23 Must-Have Electric Pressure Cooker Accessories

The electric pressure cooker has revolutionized the way we cook! So many people are using them and making dishes they never thought possible. I know in my case, my pressure cooker has allowed me to try dishes I never thought I was capable of making. It truly has been a game-changer!

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With brands like Instant Pot, Mealthy, and Ninja in the pressure cooker game, there are so many great options available. There are also so many accessories you can buy to pair up with your pressure cooker. But which ones do you really need? Read below to find out which ones I think are the must-haves to make the most out of your pressure cooking experience!

Popular Electric Pressure Cookers

Well, the first, and most important item you will need is an electric pressure cooker. So, if you don’t already have one, now is the time to get one. And, if you do already have one, then the only thing better than having one pressure cooker is having two (or more). Why? Because you can make your main dish and side dishes all at the same time.

There are many options available when it comes to electric pressure cookers, but these are my favorites.

  • Ninja Foodi

    SharkNinjaNinja Foodi

    the pressure cooker that crisps

    The Ninja Foodie is simply amazing. I do not own one yet, but it gets great reviews. It is a pressure cooker that also crisps like an air fryer. It doesn’t get better than that! It’s a higher price point than the other pressure cookers, but it’s two appliances in one.

  • Instant Pot Duo

    Instant PotInstant Pot Duo

    seven appliances in one

    The Instant Pot DUO is still my favorite of the Instant Pot models. I have several 8 quart DUOs and love them. In my opinion, there is no need to get a model higher than this.

Electric Pressure Cooker Accessories

I have come up with a list of my absolute favorite electric pressure cooker accessories. Each of these accessories will work in most all 6 and 8-quart electric pressure cookers. They’ll also help you take your pressure cooking skills to the next level making you a pressure cooking pro. So let’s get right to it and look at my favorite accessories for the electric pressure cooker!

  • yogurt strainer for the instant pot

    Euro CuisineGreek Yogurt Maker

    make your favorite yogurt at home

    Making yogurt in a pressure cooker is so easy and this strainer helps strain the whey out so you’ll have the delicious, thick greek yogurt you love. Just make your yogurt in the pressure cooker and then strain it to your desired consistency using this accessory. You can also keep the whey in the container in the fridge. Great quality product. I own it and love it. Making yogurt has never been so easy!    

  • bundt pan for the instant pot

    Nordic Ware3-Cup Bundt Pan

    make the most beautiful little cakes

    This cute mini bundt pan fits perfectly in your pressure cooker. It’s great for making a small dessert. This size bundt pan is ideal for making any of my mini cakes, including my delicious Lemon Mini Bundt. I own several of them as well as the 6 cup version. Both the 3 cup and 6 cup fit in most pressure cookers. Do note, it’s not dishwasher safe. You have to wash it by hand to keep it in great condition.    

  • HatrigoSteamer Basket

    steam your favorite vegetables

    A steamer basket is an absolute must for steaming veggies in the pressure cooker. Lots of my readers have ordered this one and love it. It’s perfect for steaming large quantities of veggies like corn, broccoli or cauliflower. It comes in two sizes to fit any of your pots. Get ready to start steaming tons of veggies!

  • mini mitts

    Instant PotMini Mitts

    thick heat resistant silicone mitts

    I love my mini mitts!! They are by far my favorite accessory of all and I use them daily. They are so helpful when taking stuff out of the Instant Pot. They’re a must when taking out the small ramekins I use to make my Turtle Lava Cakes. These have to be the most handy pair of mitts that I have in my kitchen. Plus, they have lasted forever.

  • stackable pans for the instant pot

    AozitaStackable Steamer Pans

    perfect for pot in pot cooking

    I own these stackable pans and they are great! They are very sturdy and fit nicely in my 8-quart, and will also fit the 6-quart. You can use them to separate foods you don’t want touching while cooking. I love using them for making a double batch of my flan. Two pans are always better than one!

  • instant pot silicone molds

    ENJ ProductsSilicone Molds

    perfect for egg bites and small desserts

    I got these to be able to make the famous egg bites. These silicone molds are also great for small portion desserts like brownies and cakes. I love how they perform! Nothing sticks to them even though I don’t spray them with oil. They fit perfectly into my pot, are durable, and dishwasher safe. Cleaning is a breeze. One note: don’t use the plastic lid that comes with them in the pressure cooker. You must try those famous egg bites!    

  • KspowwinEgg Accessories

    handy for hard-boiled eggs

    I love making eggs in my Instant Pot and this set of egg racks with egg bite mold are perfect for that. The racks are stackable and allow me to make lots of hard boiled eggs at once. You can also use them as regular racks. The shorter rack can double as a regular trivet as well. They’re perfect for making deviled eggs since placing the eggs small tip down will keep the yolks centered. And the silicone egg bite mold will let you make tasty egg bites in no time.

  • porcelain ramekins

    BellemainPorcelain Ramekins

    ideal for delicious desserts

    These cute little porcelain ramekins are ideal for making so many yummy desserts! Creme brûlée, flan, lava cakes, soufflé, the possibilities are endless! They are oven, microwave, pressure cooker, and freezer safe and they can be washed in the dishwasher! They are also perfect for serving salsa, arroz con leche, dipping sauces or dressings. These multi-tasking ramekins are a great addition to any kitchen!

  • kitchen torch

    Jo ChefKitchen Torch

    be the master chef of your kitchen

    One of my all-time favorite desserts is creme brûlée, and this torch is amazing for caramelizing the sugar on top. I have one of these torches and love using it every time I make creme brûlée in the pressure cooker. This torch is perfect for finishing off the perfect dessert. I’ve even used it to brown cheese on individual portions on pasta. It’s a nifty little torch.    

  • instant pot push pan

    Fat DaddioPush Pan

    ideal for any cake recipe

    I love my Fat Daddio push pan! I use it when making lasagna or cheesecake in my pressure cooker. It’s one of the more popular accessories for electric pressure cookers. You can also make other casseroles in it as well. It’s a great little pan!  So, if you’re wanting to make a cheesecake or lasagna in your pot, you’ll definitely want to pick up one of these push pans.

  • instant pot push pan parchment liners

    Worthy LinersParchment Liners

    easy cleanup and saves time

    These are awesome for lining your push pan or springform pan. I bought these for when I make cheesecakes or other desserts in my push pan. They fit the pan just right, and make for a much easier clean-up. If you buy the pan, I highly recommend you get a pack of these. They’re very inexpensive and well worth the cleanup time you’ll save.

  • Stainless Steel Steamer

    OXO Good GripsCollapsible Steamer Basket

    easy to clean and compact veggie steamer

    If you’re looking for a steamer basket that takes up less space when stored, this one is the best. It’s perfect for steaming vegetables in the pressure cooker. I use mine for corn, other veggies, and even lobster tails! You can also use it as a fruit bowl, egg cooker, cake bowl, colander or strainer. It’s super handy. And, it’s compact for easy storing, easy to clean, made of high quality stainless steel, and dishwasher safe!

  • instant pot springform pan

    HiwareSpringform Pan

    cheesecake and more in the pressure cooker

    This is a popular pan for making cheesecake or lasagna in the pressure cooker. I have one and have used it to make cheesecake and lasagna. I haven’t decided whether I prefer the springform or the push pan. I have used them both interchangeably. This pan fits in both 6 and 8 quart pressure cookers. It can also be used for baking in the oven, is easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.

  • instant pot flan pan

    ImusaFlan Pan

    make perfect flan with this mold

    This flan pan is amazing! It is one of my favorite accessories. I got it when I was perfecting my flan recipe and I can’t tell you what a difference it made! The flan slides right out, and there’s minimal caramel “stickage”. By far, out of all the pans I used to make flan, this was the best performer! It is sturdy and the flan comes out perfect every time. The lid on it is an awesome bonus!

  • Make It & Take It Containers

    Instant PotLuckMake It & Take It Containers

    easily share your home-cooked meals

    These food storage containers are so cute. They look like mini pressure cookers and are great for storing your leftovers. You can also use them as snack cups or for taking food to work or school. They’re made in the USA, are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and recyclable. They are a fun and functional item to have.

  • Tart Tamper

    Fox RunTart Tamper

    keep your fingers out of the dough

    If you love making cheesecake in your pressure cooker, this tart tamper is perfect for the crust.  You can also use it for easily and quickly creating beautifully shaped tart dough shells that can be filled with chocolate, fruit and other delicious fillings.

  • instant pot quick and carry bag

    Quick & CarryQuick & Carry Bag

    the easy way to transport your pot

    I love my Quick & Carry bag! It is so sturdy and has so much room for everything I need when taking my pressure cooker out of the house. It has lots of extra storage space for accessories as well. They offer two sizes, one for 6-quart and one for 8-quart pressure cookers. This bag is perfect for when you need to travel with your pressure cooker. My only wish is that they made one in aqua!

  • Cooking Rack

    TamBeeCooking Rack

    great aid to pressure cooking

    Most pressure cookers come with a trivet, but for those that don’t, this cooking rack is a must have. This sturdy rack is made of durable stainless steel, will not rust, is easy to clean, and is dishwasher safe. It’s perfect for making eggs, meats, pot in pot recipes and more.

  • Silicone Cupcake Liners

    Pantry ElementsSilicone Cupcake Liners

    easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store

    Great for making eggs, mini cheesecakes, mini flans, and more in your pressure cooker or oven. These liners are also perfect for making pastries, breads, frozen desserts, or candy. You can also use them to sort food items in a lunchbox. The liners are made of food grade silicone and are BPA free. They can be used in the pressure cooker or oven and cleaned in the dishwasher. And the vibrant colors are so much fun!

  • Pressure Cooker Sling

    OXO Good GripsPressure Cooker Sling

    easily remove bakeware from pressure cookers

    I have this OXO sling and love it. It doubles as a trivet with sling and an egg rack for hard boiled eggs. It’s also great for cheesecakes, lasagna, mini frittatas and more since it keeps bakeware above the water while cooking. The sling super high quality as I’d expect from OXO. It’s made of high heat resistant food safe silicone, is dishwasher safe, and is easy to clean. It is so nice not to have to make a sling out of foil! Easy to store as well!

  • silicone steamer basket

    OXO Good GripsSilicone Steamer Basket

    steam veggies, fish, chicken and more

    Also from OXO, this steamer basket is flexible and works great in the pressure cooker. It’s perfect for steaming veggies! And the large capacity with flat bottom fits larger items such as fillets of fish or chicken. Made of high quality food grade silicone, dishwasher safe, and also easy to store.

That’s it for my favorite must-have electric pressure cooker accessories. I’m sure there are a million other accessories out there that you can buy for your pressure cooker, but this list provides you with all the essentials. I hope you found this accessories list helpful and are able to get some cool accessories for your pressure cooker.

Do you have a favorite pressure cooker accessory that I didn’t mention? Tell me about it in the comments.

 Happy pressure cooking!

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