The Big List of Instant Pot Beef Recipes

I am excited to bring you yet another Big List of Instant Pot recipes. This time around, it’s for beef!

The Instant Pot is perfect for creating hearty beef dishes that everyone will love.

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Some of the tastiest dishes I’ve made are with beef. If I could make only one thing in the Instant Pot it would be my French Dip Sandwiches. Perfect, fall-apart tender roast between toasted buns and some delicious melted cheese on top.

Yes, please!

If you’re running short on time and want a quick meal for your family, there are some great options on this Big List, including my own Cheesy Beef and Bowtie Pasta and Creamy Beef and Macaroni Casserole. Both family favorites!

So if beef is what you’re looking to master in the Instant Pot, this is the list for you! From pasta and beef dishes to roasts, to soups to sandwiches, this list has it all!

Instant Pot Beef Recipes

I have divided these beef recipes into categories, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

Eye of Round

Eye of round is a value cut of meat, is very lean, and can be very tough if not cooked just right. It’s so tough, in fact, that it’s called “Mano de Piedra” in my home country of Honduras. This translates to “Stone Hand”. I remember growing up in Honduras, it was a cut of meat used often at my house.

While it’s ideal for marinating and grilling, you can make some great dishes with it in the Instant Pot. Actually, as a tough cut of meat, Eye of Round is perfect for cooking in the pressure cooker. Like magic, the pressure cooker can turn it into a delicious and tender piece of meat.

While there’s not a huge variety of recipes for making Eye of Round in the Instant Pot, the ones that are available are definitely worth your time!

The following recipes are great for turning that Eye of Round into a delectable meal!

  • overhead view of salpicon
    from One Happy Housewife

    A light minced meat with a fresh citrusy taste. Perfect served on a corn tortilla or over a bed of rice.

  • a pile of roast beef on a plate
    Roast Beef
    from This Old Gal

    This roast beef is made to perfection and would make a delicious sandwich!

  • vietnamese pho tai with eye of round in a bowl
    Vietnamese Pho Tai
    from This Old Gal

    If you’re looking for a dish with an international twist, this one is perfect.

Ground Beef

Ground beef is probably the most common meat used in cooking, at least it is in my house.  So many choices of what to make with it. We always keep ground sirloin in the fridge. It’s so easy to cook and it can be fixed in a very short amount of time.

The versatility of it is great as well. You can make everything from meatballs, to chili, to tacos, to meatloaf. The choices are endless!

So if you’re looking for something tasty to make with ground beef, this is the list for you! Choose an international dish, or go with a traditional meatloaf. Either way, these ground beef recipes are sure to be a hit!

  • a plate with a hawaiian sloppy joe sandwich
    Hawaiian Sloppy Joes
    from One Happy Housewife

    Pineapple, red and yellow peppers, and sweet onion give the traditional Sloppy Joe a Hawaiian twist.

  • indian kheema in small bowl near a small bowl of rice
    Indian Kheema
    from Two Sleevers

    Have you tried Indian Ground Beef? This looks so good!

  • a plate of korean ground beef garnished with sesame seeds and scallions on a bed of rice
    Korean Ground Beef (Bulgogi)
    from Simply Happy Foodie

    Looking for a different ground beef recipe? This Korean style ground beef will do it!

  • a large taco pie on a plate topped with a lime and cilantro
    Taco Pie
    from Simply Happy Foodie

    Take Taco night to a new level with this delicious Taco Pie!

  • side view of indian pizza
    Keema Naan Pizza
    from Spice Cravings

    Pizza is always good – and it’s time to try a different type of pizza!

  • egg roll in a bowl garnished with scallions
    Egg Roll in a Bowl
    from The Halfway Homesteaders

    This deconstructed egg roll is seriously flavorful, easy to make and absolutely delicious.

  • a dinner plate with meatloaf
    from The Halfway Homesteaders

    Perfect for the meat lover, meatloaf just got way easier to make!

  • a baking dish of beef taters
    Cheesy Beef Taters
    from The Halfway Homesteaders

    This one is really great for either a side dish or a main dish – your choice! Kid friendly!

  • a dish filled with stuffed peppers
    Stuffed Peppers
    from The Halfway Homesteaders

    Stuffed Peppers in the Instant Pot? Yes!! So delicious.

  • shepherds pie in two large serving dishes
    Shepherd’s Pie
    from The Halfway Homesteaders

    Shepherd’s Pie is a classic and here’s how you can make it in the Instant Pot!

  • close up of a bowl of soup
    Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls
    from Simply Happy Foodie

    A tasty, nutritious, and comforting meal that can be made on a budget.

  • close up of swedish meatballs
    Swedish Meatballs
    from Simply Happy Foodie

    I’m a huge fan of Swedish Meatballs and these right here don’t disappoint!

  • overhead shot of keema matar in a pot

    A semi-dry Indian curry, made with ground meat and green peas, seasoned with Indian spices.


Nothing like a bowl of warm chili to soothe the soul! Chili is probably one of those meals that makes everyone happy when we make it at home. All the kids love it and even the little one requests it often.

My husband used to make chili on the stove and it would take hours. Recently, he came up with a quick stovetop version of his awesome chili. It is nothing short of perfection!

Now that we can use the Instant Pot to make it, though, that’s our preferred method of cooking it. It is very quick, and we can use dry beans without the added time.

So I have found several delicious Chili recipes for your Instant Pot that are sure to be a hit. I’ve listed both chilis with dry beans and chilis with canned beans. Take your pick!

  • chili in a bowl topped with shredded cheese and green onions
    from One Happy Housewife

    The rich, smokey flavor of this Chili makes it the perfect comfort meal.

  • overhead view of a bowl of chili topped with shredded cheddar

    Get your chili on with this delicious recipe from Melanie Cooks!

  • top view of meaty chili in a bowl
    Quick and Meaty Chili
    from Oh Sweet Mercy

    Had a busy day and desperate for an easy meal? Here’s a great chili you can whip up in no time!

  • a plate with a bowl of chili with canned beans and crackers

    Don’t want to spend the time cooking the beans? Use some canned beans and whip up this easy chili!

  • a bowl of chili with pieces of onion
    from Recipes from a Pantry

    Let’s have a chili night with this delicious recipe!

  • close up of football chili garnished with scallions
    Football Chili
    from The Halfway Homesteaders

    This chili is so easy and delicious. You and your family will LOVE this one! Perfect for the big game!

  • chili with dried beans in a bowl topped with cheese, green onion, and chips
    Chili with Dried Beans
    from Huckleberry Life

    Want to use dry beans? Here’s a chili recipe with delicious beans!

  • chili in a small bowl topped with sour cream, shredded cheese, and green onion
    Chili with Beans
    from One Happy Housewife

    A hearty, comforting bowl of homemade chili packed full of amazing flavor.

Ground Beef Soups

How about a hearty, comforting bowl of soup?

There is nothing more soothing, comforting, and nourishing than a warm bowl of soup. Especially on a chilly day. And the easiest, and best way to make any soup more hearty and delicious is to add perfectly seasoned ground beef to it.

All the soups in this list are perfect for any occasion, the whole family will love them, and they are very easy to make in the Instant Pot.

There are some kid-friendly favorites here as well. My kids especially love it when we make taco soup! They gobble it up in minutes. It’s nice to deviate once in a while from our regular ground beef dishes and turn them into hearty soups instead.

There are lots of amazing choices when it comes to using ground beef for making a soup in your Instant Pot. A nourishing beef and barley soup, some kicking taco soup, a yummy cheeseburger soup and so many more!

  • a large bowl of taco soup
    Taco Soup
    from One Happy Housewife

    A wonderful dump-and-go meal that’s loaded with taco flavor, requires very little prep, and uses easy to find ingredients.

  • close up of bacon cheeseburger soup
    Bacon Cheeseburger Soup
    from Tessa the Domestic Diva

    The taste of a bacon cheeseburger in a soup? That’s the best of both worlds! Yes, please!

  • a small bowl of cabbage soup

    This low carb spin on a cabbage soup includes ground beef and bone broth.

  • top view of a bowl of taco soup
    Creamy Taco Soup
    from The Movement Menu

    Have a taco night, but with some delicious and healthy taco soup!

  • close up of beef barley soup
    Beef & Barley Soup
    from Who Needs a Cape

    Not feeling so great? This Beef and Barley soup will make you feel better in no time!

  • a bowl of vegetable soup up close

    Need a good, fully loaded veggie soup? This one looks good!

  • a low carb taco soup in a bowl

    A quick and easy low-carb taco soup recipe.


Goulash is such an easy meal and the Instant Pot has made it even easier. There are so many great recipes for Goulash out there ranging from American versions to the more authentic Hungarian versions. I’ve gathered a large list of various Instant Pot Goulash recipes. Some are made using ground beef while others use more traditional cuts of meat. These recipes are certain to be a hit with your family!

Plus, the Instant Pot makes it so quick and easy to make this Central European staple in no time. Many of the recipes I’ve gathered can be ready to serve in less than 30 minutes.

  • close up of american goulash in a bowl
    American Goulash
    from Simply Happy Foodie

    This classic one-pot pasta meal (with an American twist) is made with ground beef, green pepper, and macaroni. It’s easy to make and will be done in under an hour. Your family will be fed and happy in no time!

  • italian goulash in a small squared bowl
    Italian Goulash
    from Wondermom Wannabe

    Looking to feed a ton of people? This one looks like it will feed a crowd!

  • a cheesy ground beef goulash in a large bowl

    This goulash isn’t just goulash….it’s cheesy goulash!

  • goulash inside the instant pot
    from Huckleberry Life

    Do you like goulash? This recipe looks like it’ll be a great one!

  • close up of ground beef goulash
    Ground Beef Goulash
    from Thrifty Jinxy

    Do you like Goulash? Even if you weren’t a believer in this delicious comfort food, you will be after trying this recipe! The great thing about goulash is that it doesn’t require fancy ingredients, is fairly inexpensive, and it’s super hearty.

  • close up of authentic hungarian goulash on a plate

    Rich in flavor and packed with vegetables and meat, Hungarian goulash is a hearty, thick stew that’s sure to satisfy even the most ravenous appetite. So, if you’re looking for a recipe that is closer to a truly authentic Hungarian Goulash, then try this one out.

  • close up of a hungarian bean goulash in a rimmed bowl

    This is not your typical American version of Goulash made with pasta. No, this very authentic Hungarian goulash is made with beans and looks absolutely amazing!

  • a close up view of hungarian goulash served on a plate
    Hungarian Goulash
    from Sparkles to Sprinkles

    This hearty and delicious bowl of Goulash is perfect for any night of the week.

Pasta and Ground Beef

This is my favorite category, the one that includes pasta!


Because as long as you have some pasta in the pantry and a pack of ground beef in the freezer, you can whip up a tasty meal in no time. I’ve found that pasta, ground beef, and the Instant Pot are the perfect combo for creating a quick and easy dinner on the fly. For that reason, I always keep pasta and ground beef on hand because, with five kids, I never know when things are going to get crazy around here.

When things get crazy or time is short then it’s time to break out the ground beef and pasta and get the kiddos fed and on their way to bed.

These are the recipes that I come to over and over when I’m in the middle of a hectic week. They’re just so quick and easy to make. Plus, the combination of pasta and ground beef is so filling.  My entire family loves these recipes.

  • a bowl of beef and bowtie pasta
    Beef & Bowtie Pasta
    from One Happy Housewife

    A fast and simple pasta dinner that even the most picky of eaters will devour. This one is sure to become one of your go-to recipes for those hectic weeknights.

  • instant pot beef and macaroni casserole
    Beef & Macaroni Casserole
    from One Happy Housewife

    This deliciously creamy beef and pasta casserole is the perfect hearty and filling comfort dish for those busy weeknights. It’s fast and easy to make, full of flavor, and guaranteed to satisfy those hungry bellies. This one is sure to become a favorite in your home.

  • a small bowl of beef macaroni
    Beef Macaroni
    from This Old Gal

    If your family loves a meaty pasta then they’ll really enjoy this recipe.

  • cheeseburger mac in a large bowl
    Cheeseburger Mac
    from One Happy Housewife

    A super hearty and flavorful, from-scratch pasta casserole that’s sure to be a hit with the kids. This one is so delicious, it’s like having your favorite burger in a bowl. A great meal for busy weeknights.

  • close up of cheesy meaty shells
    Cheesy Meaty Shells
    from Simply Happy Foodie

    Sometimes we just need some cheesy goodness! This does it!

  • spaghetti and meat sauce served in a bowl topped with shredded parmesan
    Spaghetti and Meat Sauce
    from One Happy Housewife

    You’ve got a hungry family and not much time? This Instant Pot version of a traditional Italian dish is perfect for those busy nights when you need to get a tasty dinner on the table fast. This spaghetti and meat sauce is an easy one-pot meal that can be made in less than 15 minutes. Your family will love this one!

  • instant pot taco pasta
    Taco Pasta
    from One Happy Housewife

    Love Mexican food but tired of the same ‘ole, same ‘ole? Then try this easy and delicious pasta dish. It’s kid-approved and will be ready in no time. It’s the perfect hearty meal for a busy weeknight.

  • instant pot lasagna
    Meaty Lasagna
    from One Happy Housewife

    Looking for a hearty dish that can feed an entire family? Try this rich, creamy, and flavorful lasagna. It’s easy to prep and you’ll have it on the table in no time. Everyone will be asking for seconds.

Beef Sandwiches

Did you know that you can use the Instant Pot to make sandwiches? Yep! Well, at least, what goes inside the sandwich. My French Dip Sandwiches are so wonderful because of how the roast is cooked to perfection while it’s in the pressure cooker.

Also, hamburgers and sloppy joes are perfect weeknight meals that are always kid-friendly and can be made in no time with the help of the Instant Pot!

  • French Dip
    from One Happy Housewife

    An unbelievably flavorful and juicy meat, covered in melted cheese and served on toasted, crispy, buttered bread.

  • close up of a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and cheese
    from Simply Happy Foodie

    It’s hamburger night! Did you know you could make them in the Instant Pot?

Short Rib

Not a long list in this category, but boy do the ones here look tasty!

  • instant pot short ribs
    Chili Lime Short Ribs
    from What Great Grandma Ate

    Perfectly cooked short ribs seasoned with chili lime spices. This simple recipe packs a ton of meaty flavor.

Beef Shank

  • a bowl of caldo de res garnished with cilantro and slices of lime
    Caldo de Res
    from Berry & Maple

    Made with beef shanks and loads of veggies like carrots, potatoes, and corn. This hearty and meaty Mexican beef soup will warm your body and soul.

Beef Stews

So many of us grew up eating this hearty and comforting meal. Now with the Instant Pot, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a delicious bowl of Beef Stew!

  • top view of a bowl of beef stew garnished with parsley
    Beef Stew
    from Carmy

    This thick and rich stew is loaded with a hearty mix of potatoes, carrots, onions, and melt in your mouth beef.

  • a serving of beef stew in a bowl
    Beef Stew
    from Recipes from a Pantry

    Looking for a good beef stew? This one looks amazing!

  • close up of beef stew garnished lightly with cilantro
    Beef Bourguignon
    from My Food Story

    I love how flavorful this looks and it’s all in the Instant Pot!

  • a bowl of beef stew with peas and rice garnished lightly with cilantro
    Beef Stew
    from Green Healthy Cooking

    There’s just nothing like a hearty bowl of stew after a long day. Packed with protein and all kinds of “good-for-you” stuff, you’ll be thankful for this one.

  • overhead shot of a hearty bowl of beef stew
    Beef Stew
    from Extreme Couponing Mom

    Another hearty stew, this one looks like it’ll be another winner!

  • a metal bowl filled with beef stew
    Beef Stew
    from The Foodie Affair

    A good stew is great for any night!

  • guinness beef stew in a bowl garnished with cilantro
    Guinness Beef Stew
    from Supergolden Bakes

    It’s the Luck of the Irish! This Guinness Beef Stew looks great!

  • overhead shot of a bowl of vietnamese beef stew
    Vietnamese Beef Stew
    from Supergolden Bakes

    Get Beef Stew with a Vietnamese twist and it looks great!

  • close up of a bowl with ground beef stew
    Ground Beef Stew
    from Cooking with Karli

    Have a stew, but with ground beef! This recipe looks great!

  • a handled bowl filled with japanese beef curry next to a plate of rice
    Japanese Beef Curry Stew
    from This Old Gal

    If you like curry, I think you’ll love this one!

  • a bowl of ethiopian beef stew

    This is Beef Stew with a twist – Ethiopian style!

  • a large plate with beef stew garnished with dill
    Beef Stew
    from Tasty Galaxy

    Another delicious stew recipe!

  • a bowl of beef stew lightly garnished with green onion
    Asian Beef over Lentils
    from Platter Talk

    Looking for some Asian food? This Asian style beef stew is one that looks great!

  • side view of carne guisada in a small bowl
    Carne Guisada (Puerto Rican Beef Stew)
    from My Stay at Home Adventures

    It’s not just beef stew, it’s Puerto Rican beef stew!

  • a bowl of beef bourguignon garnished with cilantro
    Beef Bourguignon
    from Savory Tooth

    With mushrooms, onions and carrots, you’ll love this one!

  • close up of ghormeh sabzi in a bowl
    Ghormeh Sabzi
    from Food n Service

    Wondering what that is? It’s a delicious Iranian dish and I can’t wait to try!

  • overhead shot of vietnamese beef stew pho noodle soup garnished with cilantro and scallions

    A hearty and comforting Vietnamese beef and noodle stew made with tender beef, flavorful broth and pho spices.


Some delicious dips to choose from.


Finally, we have a few sauces to choose from. You’ll find some delicious pasta sauce choices here.

I hope you enjoy many of these delicious beef dishes for the Instant Pot! Make sure to pin the post so you can refer back to it whenever you need ideas!

Have you checked out my other Big Lists?

If there is a recipe that you’d like to see added to this list, please comment below to let me know.

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