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July Instant Pot Meal Plan (2018)

Delicious Instant Pot Meals For The Month of July

July 2018 Instant Pot Meal Plan

We are right in the thick of summer vacation and I’m enjoying the not so early mornings! I have finished the July 2018 Edition of my Instant Pot Meal Plan. and it is full of recipes you’ll want to try! I’ve included many of my own recipes as well as some from some great food bloggers.

I’ve included lots of easy pasta dishes for busy weeknights. Some of my favorites are my Easy Beef & Bowtie Pasta and my easy and delicious Instant Pot Lasagna. You won’t want to miss the popular Zuppa Toscana and Eggroll in a Bowl. Yummy!

This month I added several international dishes you’ll love. Chicken Tikka Masala, African Style Ribs, and Chicken Curry to name a few. Try them out and let me know what you think.

I hope you try and love my Hawaiian Sloppy Joes and Hawaiian Chicken. Both the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Guaranteed your family will love them! The Sloppy Joes are easy peasy! The chicken takes a little more prep but the flavor is spectacular and so worth the extra effort.

This month’s sides and desserts shouldn’t be missed! The sides are all easy and delicious and pair perfectly with so many of the main dishes. As for the desserts, they are perfect for summer. A delicious Lemon Mini Bundt Cake, Bread Pudding, Flan and more!

Enjoy the rest of the summer and I hope the meal plan gives you one less thing to worry about!

Main Dishes



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You’ll definitely want to see what recipes I’ve included in my latest Instant Pot Meal Plan. It has lots of new and delicious Instant Pot dishes for this month.

Each month, I carefully choose each recipe that will appear in that month’s meal plan. That means that each month has a different and unique list of Instant Pot recipes. Use the links below to see all my previously published Instant Pot Meal Plans.

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