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Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

The Easiest Way to Make Creamy and Delicious Real Mashed Potatoes

These no-fuss, peel or no-peel homemade mashed red potatoes are super easy to make and so, so good! Peel for a smooth and creamy texture or leave the skins on for a more hearty, rustic texture and some added nutrients. This is a wonderful side dish for those busy weeknights when you need something fast that the family will devour.

mashed potatoes served on a dinner plate
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We eat a lot of mashed potatoes! We love having it as a side with so many meals. I must confess though, I had never made real mashed potatoes until a few months ago. Yes, I used the packets of flakes. They’re fast and easy to make and they taste good enough. I mean, at the beginning I missed the taste of the mashed potatoes I grew up on, but after so many years, I got used to it.

These Mashed Potatoes Really Are Amazing

Well, I made mashed potatoes in my Instant Pot a few months ago and oh my gosh! I feel bad I’ve been depriving my kids of this amazingness all these years. It’s one of those things that took way too much time for me to even consider making them from scratch. Until the Instant Pot that is.

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instant pot mashed potatoes
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No waiting for the water to boil, no draining of the water, and ready in very little time! The end result is amazingly tasty and creamy mashed potatoes. The real deal.

Kitchen Prep Tools, Utensils & Appliances

Here is a list of the kitchen prep tools, utensils, and appliances I used to make this recipe.

Prep Tools & Utensils

These are the items I used to prep and make this recipe:

  • For cleaning the potatoes, I always use my vegetable brush to get all the dirt out of the nooks and crannies.
  • I recently got this amazing vegetable peeler. I had always heard people rave about it but didn’t realize how great it was until I tried it. It sure makes quick work of peeling potatoes.
  • My beloved aqua knives helped me quarter these potatoes with ease.
  • There is no reason why kitchen utensils can’t be both beautiful and functional. That’s why I love my measuring cup and measuring spoons so much. They are both so pretty and practical all at the same time.
  • To keep my hands protected and keep the pot from slipping as I mashed the potatoes, I used my mini mitts to grip the pot and keep it steady. They’re great because they are easy to slip on and have ridges on the palm side so that I can keep a good grip on things so I don’t have to worry about them slipping out of my hands.
  • I have just about every piece of this aqua utensil set and that includes the wire masher I used to mash these potatoes. The set is so beautiful and fits my decor perfectly. I have most of it in a cute utensil holder on the counter because they are that pretty. Not only do they look great but they are also high quality utensils.
Appliances & Cookware

This mashed potato recipe was made 100% in my Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Accessories

Make sure to check out my post on Must-Have Accessories for the Instant Pot. You’ll find a complete list of all the top accessories that can be used with your Instant Pot.

Making Mashed Potatoes in the Instant Pot

Here are the simple steps I followed to make perfect no drain Instant Pot mashed potatoes.

Wash, Peel and Cut the Potatoes

First, make sure you wash and peel your potatoes. I usually make mine with red potatoes. I’ve made them with and without the peel depending on what mood I’m in. If you leave the peel on, make sure to wash them well.

Once washed and peeled, quarter your potatoes.

Using the Instant Pot to make pressure cooker mashed potatoes.
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Add Water and Salt

Water and salt are all that’s necessary before turning on the Instant Pot.

Making mashed potatoes in the Instant Pot is so simple.
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This Instant Pot mashed potatoes recipe is so quick and simple.
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Cook in the Instant Pot for 10 Minutes

10 minutes cooking time is all it takes to get perfectly cooked mashed potatoes. The Instant Pot makes it so easy.

10 minutes to have perfect mashed potatoes. That's it!
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What I love about making mashed potatoes in the Instant Pot: There's no need to drain the potatoes.
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Mash the Cooked Potatoes

Once they’re finished cooking, do a Quick Pressure Release (QPR), open the Instant Pot and begin smashing the potatoes.

The potatoes come out perfect every time I cook them in my Instant Pot pressure cooker.
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Add Milk and Butter

The only other ingredients that I add to this recipe are milk and butter. That’s it. I mean, why complicate things? Right?

I add butter and milk to make these Instant Pot mashed potatoes.
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I only add whole milk and butter to my mashed potatoes. It's easy and gives me the perfect consistency.
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Continue Mixing Until Smooth and Creamy

I like my potatoes a little firm, so I use a cup of whole milk in my potatoes. If you like creamier potatoes, then just add a bit more milk.

After smashing them a bit, mixing in the milk and butter, these Instant Pot mashed potatoes are perfect.
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Serve Your Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes with Your Favorite Family Meal

Now you can enjoy your delicious mashed potatoes as a side to your favorite dish! Beef Stew, Pot Roast, Turkey, Chicken, whatever tickles your fancy! If you enjoy flavored mashed potatoes you can also add things like ranch, bacon, chives, garlic and so on.

These are the best Instant Pot mashed potatoes. So quick and easy to make, plus they're absolutely delicious.
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Try making these mashed potatoes in the Instant Pot and you’ll probably never go back to making them on the stove! How do you eat your mashed potatoes?

Perfect Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

Peeled Red Potatoes, Whole Milk, and Butter

4.75 from 4 votes
DifficultySuper Easy
Cooking Method(s)
  • Instant Pot
IP Pressure LevelHigh
IP ProgramManual / Pressure Cook
Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
10 minutes
Pressure Release
Total Time
15 minutes
Recipe by: Valerie Cooper
These homemade mashed red potatoes are so creamy and delicious. A great option for busy weeknights when you need a quick and delicious side dish.
Cuisine: American
Course: Side Dish
Category: Vegetables


for the Potatoes

  • 5 pounds red potatoes rinsed, peeled, and quartered
  • 1 ½ cups water
  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt or to taste

to add After Cooking


  • Wash, peel and quarter the potatoes and add to the Instant Pot.
  • Add the water and salt to the potatoes.
  • Place the lid on the Instant Pot, ensure that the pressure release valve is set to sealing and set your Instant Pot to cook on 'Manual' or 'Pressure Cook', 'High Pressure' for 10 minutes.
  • Do a Quick Pressure Release (QPR) once the 10 minute cooking time has completed.
  • Mash the potatoes well and then add the milk and butter to the mashed potatoes and mix them in well. You may add more milk for creamier potatoes.

Nutrition Facts

While every effort is made to correctly calculate these nutritional facts, they should be used as general guidance as they may not be 100% accurate.

Calories: 267kcal | Carbohydrates: 46g | Protein: 6g | Fat: 7g | Saturated Fat: 4g | Cholesterol: 18mg | Sodium: 648mg | Potassium: 1330mg | Fiber: 4g | Sugar: 5g | Vitamin A: 245IU | Vitamin C: 24.4mg | Calcium: 66mg | Iron: 2.1mg
instant pot mashed potatoes
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  • Amy says:

    If I only want half that amount of potatoes, should I half the water amount?

  • Shirley says:

    If I needed to double the quantity to 10 lbs of potatoes, would I need to increase the cook time?

  • Chris says:

    Did you drain the potatoes or is the water absorbed/ steam?

    Thanks in advance.

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