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Why White Is Best When Decorating With Color

Adding Color to Your Home Is Easier When Decorating With White as Your Backdrop

I absolutely love decorating my home with color. I also love changing the color scheme of my home for each season. If you love decorating with color as much as I do, then learn how I use white to set up my rooms so that I can easily decorate with any color and for any season.

Decorating a white couch with blues and greys
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You might be wondering: White? What’s white have to do with decorating with color?

Here’s what I mean:

If you’ve been in my home or have visited my blog, you know I love color! My home is full of colorful decor. Vases, throw pillows, throws, flowers, and on and on.

So, what the heck am I talking about white for? Well, I love color, but I don’t want to commit myself to just one color. I love changing my decor with the season, and white is the perfect backdrop for any and all colors!!

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Find out why white is the best choice when you love color.
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How to Add Color to a Bedroom

My choice for my bedding: white! That may sound crazy, but it makes it easy to change out the look with just a few pieces and not a whole lot of money!

Decorate With Throw Pillows For Endless Color Options

Add some new throw pillows and a colorful throw and the whole area changes. I may have a slight throw pillow problem, but they really are a fast and inexpensive way to change the look and feel of a room.

Want the flexibility of being able swap out your bedroom color scheme at any time without the expense of purchasing a new bed set? You need white bedding then. It makes a perfect backdrop for whatever color scheme you want to add with throw blankets and pillows.
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One way to control the throw pillow multiplication is to buy covers for them. Pottery Barn always has amazing choices of pillow covers, and in my opinion, they hold out much longer than most others. They may cost a little more, but over the years I’ve come to the realization, you usually get what you pay for. And with 5 rowdy kids and absolutely zero sewing skills, it’s imperative that throw pillows last!!

White bedding is the perfect backdrop for colorful throw pillows.
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While I am partial to Pottery Barn, you can also find some great options here and here. This one is on my wish list!

Layer Bedding With a Quilt for More Color, Texture, and Comfort

If you feel like a little more color, then all you need to do is layer an extra quilt on top of your white bedding. I’ve gotten many affordable quilts like these. They hold up pretty well, and they have some great, colorful designs.

Decorate with color by using a colorful quilt layered on white bedding.
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The beautiful thing about this setup is, you can even leave your bed all-white for a while, and it looks amazing. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a luxurious hotel!

Decorate Your Own Home With Color

Here are a few items to help you get started decorating your own sofas & bedding.

Sofa Set

Like I mentioned, I love my sofa set. The white slipcovers not only make it easy to keep my couches clean but they also allow me to swap out the decor of the living room in a snap. All I have to do is place a few colorful pillows to match the season and, voilà, a whole new look!

  • This is the couch set that I have. I actually got two full-size couches instead of a couch and loveseat set. They were a little more pricey but well worth the money spent.
  • There are also a number of more affordable options available like this and this. So, shop around and find what works best for you.
White Bedding

I mixed and matched different pieces from different places to create my white bedding. You’ll notice, I mixed two different matelassé patterns in the pieces and they look great together! My bed not only looks crisp and refreshing but it now serves as the perfect canvas for adding pops of color. Below, I’ve linked to the white bedding that I have along with a few colorful options for pillows, quilts, and blankets.

  • These are the Euro shams that I use behind my pillows which I covered with standard shams.
  • I got this white sheet set.
  • I love how crisp and clean a white patterned Matelassé coverlet makes the bed look. The pattern matches the standard shams that I have.
  • I went a step up for the duvet cover and insert. I wanted something that would hold up for a long time. The floral matelassé pattern on the cover adds a beautiful texture to the bedding. The pattern on the duvet matches my Euro Shams. I also chose to get the down insert and it’s: Oh!! So comfortable!! But, a word of warning, when removing the cover for washing, I end up with tiny little feathers everywhere. A quick vacuuming solves the problem though. If you are allergic to down or don’t want to deal with the feathers, they do have a down alternative available.
Colorful Pillows & Quilts

Now, to add some color to your bedding, you’ll need some pillows and a quilt.

The Best Sofa Color for Adding Color to a Living Room

Now, on to my living room. My couches? White!

White Couches With Kids?

I get a lot of comments about this one!! How on earth do I have white couches with 5 kids and pets in the house?!? You guys, having white couches is genius!! Well, at least these white couches.

A white sofa is the perfect backdrop to color throw pillows and throw blankets.
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And here’s why:

They are slipcovered and completely washable! Going with white slipcovered couches was the best decision ever! My couches are from Pottery Barn and they were a fantastic investment. They’ve been washed so many times, and every time they come out looking like new. I love that my couches are easy to clean and allow me to decorate in any color I want! Win-win!!

A white sofa is perfect for easily swapping out colorful decor.
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If Pottery Barn is beyond your budget, I know IKEA and Birch Lane have more affordable options, but I couldn’t tell you about how they hold up since I’ve never had them. But I have heard a couple of people say they love theirs.

Ryan and I personally made the decision many years ago to hold out until we could buy quality furniture for our home. We were tired of switching out tables and couches that just wouldn’t hold up. Pottery Barn was where we wanted to get everything, so we slowly acquired all the different pieces we now own. We are really happy with that decision! It took longer to fill the house, but it was worth it!

Swap out Pillows and Throws to Decorate for Any Season

Back to throw pillows! I told you I had a slight problem! ? I love throw pillows and have found them to be the easiest way to change up my living room and bedroom decor. Throw pillow covers are fantastic because they are so much easier to store when you have a lot of them. 

A white couch is perfect when decorating with the colors of each season.
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I especially use covers for my seasonal decor. All my Christmas throw pillows are actually just covers, over my everyday pillows. I don’t even have to take the other covers off, I just put the Christmas ones on top. This makes for a super quick changeover at Christmas time, and I don’t have to struggle to find more room to put away my everyday pillows! Throw pillow covers have made decorating for Christmas so much easier.

There are some gorgeous throw pillows here and they’re on sale right now. Finally, TJ Maxx and Homegoods are also great options if you want a quick, inexpensive change of scenery!

The Best Color for Kitchen Cabinets

My kitchen? You guessed it! White!

White is the perfect cabinet color choice for decorating with color in the kitchen.
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I’ve been on the aqua kick for quite a while now, and it looks so pretty against my white kitchen. That’s the great thing about white, it’s so flexible that, when my taste changes on a whim, it’s easy to swap out the whole look!

White kitchen cabinets are great for decorating with color.
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Any Bathroom Color Scheme at Any Time

And last but not least, my master bath! White!

We always do add some color to our walls, since that’s easy to change, but the bones are white! Change your towels and floor mats out and you have a totally different look!

White tile and cabinets allow you to decorate your bathroom in any color scheme by swapping out bath mats and towels.
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We also went with white for my daughter’s bathroom for the same reason. It allows us to change the look with just a few colorful towels and mats.

White cabinets and tile provide a canvas for endless bathroom color ideas.
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As far as the shower wall and kitchen backsplashes, in my opinion, the best tile is subway tile. When we remodeled the house we decided to use white subway tile in all our bathrooms and as our kitchen backsplash. It not only looks so beautiful and timeless, but it’s probably one of the most inexpensive options out there!

So there you have it! This is why I think white is the best choice if you’re a lover of color like me! Do you like to decorate with color or are you a neutrals lover? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Find out why white is the best choice when you love color.
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  • All great tips Valerie and totally agree! White is the perfect background for us girls who love color! Your home is beautiful!

  • You are so right! I love white as a backdrop – especially when vibrant colors are used. Like you, I use a lot of aqua and teal. Unfortunately, I have two black dogs who shed constantly. No white bedding or sofas for me 🙁 But I love the look and the white does really make it pop!

  • Wladimir Kestenbaum says:

    You continually surprise me!! you are an excellent interior decorator! If you wanted to be an astronaut or a heart surgeon no doubt you would be # 1!!

  • Annie Cheviron says:

    I have long since realized that you are certainly Correct when deciding to use White as your background ‘color’. Then, you can branch off in Any direction, while still always being able to have the same ‘bones’ to build on. I too love color, but don’t want to have the background take away from my choices. Good article, and I am sure, a big help to many who never understood till now why this concept works so well.

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