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The Big List of Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

A Complete List of Delicious Chicken Recipes for the Instant Pot
instant pot chicken recipes
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Chicken! It’s the one meat I couldn’t give up! There are so many wonderful ways to prepare it, especially in the Instant Pot. It’s probably what I see asked most often regarding recipes:

What are the best Instant Pot chicken recipes?

I have made a few of my favorite chicken dishes in the Instant Pot, like Hawaiian Chicken and Chicken and Dumplings. And I have to tell you they came out amazing in the Instant Pot!

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instant pot chicken recipes
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I have compiled a huge list of Instant Pot Chicken recipes to make it easy to find all kinds of delicious options in one place! I have included recipes for all the different cuts of chicken to suit everyone’s tastes.

Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

I divided the chicken recipes into categories, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Just click on one of the categories below and it will take you to that particular list. Enjoy!

Chicken Breast

Chicken Thighs

Drumsticks & Wings

Whole Chicken

Pasta with Chicken

Chicken Soups

Ground Chicken