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A Simple Spring Dining Room

An Easy and Budget-Friendly Way to Freshen up Your Dining Room for Spring
Spring Decor for Dining Room Table
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Springtime colors are my favorite! I love decorating certain areas of my home with spring decor. I don’t know if it’s the flowers, the colors, or the cute Easter bunnies and eggs, but it just makes me happy!

Dyed Eggs, Lavender and Carrot Spring Decor Piece on Tiered Tray
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The colors blend so well with the rest of the decor in my home, it makes it easy to add touches here and there without having to re-decorate whole rooms.

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spring dining room
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Beautiful Spring Decor on Tray
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For most holidays or seasons, I only decorate a couple spots around my home, in order to keep it affordable. The only exception is Christmas, of course, where the whole house is transformed. My go-to room to decorate for every season is the dining room. It’s the first room you see when you walk into our home. This makes it the perfect spot to decorate and give guests a seasonal welcome!

Spring Table Decorations
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It’s very easy to change up the decor without having to spend a lot of money. A pillow, a table centerpiece and some inexpensive things from the Target dollar spot and Hobby Lobby and I’m set!

Simple Spring Dining Table Decorations
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This year, I decided to buy a new runner for the table to spruce it up just a bit. I found this darling bunny design at TJ Maxx.

Eater Bunny Runner on Dining Table
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This adorable bunny jumped into my cart when I was getting the runner and a couple Easter plates!

Cute Bunny in Pink Dress Easter Decor
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These cute burlap Easter egg trees from Target are from last year. They matched perfectly with the pastel tones of everything else. I did see them at the Target dollar spot the other day, so if you hurry, you may be lucky and still find them!

Colored Egg Centerpiece With Bunny and Egg Trees on Dining Table
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I kept the whole table decor simple. Just the runner and a few pieces on top. This is in contrast to my Winter Wonderland dining room I created for Christmas!

Decorating for Spring With Easter Carrots on Stack of Plates
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I like to switch things up.

Sometimes, decorating calls for a room full of beautiful things, others it calls for simplicity. Don’t be afraid to try both!

Lavender Makes a Perfect Decor Piece for Spring Decorations
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My cotton wreath from Hobby Lobby already stays on my wall most of the year, so I left it there since it matched perfectly with the rest of the decor.

Bunny and Easter Egg Centerpiece on Dining Room Table
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I did add one more wreath on the window that I found at TJ Maxx. How could I not fall absolutely in love with the pink eggs and the soft look of this wreath?

Spring Decorating With Colored Egg Wreath
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The buffet holds my Rae Dunn mug and bowl collection, and I love the fact that it matches any color decor I choose!

Lavendar Flowers and Tiered Tray on Spring Themed Buffet
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I added an Easter egg basket to the mug rack and it gives it the perfect colorful touch! But my favorite piece to change up for every holiday is this galvanized tiered tray.

Three Tiered Tray With Easter & Spring Decor
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It’s so easy and inexpensive to switch it up. A quick trip to the Target dollar spot, as well as a few items from World Market, Pier 1 and the seasonal section at the supermarket and the tray is transformed!

Dyed Eggs, Lavender and Carrot Spring Decor Piece on Tiered Tray
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If you ever want to decorate for every holiday but don’t want to spend a lot of money, a tray like this is the way to go.

Spring Decor on Dining Room Buffet
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I added an egg garland to the mirrors for the buffet’s finishing touch!

Decorating a Dining Room for Spring
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The last thing I did was switch out the pillow I keep on my aqua chair. There are so many wonderful spring pillows in all the stores, it wasn’t hard finding one that I loved!

Spring Flower Decor Throw Pillow and Decorated Buffet
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There you have it, an easy, simple spring dining room!

  • Susan Rice says:

    Beautiful – what color blue paint is on your dining room wall?

    • Valerie Cooper says:

      Thank you Susan! The color is Hazel, from Sherwin Williams. I’d say it’s more of a green than a blue. I do have one that’s a bit more blue in the rest of the house, called Sea Salt, also from Sherwin Williams, you can get a glimpse of it in this post https://www.onehappyhousewife.com/homeschool-desk/ You should check both colors out, they are both beautiful!

  • Bethany Crisp says:

    So many pretty details Valerie!! I love how fun and festive this is!

  • Carolina says:

    Spring is my favorite time of the year too!! Beautiful dining room. Thanks for sharing those great ideas!!!

  • Jessica says:

    Love it! Looks so inviting & happy place to hang out around.. also makes me wanna eat some bunny chocolate! lol
    Keep up the good work!

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