Instant Pot Turkey Roast

Making an Instant Pot Turkey Roast couldn't be easier! In a very short time, you'll have a juicy and delicious turkey that is super flavorful and tender. Plus, you'll make your delicious gravy in the same pot you cooked the turkey. It's so easy to make, you don't have to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to enjoy turkey!

a close up of a plate with sliced instant pot turkey roast, mashed potatoes, and gravy

With the holidays around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to share my delicious recipe for Instant Pot Turkey Roast. You’ll love how easy and quick it is to enjoy a deliciously tender and juicy turkey right from the Instant Pot. It’s so easy, you’ll want to enjoy turkey all year long!

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What Can I Serve With Instant Pot Turkey Roast?

If you’ll be enjoying your turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas, I have the perfect list of easy holiday side dishes you can enjoy with your turkey roast. There are both Instant Pot and traditional side dishes included in the list.

sliced instant pot turkey roast on a white platter

For any other time of the year, this Instant Pot Turkey Roast goes perfectly with some homemade mashed potatoes. Since you’ll be making the gravy in the same pot right after the turkey, it will be perfect for topping your mashed potatoes. I like serving corn or green beans as a veggie side as well. And if you happen to have turkey leftovers, you MUST try my Turkey Leftover Sandwich with Cranberry Aioli! It’s amazing.

What Do I Need to Cook a Turkey in the Instant Pot?

For this recipe, I used a Butterball turkey roast. I bought it frozen and completely defrosted it before cooking. They are pretty small, around 3 pounds and they come packaged including both white and dark meat. I have to make 2 of them in order to feed my family of 7. This recipe will also work for a turkey breast, just make sure to always check the internal temperature to make sure the turkey is fully cooked.

a white plate with slices of instant pot turkey roast mashed potatoes and gravy

To season the turkey roast, you will also need some olive oil, garlic, Italian seasoning, paprika, ground mustard, salt, and pepper. When cooking in the pressure cooker, you will need just a little unsalted chicken stock.

For the gravy, you will need the turkey drippings left in the pot after cooking the turkey roast, some butter, flour, and heavy whipping cream. All pretty basic ingredients and you’re ready to go. If you have a CrispLid, you will be using it for this recipe. If not, you will finish the turkey off in the oven to give it a nice crispy finish but definitely make sure to check out my review on the Mealthy CrispLid. It makes crisping the skin of the turkey roast so easy.

bird's eye view of slices of instant pot turkey roast with mashed potatoes and gravy
Essential Items

Here are some essential prep tools, utensils, and appliances I used to make this recipe.

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How to Cook a Turkey Roast in the Instant Pot

It’s very easy to enjoy an Instant Pot Turkey Roast. Let’s walk through the process. As I mentioned above, this recipe is for a defrosted turkey roast, so if you bought a frozen one, make sure to defrost it with enough time. In a small bowl mix the olive oil, Italian seasoning, minced garlic, ground mustard, paprika, salt, and pepper. Rub the spice mix all over the turkey roast.

Set the trivet into your pressure cooker and add the chicken stock to the pot. Place the turkey breast on top of the trivet and close your pot. Set the knob to “Sealing” and cook on high pressure “Manual” or “Pressure Cook” for 25 minutes. Once the cooking time has completed, allow for a full Natural Pressure Release.

When the pin has dropped you can open the pot. If you’re using your CrispLid, unplug the pressure cooker and set the CrispLid in place. Broil the turkey at 500 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes. If you’re using the oven, broil on the middle rack on Hi Broil for 6 to 8 minutes. After crisping the skin, allow the turkey to sit and rest for 8 to 10 minutes. Finally, remove the twine from the outside of the roast and you’re ready to slice and serve.

In the recipe card below, I explain exactly how to make the gravy in the Instant Pot using the drippings from the turkey roast. It’s super delicious and goes great on top of the turkey and some mashed potatoes. Please refer to the recipe card below for a step by step on how to make it.

a plate of instant pot turkey roast with mashed potatoes and creamy gravy

I can’t wait for you to try my recipe for Instant Pot Turkey Roast. Let me know in the comments when you make it and don’t forget to leave a star rating for it on the recipe card!

Instant Pot Turkey Roast


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Cooking Method(s)
  • Pressure Cooking
Pressure LevelHigh
Program SettingManual / Pressure Cook
Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
25 minutes
Full NPR
31 minutes
Total Time
45 minutes
Recipe by: Valerie Cooper
This quick and simple turkey roast covered in a homemade turkey gravy is so tender, juicy and flavorful. It’s perfect for an easy, no-fuss fall or holiday dinner.
a close up of a plate with sliced instant pot turkey roast, mashed potatoes, and gravy

Essential Equipment

  • instant pot


for the Spice Rub

for the Turkey Gravy


  • Prepare Spice Rub: In a small mixing bowl combine the olive oil, minced garlic, Italian seasoning, paprika, ground mustard, salt, and pepper.
  • Prepare Roast: Rub the olive oil with spices all over the turkey roast. Place the roast on the trivet. Add the chicken stock to the pressure cooker and lower the roast into the pot on the trivet.
  • 25-Minute Cook Time: Close the Instant Pot, set the pressure release valve to ‘Sealing’ and cook on ‘Manual’ or ‘Pressure Cook’, ‘High Pressure’ for 25 minutes.
  • FULL NPR: Once the cooking time has completed, allow for a Full Natural Pressure Release which can range from 12 to 15 minutes. After the NPR has finished and the pin has fallen, open the pot.

for a Crispy Skin

  • CrispLid Method: For a more crispy skin, first turn off and unplug your pressure cooker. Place the CrispLid on top of the pressure cooker, set it to 500° F, and broil for 8 to 10 minutes or until the skin is nice and crispy.
  • Broiler Method: Transfer the roast to a greased sheet pan or baking dish. Set on the middle rack of an oven under ‘Hi Broil’ and cook for 6 to 8 minutes or until the skin is nice and crispy.
  • Remove the roast from the pot and allow to rest for 8 to 10 minutes, then remove the twine, slice and serve!

to make the Turkey Gravy

  • Prepare Roux: Reserve two cups of the chicken stock with turkey drippings from the pot. Remove and clean the liner and then return it to the pressure cooker. Turn the Instant Pot on ‘Sauté’ and push the ‘Adjust’ button until ‘Normal’ is selected. Allow the pot to heat up until the digital display reads ‘Hot’. Add the three tablespoons of butter to the pot. Allow it to melt. Slowly whisk the flour, a little at a time, into the butter until it is fully combined. Continue cooking and whisking until the flour just begins to turn a light golden brown.
  • Add Turkey Drippings & Cream: Gradually pour the reserved turkey drippings into the pot and bring to a gentle boil while continually whisking. Whisk in the heavy cream and continue to simmer for 4 or 5 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Nutrition Facts

Calories: 631kcal | Carbohydrates: 9g | Protein: 77g | Fat: 33g | Saturated Fat: 14g | Cholesterol: 247mg | Sodium: 1323mg | Potassium: 969mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 1282IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 97mg | Iron: 3mg

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42 thoughts on “Instant Pot Turkey Roast”

  1. On your post you stated that you cook two turkey roasts at once, but your instructions call for one 3 pound turkey roast. I’m going to make two at the same time in my 8 quart instant pot. How would I adjust the cooking time? For two 3lb roasts, not one 6lb roast. Tudor your reply.

    1. Hi Marsha! I mention in the post that I have to make two to feed my family, but I cook them separately. I have several pots. If you can fit two properly you wouldn’t have to adjust the cooking time since the time is for that size of roast. Just make sure to check for doneness with a thermometer when it’s finished cooking. Hope this helps! Enjoy!

  2. Can I assume this is a thawed roast? Most that I’ve found for the Instant Pot suggest from a frozen state, but it’s too late … the bird has been in the fridge for a couple of days. I’m hoping I can save it and that it will be tender.

  3. This might be a dumb question do i put the chicken stock inside the pot or do i put it under the pot in the actual cooker? I’m new to this. Also does it naturally release or do i need to set that?

  4. I have an 8 qt IP and the egg inserts. Do you think I could make 2 roasts at the same time if they aren’t touching – 1 on the regular trivet and 1 on the higher egg insert? Would you make any adjustments to the cook time? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Shannon! I’m not sure two roasts would fit in the 8qt. That’s what I use for mine. If they do fit, then you can definitely try it. I would not adjust the cooking time, but make sure to test for doneness with a food thermometer when done. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. When you remove the twine after broiling does it take all of the crispy skin off? Seems like it would. I will be using my new instant pot duo crisp so do I still use the broil setting from the air fryer settings after it’s pressure cooked? I’m a newbie to this new way of cooking

    1. Hi Judy! I’ve never had a problem with that. Just remove it carefully. I do not own a Duo Crisp yet, but I would assume you are pressure cooking first and then crisping it with the air fryer function. Enjoy!

  6. I might be overlooking this but I don’t see where the recipe for a 3 lb boneless turkey breast gives the temperature that the turkey should be when it is fully cooked. I am trying your recipe now in the Instant Pot. Thank you.

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