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Thanksgiving Side Dishes

A Delicious List of Sides Perfect for Your Thanksgiving Celebration

This list of Thanksgiving side dishes are perfect for your holiday celebration. These are all easy and incredibly tasty dishes you can have ready in no time. This list includes Instant Pot, stovetop and oven recipes.

thanksgiving side dishes
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The holidays are here and that means family, friends and, of course, food! Lots of holiday celebrations ahead and I love it!

Thanksgiving and Christmas always include lots of delicious food in our home. Turkey, ham, Honduran tamales, and all the side dishes you can imagine! With Thanksgiving around the corner, I’ve put together a delicious list of side dishes you can make for your Thanksgiving celebration.

I’ve included all our family favorites as well as some newer dishes we’ve quickly grown to love. You’ll find plenty of Instant Pot side dishes as well as some oven and stovetop sides. The choice is yours! I know you’ll find all the side dishes you need to make your holiday celebration a success!

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thanksgiving side dishes
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Instant Pot Side Dishes

The Instant Pot makes traditional holiday side dishes easier and just as delicious! Here are a few of our favorites.

Mashed Potatoes

It’s not a proper Thanksgiving celebration without some delicious and creamy mashed potatoes. These Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes are incredibly easy to make. My recipe is no-drain, so you’ll only have one pot to clean. They make a perfect side for your turkey or ham and topped with gravy, they are perfection!

mashed potatoes for thanksgiving dinner
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Sweet Potato Casserole

One of my family’s favorite Thanksgiving side dishes is this delicious Sweet Potato Casserole. It is creamy and sweet and the blend of spices in it is perfect. Making the sweet potatoes in the Instant Pot is easy and saves you some time. This side dish is always a hit in our house and it’s sure to be one in yours!

instant pot sweet potato casserole recipe
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Mac and Cheese

The kids and adults will both love this delicious Instant Pot Mac and Cheese. The cheese combination is special and takes it up a notch above regular mac and cheese. The Instant Pot makes it easy and fast! Definitely a winner every time.

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Butternut Mac and Cheese

This is a new dish that my family has quickly fallen in love with. This Instant Pot Butternut Mac and Cheese is full of fall flavors and is certain to be a crowd pleaser. It’s creamy and delicious and your kids won’t even know they’re eating veggies with their mac and cheese!

instant pot butternut mac and cheese
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Green Beans

Need a delicious vegetable side that everyone will love? These Instant Pot Green Beans are super easy to make and are incredibly flavorful! They are the green beans that made me love green beans!

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Corn on the Cob

It doesn’t get easier than corn on the cob as a tasty side for your Thanksgiving meal. Instant Pot Corn on the Cob will be ready in just a few minutes and is so much easier than making it on the stove.

instant pot corn on the cob
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Hard Boiled Eggs (For Deviled Eggs!)

One thing that we can’t go without at our Thanksgiving dinners are my deviled eggs! Everyone loves them and wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t make them one year. It really used to be a pain to boil so many eggs on the stove and it was a bigger pain to peel all of them. Thank goodness for the Instant Pot! Hard Boiled Eggs are a breeze in the Instant Pot and they peel like magic.

Instant Pot hard boiled eggs
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Loaded Mashed Cauliflower

If you’re watching your carbs and would rather pass on the mashed potatoes, then this Loaded Mashed Cauliflower is for you! Loaded with flavor, it’s a perfect substitute for potatoes. Creamy and super delicious, this one is a great choice for a holiday side dish.

cauliflower casserole
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Stovetop and Oven Side Dishes

If you’re making side dishes the traditional way, on the stovetop or oven, then here’s a list of some delicious sides that are easy and are sure to be crowd pleasers!

Ambrosia Salad

By far a family favorite, this fluffy and delicious Ambrosia Salad is a staple at our Thanksgiving table. Packed with fruits and creamy goodness it’s guaranteed to be a hit in your home.

ambrosia fruit salad
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Corn Souffle

If you’re looking for super easy and extra delicious, then my Corn Souffle is as good as it gets. My personal favorite for both ease and flavor, this corn souffle will become a favorite in your home once you make it.

sweet corn souffle
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Sweet Potato Casserole

My husband’s sweet potato casserole is famous among our friends and family. It truly is amazing. Sweet perfection right here. Give this one a try and you will thank me! Ryan’s Sweet Potato Casserole is a must at your next holiday celebration.

freshly baked sweet potato casserole
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Skillet Cornbread

All your delicious Thanksgiving food wouldn’t be complete without a side of cornbread. This Skillet Cornbread is easy, tasty and will make a perfect holiday side.

southern cast iron skillet cornbread recipe
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Cornbread Stuffing

You can’t have turkey without a delicious Cornbread Stuffing to go with it. This recipe, also from my husband, has been a hit every year at our Thanksgiving dinner. This is the perfect from-scratch cornbread stuffing. Definitely worth the extra effort.

cornbread stuffing
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So which of these delicious Thanksgiving sides will you make? I’d love to hear in the comments which holiday side dish is your favorite.

I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!!

thanksgiving side dishes
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