10 Daily Bathroom Cleaning Habits

Use my daily bathroom cleaning habits to keep your bathroom squeaky clean all week long with minimal effort. Just a few simple habits can make a world of a difference!

a spotless bathroom with clean towels, mats, and sinks

I recently wrote a post where I gave you some tips on making bathroom cleaning a breeze! Well, I wanted to expand on that a little, and share with you the bathroom cleaning habits that I use on a daily basis in order to keep my master bathroom spic and span! These are all simple things you can do too, but they can really make a difference!

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Here we go!

1. Keep a Squeegee in the Shower

If you have a glass shower door you need to get yourself a squeegee. We keep one in our shower and we squeegee the door every time we get out of the shower.

Squeegee for keeping shower door clean

It keeps your door looking new and is especially helpful when you live in a place with such hard water like Texas! I also make sure and wipe all the chrome accessories with my towel before getting out to avoid any water stains. It only takes a couple of minutes and it makes a world of a difference!

2. Give Your Sink a Quick Rinse and Wipe Every Morning and Night After Using It

One thing I hate is toothpaste and hair all over the sink! The habit of quickly rinsing and wiping down our sink daily is one that definitely took practice, but once we started doing it, and saw the difference, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rinse and wipe down sink daily

It’s such a simple task to do and it will make your bathroom cleaning day a lot easier if the sinks are maintained daily.

I keep a pack of multi-purpose wipes handy so I can wipe off any toothpaste or soap spots.

3. Throw Your Bath Mats in the Washer at Least Once Every Couple of Weeks

It’s amazing how yucky the bath mats start looking after only a week or so. I wash my mats once every couple of weeks and they come out looking like new!

Clean bathroom mats

It makes the bathroom look so spiffy every time I place the freshly washed mats out.

4. Take out the Trash Often

I make it a habit to empty the trash in our bathroom constantly. It just makes the bathroom look cleaner when the trash isn’t overflowing.

Removing trash often is a good bathroom cleaning habit

To make it easier, I put 5 or 6 trash bags inside the trash can before lining it with the new trash bag. This makes the clean-up quick. I just take out the dirty trash bag and immediately line the can with a new one! I usually do this every couple of days, first thing in the morning, before heading downstairs, that way it doesn’t take an extra trip just to empty the trash!

5. Use Baskets Under the Sink and in Drawers

If you’ve read any of my other posts, then you know I love baskets! They’re not only pretty, but they make organizing so much easier.

Use bins and baskets under the sink to keep the counters clear

I like to keep several baskets in my drawers, and under my sink to avoid counter clutter. No matter how much you’ve cleaned your bathroom if your counter is cluttered, it won’t look clean.

6. Use a Tray to Control Counter Clutter

I keep a tray on my counter with our most used items. I switch out my lotions constantly but try to keep only a few things out in the open.

Tray keeping bathroom countertops clean

Keeping a clear counter makes the bathroom look organized and clean!

7. Use Liquid Soap Instead of a Bar Soap and Soap Dish

This is an easy one for me. I hate bar soap. I hate the thought of germs on the used bar of soap and I hate the way the dish can never look nice and clean. So, I always keep a stash of liquid hand soap for all our bathrooms.

Use liquid soap instead of bar soap

I always try to get colors that match the bathroom decor, so that I can have it sitting on the counter, and still like the way it looks.

Funny fact though, I still buy bar soap! Except I don’t use it for washing our hands. Instead, I buy the fancy, yummy smelling bars, and place them in the baskets holding my hand towels. It makes the towels and the bathroom smell nice!

8. Keep a Basket With Hand Towels “Handy”

When I buy my bathroom towels, I like to buy enough hand towels to be able to switch them out constantly. Nothing like a dirty hand towel to ruin the look of your pretty bathroom.

Store bath towels in baskets

I keep a basket on one of the shelves in my bathroom furniture, filled with our hand towels. When one of them starts looking dingy, I switch it out.

9. Clean the Toilet Regularly

This may seem like a nuisance, but if you do it the easy way, it’ll be a piece of cake.

Scrubbing toilets regularly is a good bathroom cleaning habits

I use 3 things regularly that help me keep the toilet clean, with minimal effort and yuckiness.

First, I use a Clorox toilet wand. I cannot stand toilet brushes! They are too gross! These scrubbers are disposable, so you clean the toilet in no time, and then throw away the yuck!

Next, I use Lysol Click Gels. One of these babies will last a week. Your toilet will smell fresh, and it will clean itself every time you flush.

Finally, we use Clorox tablets in the tank. These will help you avoid that ugly ring of grossness that forms in your toilet!

10. Don’t Throw Things on the Floor

I know sometimes we’re in a rush and it seems easier to just throw our clothes or towels on the floor, but does it really take that much longer to put them in the hamper or hang the towel on the rack?

Clean floor in bathroom

If you keep your hamper accessible, it will be easier to get into the habit of putting your clothes into the basket instead of on the floor. So keep it close by, and avoid a pileup on your floors!

Well, there you have it. My 10 daily bathroom cleaning habits that help me keep my master bathroom looking great.

Bonus: One Final Cleaning Tip

Clean as you go! This doesn’t apply only to your bathroom of course. This is something I do all day! When I cook, when I’m getting ready, etc!

So try it, clean as you go, it’ll keep your messes from getting out of hand!

What Bathroom Cleaning Habits Do You Use?

What are your daily habits for keeping your bathroom clean? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “10 Daily Bathroom Cleaning Habits”

  1. I got to know about toilet gel and toilet wand for the first time through your blog and I’m so happy I came across this! Thank you ❤️

  2. I loved this, I’m about to live this list religiously haha. No seriously I dread cleaning the bathroom but this just made it so much simpler that I’m actually excited to try out your tips. Thanks!

  3. jessica nicole rodriguez

    i think u should add sanitizing handles everyday lol 😉 but thx u for this. i was spot on w all the cleaning habits! except the toilet brushes, i been telling my mom to get the disposable heads as well!

  4. Thank you for the useful tips! I’ll get myself a toilet wand today (I hate toilet brushes too! ) And the sink idea is perfect! You are such an inspiration OHH. You get me really enthusiastic about cleaning and organizing. I have hope that I’ll get there one day soon!!

    1. Valerie Cooper

      Thanks for the kind words Carolina!! You will definitely love the toilet wand! You’ll want one in every bathroom! ? Have a wonderful long weekend!

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