a note, doing so feels like I have said hello to a new wonderful friend. We are going to be regular visitors!

    • Hi, Tom! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I appreciate so much that you not only took the time to visit the About Me Page but also to leave such a nice note! My husband Ryan and I really enjoyed reading it. I have family in Miami, so I’ve been to Coral Gables many times! So wonderful that you will be celebrating 39 years with your wife! Ryan and I will celebrate 20 this year! Time goes by too fast! I thank you again for your comment and I hope to see you and your wife around the blog again! Have a wonderful night!

  • Regina says:

    So inspiring! Wish you all the best!

  • Leslie says:

    Amazing story Val! You are quite inspiring! I love that you are so organized and that you love staying at home with your children. Excited to read more!

  • Ty says:

    Valerie!!! What an impressive woman you seem to be! Staying close to family, balancing harmony with 5 kids!! I can’t wait to hear more!!

  • Patti says:

    Congrats on your new adventure. Proud of you for going after your dream.

  • Ann Marie says:

    Valerie – I love your blog and can’t wait to read all your hints, recipes and anything for making my life more organized. So thankful our paths crossed!

  • WW says:

    VK, your blog is highly positive, I love it.

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