Instant Pot Ground Beef Recipes

This list of Instant Pot ground beef recipes has some delicious international choices like Indian Kheema and Korean Ground Beef as well as traditional American ones like meatloaf. You're certain to find something you'll love!

If you have ground beef on hand and are looking for something different to make, then you’ll have plenty of choices here. Choose from international dishes, or go with a traditional meatloaf. Either way, these ground beef recipes are sure to be a hit!

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This list of ground beef recipes is part of my big list of Instant Pot Beef Recipes. Although this list contains ground beef recipes, there are other more specific ground beef categories you can also take a look at including:

Before we get to the recipes, I want to answer a few common questions about ground beef.

How Do You Choose The Best Ground Beef?

There are different types of ground beef you can choose from when making these dishes. Ground beef can range from 4%-30%  fat content and will vary in taste and texture.

sauteing ground beef instant pot

You’ll find it packaged at your local supermarket as:

  • Regular Ground Beef: While being the most flavorful, this ground beef is the fattiest containing up to 30 percent fat. This ground beef is very greasy and can become mushy after cooking. It can also shrink significantly during cooking. I rarely use this kind at home.
  • Ground Chuck: If you want a tender, moist ground beef with great flavor, then I recommend using this one. Ground chuck is significantly less fatty than regular ground beef as it contains 15 to 20 percent fat.
  • Ground Round: This one is less flavorful and drier than the previous options, ground round contains 10 to 20 percent fat. I only recommend using this meat when cooking together with vegetables or into sauces.
  • Ground Sirloin: This ground beef only contains 7 to 10 percent fat, cooks tender and is very flavorful. This one is only a bit drier and just slightly less flavorful than ground chuck. This is the one I prefer using for most dishes. Ground sirloin offers the best balance of great flavor and less fat.
  • Extra Lean Ground Beef: If you are restricting your fat intake, then you’ll want to use this one. Extra lean ground beef can contain as little as 4% fat.

Which Ground Beef Is Best?

This really depends on what you are trying to achieve. However, in all cases, I would steer clear of regular ground beef. While it has the most flavor, it can be excessively greasy and can end up having a mushy consistency which is very unappealing.

Also, unless you are on a highly restrictive diet, I’d also steer clear of the extra lean ground beef. In most cases, you’ll also want to avoid ground round as well as it can be very dry and lacks the rich beefy flavor that some of the others have.

this is one of the best ground beef chili recipes you will find

That leaves us with ground chuck and ground sirloin. For the tenderness, moistness and rich flavor, you can’t beat ground chuck. For special dishes, or when we are having a get-together, I will use ground chuck to make the dish extra good. But for everyday cooking, I tend to favor ground sirloin because it has great flavor and is much less fatty.

What’s the Best Way to Cook Ground Beef in the Instant Pot?

You should always use the ‘Sauté’ function on your Instant Pot to brown your ground beef. I don’t think you will come across any recipe that doesn’t suggest you do this. It’s quick and easy to do, and should always be done before cooking the beef under pressure.

Using the Instant Pot sauté function to sauté vegetables.

How Long Does It Take to Cook Ground Beef in the Instant Pot?

Ground beef cooks very quickly in the Instant Pot. For the best and quickest results, allow your Instant Pot to warm up for a couple of minutes before adding the ground beef to the pot.

The cook times for the recipes in this list range from 25 minutes to 1 hour, most of them being on the lower end of that time range.

Instant Pot Ground Beef Recipes

There are so many wonderful dishes that can be made with ground beef. And the great thing for family’s like yours is that many of these recipes are quick and easy to make, and kid-friendly.

Instant Pot ground beef recipes always save me when I need to make something quick. My family loves all of these recipes and I love how easy they are to make.

  • a large serving of cheesy ground beef and rice on a plate

    Cheesy Ground Beef and Rice

    from One Happy Housewife

    This Instant Pot Cheesy Ground Beef and Rice is incredibly easy and so delicious! A family-friendly meal that requires few ingredients and is ready in no time! You can eat it as a casserole or get creative with it if you have any leftovers. This one is a winner!

  • a plate with a hawaiian sloppy joe sandwich

    Hawaiian Sloppy Joes

    from One Happy Housewife

    Let’s move on to something different and delicious! These Instant Pot Hawaiian Sloppy Joes are a favorite with my kids. They’ve been a hit with my readers as well. Just the right touch of sweet in them and they are really easy to make! You can eat them as Sloppy Joes, or with a side of rice or spaghetti squash.

  • a close up of a dish with dirty rice

    Cajun Dirty Rice

    from One Happy Housewife

    This easy and delicious Instant Pot Dirty Rice can be made with a combination of ground beef and sausage to keep it more traditional, or you can use only ground beef if it’s what you have on hand. Either way, it’s a flavorful recipe you will love!

  • side view of couscous with ground beef on a plate

    Couscous with Ground Beef

    from One Happy Housewife

    Another different and totally delicious recipe is this Instant Pot Couscous with Ground Beef. This is one of my newer recipes and it’s gotten some great reviews. It is extremely easy and the flavor is amazing. I guarantee it will be a hit.

  • cheeseburger mac in a large bowl

    Cheeseburger Mac

    from One Happy Housewife

    This Instant Pot Cheeseburger Mac is perfect for a busy weeknight dinner. It truly tastes like a cheeseburger, especially when topped with some delicious bacon. It’s a delicious and hearty meal that you can have ready in about 20 minutes!

  • a bowl of beef and bowtie pasta

    Beef & Bowtie Pasta

    from One Happy Housewife

    This Instant Pot Beef & Bowtie Pasta has been a go-to at our house. It’s easy to make, it’s cheesy, full of flavor and according to my readers, super kid friendly! This pasta dish will be a winner at your home without a doubt.

  • instant pot beef and macaroni casserole

    Beef & Macaroni Casserole

    from One Happy Housewife

    This Instant Pot Beef and Macaroni Casserole has been a family favorite for years. I used to make it on the stovetop and oven and decided to convert it to the Instant Pot. It was actually one of the very first things I learned to cook! If you’d like to try my older, oven version, it’s here. Either way, try it and you’ll be surprised how yummy and comforting it is!

  • a large bowl of taco soup

    Taco Soup

    from One Happy Housewife

    Perfect for chilly days or for when you’re simply craving a yummy and easy soup, this Instant Pot Taco Soup definitely hits the spot! You’ll love how easy it is to make and your family will love how hearty and delicious it is. This one feeds a crowd and will become your new favorite!

  • instant pot taco pasta

    Taco Pasta

    from One Happy Housewife

    Keeping with the taco inspiration, this Instant Pot Taco Pasta is so good you’ll want to make it every week! You can top this pasta with your favorite taco toppings like avocado, cheese, sour cream and whatever else makes your taco-loving heart happy!

  • spaghetti and meat sauce served in a bowl topped with shredded parmesan

    Spaghetti and Meat Sauce

    from One Happy Housewife

    If you want a more traditional meal, then this Instant Pot Spaghetti and Meat Sauce is for you. This is an easy and delicious meal that will be ready in about 15 minutes and will satisfy your hungry family.

  • instant pot lasagna

    Meaty Lasagna

    from One Happy Housewife

    Next, I have a delicious Instant Pot Meat Lasagna! If you haven’t tried making lasagna in the Instant Pot, it’s a must. You’ll need a push pan or a springform pan and you’re set. My recipe is easy and so delicious! Your family is sure to love it.

  • chili in a bowl topped with shredded cheese and green onions


    from One Happy Housewife

    A super easy Instant Pot Chili that packs a punch! This recipe is delicious and has such rich flavors. Your family will love it and you’ll love how quick and easy it is to make!

  • chili in a small bowl topped with sour cream, shredded cheese, and green onion

    Chili with Beans

    from One Happy Housewife

    Finally, I have a delicious Instant Pot Chili with Dry Beans for you. This chili recipe is definitely a winner on cold days and it’s perfect for any potluck dinner. My family is a big fan of chili and this recipe is a favorite. Your family will love it.

What Spices Are Best for Flavoring Ground Beef?

When it comes to seasoning ground beef, the possibilities are endless! It really will depend on the dish that you are making. That being said, it’s a good idea to always have certain spices on hand.

  • Garlic & Onion Powder: I always make sure to have garlic and onion powder in my pantry. They give ground beef a great base flavor.
  • Mexican Seasonings: If you’re making tacos or other Mexican dishes, you’ll want to have chili powder, cumin and taco seasoning available.
  • Italian Seasonings: When making Italian, a good Italian seasoning, dried basil, and dried oregano are all important to have readily available.
  • Indian Seasonings: Indian dishes require a variety of vibrant and delicious spices like turmeric and cumin. So you’ll have to look at individual recipes to see what you need.

Looking for options that use pasta? Make sure to check out my Instant Pot pasta with ground beef recipes.

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