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Organizing a Junk Drawer

The Perfect Drawer Organizer to Keep Your Junk Drawer Clean & Tidy

Do you have a drawer that gathers all the junk? Well, it's time to get that junk drawer cleaned out and organized! I found the perfect drawer organizer to keep my junk drawer clean and tidy. Follow my simple steps to get your junk drawer in tip-top shape.

My new junk drawer organizer keeps everything neat and easily available. No more rummaging through the drawer.
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Ahh, the dreaded junk drawer!! We all have one. Don’t deny it. It’s where we throw all the “someday junk” we’ve collected, along with all those other things that need a home like the extra pens, pencils, scissors, etc.

Well, believe it or not, we had 2 of those drawers!! Yikes! We don’t anymore though! Now we have 2 perfectly organized drawers!

Time to Get Our Junk Drawers Cleaned Out

I recently decided that our two junk drawers needed to be cleaned out. Of course, I had to take a trip to my Happy Place, The Container Store. After being distracted for a bit by all the organizational bliss, I found my way to the drawer organization section.

So many choices!!

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Organizing a Junk Drawer
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Choosing My Junk Drawer Organizer

I wanted something with lots of small compartments so all our items could be nicely separated and easily available. I looked at several options but finally decided to try these tiered, organization trays. They were the perfect size for our drawers, and the tiered system allows for double the storage!

Junk drawer organizer at the container store.
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Before going to The Container Store, I took measurements of the drawers to make sure that whatever I got would fit perfectly.

Measuring the junk drawer.
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The Container Store has this nifty pull out measuring table to make sure what you get fits! Leave it to them to think of these things!

Once back home, after being lost inside The Container Store for an hour or so (I know, I have a problem), I got right to work on the drawers.

Organizing a Junk Drawer

Here are a few items that will help you get your junk drawer cleaned out and organized.

  • This tiered drawer organizer is the perfect solution for getting any drawer in order.
  • As soon as I’ve emptied the drawer, the first thing I do is give the bottom a good cleaning. These Magic Erasers are great from removing all sorts of marks.
  • I don’t want the drawer organizer slipping and sliding around the drawer when I open and close it, so, I use command strips to keep it anchored in one spot.

Clearing out and Cleaning the Drawers

First, I took absolutely everything out. The drawers had a lot of markings from all the junk that had been in them.

Junk drawer full of junk.
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Emptying and cleaning out the junk drawer.
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I used a Magic Eraser and after a few minutes, they were as good as new! Here’s a tip: always make sure to spot test before using the eraser to make sure the paint on the surface you’re cleaning won’t come off.

I cleaned the scuff marks on the bottom of the junk drawer.
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Sorting, Decluttering and Getting Everything Organized

I then sorted through everything in the drawers, separated everything into piles and threw away anything that was useless. I also removed any items that belonged somewhere else.

Fitting the organizer in the junk drawer.
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Since the drawers were just a smidge bigger than the containers, I placed some command strips on the bottom of each container to keep them from sliding from side to side.

Command strips on drawer organizer to keep it from moving.
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Finally, I started filling up all the compartments. The tray comes with stickers that you can place on the compartments to help you keep things in their place. I chose not to use the stickers though.

All my junk drawer items are now neatly organized.
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This organizer has lots of different sized compartments to keep all the various odd shaped items nice and tidy.
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The Everything Drawer organizer from The Container Store helps me keep my junk drawer completely organized and decluttered.
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I’m so happy with the way the drawers look! It’s so easy to find what we need now.

The drawer organizers were a great find. They were the perfect fit and the sliding top tray is genius.  I also thought the price for them was relatively low. Definitely worth it to have my drawers perfectly organized.

So now it’s your turn!

Pick a drawer, any drawer and declutter it and organize it! It may seem like a little thing, but it could be the jumpstart that you need to start decluttering bigger things!

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Organizing a Junk Drawer
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  • Oh I need to make a trip to the container store…not that I need an excuse!! But seriously this totally motivates me to clean out those drawers!! Thank you for your tips and inspiration!

  • Mary shaba says:

    Thank you so much for that great tip ! I need to go there and pick me up several of those ! Thanks 🙂

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