10 Best Household Cleaning Products

I love being a housewife and I love finding ways to make my job at home easier. There are certain products that I’ve found that make it easier and quicker to keep my house clean. I’ve also consulted with some of my favorite housewives, aka a few of my friends, and they’ve share their favorites. 

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I put together a list of my favorite cleaning products that help make my cleaning routine a breeze. I hope you give them a try and find something you love to help ease your cleaning woes.

Household Cleaning Products

  • SwifferSwiffer Wet Jet

    makes mopping a breeze

    The Swiffer Wet Jet is perfect for mopping. A couple of my friends have one, or two, and they say it makes their mopping a breeze. I’ve had the Swiffer dry mop for years but haven’t made the jump to the WetJet.

  • TinecoStick Vacuum

    the perfect lightweight option for vacuuming

    I love having a light, cordless stick vacuum around for small clean-up jobs. I had a Shark Navigator for several years and loved it. My friend swears by her Dyson cordless. But this one has been my favorite. It’s affordable and does a fantastic job. Either one is a great choice and a must-have.

  • clorox toilet wand

    CloroxClorox Toilet Wand

    no more dirty toilet brushes

    This is probably my favorite household innovative product. I hate toilet cleaning, who likes it?! But I hate toilet brushes the most! They are gross and make no sense to me. The Clorox Toilet Wand is the best solution to toilet cleaning! Use the scrubber once and throw it out. No dirty brush and no grossness!

  • sprayway glass cleaner

    SpraywaySprayway Glass Cleaner

    the best glass cleaner around

    This glass cleaner is amazing. It cleans glass and mirrors incredibly well and it smells amazing. There’s a reason it says World’s Best Glass Cleaner on the label! I highly recommend it.

  • method daily shower cleaner

    MethodMethod Daily Shower Cleaner

    the shower cleaning spray that does the work for you

    Ok, why did I not know about this shower cleaner?! My friend Susie recommended it, she loves it. You simply spray it after every shower and it keeps the shower clean for you! What?! Oh, and it also smells like a spa! I’m getting a bottle right now!

  • bona spray mop

    BonaBona Spray Mop

    keeps your wood floors looking great

    Since I have wooden floors throughout, I use my Bona Spray Mop daily. It keeps the wood looking great and it’s perfect for cleaning up kids’ spills and dirty dog paw prints!

  • magic eraser sheets

    Mr. CleanMagic Eraser Sheets

    thinner versions of an old favorite

    I’ve always been a fan of the Magic Eraser but when I saw these Magic Eraser Sheets I was so excited. I usually cut my erasers in two, but now with these thin, single sheets, it makes it easier. I love them!

  • SwifferSwiffer Duster

    the perfect dusting tool for all your nooks and crannies

    I love using my Swiffer Duster in my house. It’s perfect for getting into all the nooks and crannies. It makes cleaning the stair rail and baseboards a breeze.

  • shark robot vacuums

    SharkRobot Vacuum

    keep your floors clean with minimal effort

    This is probably the best purchase I made last year. I was able to get mine on Black Friday. They were so well priced I got two! I run them both every single morning and sometimes at night. It helps so much in keeping the pet hair under control.

  • viva paper towels

    VivaCloth-like Paper Towels

    the paper towel that’s strong and feels like a towel

    This has been a recent find for me. I have always bought a different brand but the other day I bought some Viva paper towels because they were cheaper and we were cleaning a lot of puppy messes. I fell in love! They feel like towels and absorb so much! I only buy these now!

That’s it for my favorite must-have cleaning products.  I’m sure there are a million other products out there that you can buy, but this list provides you with all the essentials. I hope you found this list helpful and it makes your cleaning routine a little easier.

Do you have a favorite cleaning product that I didn’t mention? Tell me about it in the comments.

 Happy Cleaning!

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