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Out of This World Star Wars Bedroom Decor

The Nostalgia Is Strong With This Star Wars Themed Bedroom
Star Wars Themed Boy's Bedroom Decor Makeover
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A long time ago, in a bedroom far, far away….

OK, OK, it was actually last week and it was in Jacob’s bedroom 🙂

Little Boy's Shoes in Star Wars Bedroom
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When Jacob gets home from school he heads straight to his new bedroom. He’s loving it!

I cannot tell you guys how excited Ryan and I were to give Jacob the room of our dreams!

Boys Bedroom Star Wars Makeover
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In all fairness, he chose the theme, although some may say we may have played some Jedi mind tricks on him that influenced him to lean that way. I can neither confirm nor deny that fact!

In any case, we were a little sad to let go of his Dr. Seuss room which he had for a few years, but we really felt he was getting too old for the Dr. Seuss decor. Our sadness quickly went away when we realized we were going to be able to decorate his room with one of our favorite childhood (and adulthood) obsessions!

Star Wars Toys and Star Wars Metal Wall Plate
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Jacob absolutely loves his Playskool Heroes and Imaginext toys. That’s all he plays with all day!

Find Inspiration in What You Already Have

When I was a little girl, my cousin Chusi and I would play Star Wars for hours and hours!

He, of course, was the one that had the loads and loads of Star Wars toys. I had a couple of small figures and a big Princess Leia. My mom would always buy him Star Wars figures for birthdays and sometimes just because. I got Barbies.

Star Wars Figures and X-Wing Wall Plate
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These he likes to keep as decorations! We got them for him two Christmases ago. He has Finn, Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Barbies, but I secretly always wanted the Star Wars figures! To this day I still have my 3 or 4 figures stashed away safely in a box.

Millennium Falcon Toy and Metal Wall Plate
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Don’t you just love his cute, chunky Millenium Falcon?!

Ryan was a huge fan as well, he had tons of Star Wars toys including the Millennium Falcon! Unfortunately, all his toys got lost in the shuffle. I would have loved to have them all for our boys, but nonetheless, we’ve made sure they have all grown up to be Star Wars fans and have plenty of toys of their own!

Jacob With Star Wars Toys For Christmas
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It was a Star Wars Christmas for Jacob that year! I know, I know, the hair!!

Jacob’s last birthday party was Star Wars themed, so he received a lot of fantastic Star Wars presents that helped us in the decorating of his new room.

Jacob at His Star Wars Themed Birthday Party
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Jacob’s 6th piñata was Star Wars. Here he’s sporting poor BB8’s head after the kids had mangled it!

He’s also lucky enough to have Star Wars fanatics as godparents, so they’ve also contributed to our slight obsession.

Jacob in Star Wars Jacket
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Possibly one of the coolest gifts ever, given to him by his godparents. Glad to say he fills it up nicely now!

So for this room, my inspiration was clear and easy from the beginning. We had plenty of toys and decor, and we definitely wanted a mix of vintage Star Wars and new Star Wars.

Quick Tip

Decorate With What You Have

You don’t have to go out and buy everything new when decorating a kid’s room. See what you have at hand, look through their toys and belongings and make sure you use anything that will fit well with your theme.

Start With a Blank Slate

We wanted to have a completely fresh start to the room since there was also a lot of decluttering of toys that had to be done. For that reason, we started out by clearing out the entire room and leaving it as a blank slate.

Cleared Boys Room Ready for Star Wars Decor
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The Dr. Seuss room was gone! Except for the paint that is!

Setup a Staging Area

The playroom was piled high not only with his things from his room but all the toys in the playroom that needed decluttering! It wasn’t pretty for a few weeks, but I survived.

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Our playroom was a disaster for a couple of weeks while we worked on the transition. It was a perfect time to declutter!
Quick Tip

Setup a Staging Area

Setting up a staging area to completely clear out a room can be helpful, but be careful! You don’t want those piles of things sitting around in your staging area for too long or you’re going to have a whole other problem on your hands. On a project like this, you will have to be committed to complete it within a certain amount of time.

Your Theme Should Drive Color Choice

The first order of business was choosing a paint color. We knew we wanted to go with either a blue or a gray. So, we looked through many pictures and paint color choices, and decided to try out a gray that we seemed to love from the moment we saw it. We chose Software by Sherwin Williams, and as soon as the first brushstroke went on the wall, we knew it was perfect!

Quick Tip

Let the Theme Determine the Color Choice

Let your room’s theme drive your color choice. Start by looking for accent colors in your primary decor pieces like blankets, pillows, rugs, etc and then choose a color that will complement those pieces.

Software Paint Color From Sherwin Williams
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With a name like “Software” for a Star Wars room, how could you go wrong?!

I mean even the name made sense. It was an easy painting project for Ryan since it was only half the walls he was painting. We did it all with one gallon and had plenty of paint leftover. We used a Satin SuperPaint finish, which is what we’ve used in our entire home.

Mix and Match When Choosing the Bedding

I started looking for bedding and was thrilled with the options Target had to offer. I found an awesome Star Wars bedding set for a great price, so I ordered it online and it arrived in no time! The quilt has a great feel to it, and seems sturdy.

Star Wars Quilt From Target
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The quilt set is beautiful and it comes with a great price tag!

I combined it with this sheet set, and they go perfectly together.

Star Wars Twin Sheet Set
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I finished off the bed with a couple of Storm Trooper pillows, also from Target.

Storm Trooper and Star Wars Pillows
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Love these Storm Trooper pillows!

I thought these were too perfect to pass up! I love how they’re actually shaped like a Storm Trooper helmet.

Shop Around for Fun and Low Cost Supporting Decor Pieces

I also snagged some decorative pillows at Pottery Barn Kids that were on clearance and added them to his window bench.

BB-8 Pillow Cover From Pottery Barn And Talking Chewbacca Stuffed Animal
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This talking Chewie is the cutest thing in his room! Except when he’s in the room of course!

It looks great with this unbelievably cute talking Chewbacca he got from some dear friends for his birthday.

For his nightstand, I found this awesome Star Wars lamp at Target. It has a double shade, so it looks extra cool when turned on!

Star Wars Nightstand with Lamp
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The nightstand is packed with cool items!

I also had bought this Darth Vader alarm clock for him on his birthday but had kept it in its packaging until we could redo his room. He loves it! If you press down on the helmet, a red light turns on.

Star Wars Nightstand With Darth Vader Clock
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He loves his new Darth Vader alarm clock!

I also put out his favorite Star Wars books on the nightstand. As for the cute little Storm Trooper helmet holding his markers, it was a last-minute find at Walmart, and it’s actually a toothbrush holder! Hey, think outside the box right?

Quick Tip

Find Alternative Uses for Items

You don’t always have to use things for their intended purpose. Think outside the box, and be creative when looking for storage and decor items!

Choose Storage Options That Fit the Decor

The white wicker baskets we had in his Dr. Seuss room were not going to match the decor, so we had to find an alternative. It was hard finding the right size and color, but we eventually found these at Lowe’s of all places.

Black and Grey Baskets from Lowes
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Finally found the perfect baskets at Lowe’s.

They had different sizes, and we loved the fact that they were black and gray.

Large Black and Grey Cloth Baskets from Lowes
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The large black baskets with gray trim hold plenty of toys!
Small Black and Grey Baskets from Lowes
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A variety of sizes allows for lots of storage options.

The Star Wars plastic bins came from Target, but we’ve had them for a while. They used to hold all the Star Wars toys, but now, since most of those toys are out, they hold his other toys, and decorate the room nicely!

Star Wars Plastic Storage Bins
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My cousin had the old school version of this Skywalker Landspeeder, and it was my favorite!!
Star Wars Small Plastic Storage Bin
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These metal cutouts of the characters are perfect for adding some interest to his shelves.
Quick Tip

Make Use of Storage

When decorating a young child’s bedroom, make sure you use storage options to put away items and toys that don’t fit well with the room’s theme. Bring out any items that fit with the theme and use them as decor pieces.

Choose Curtains That Complement Your Color Scheme

We went with blue for the curtains, since we felt they tied everything together. We considered gray, but since the walls were gray, we felt it would be too much.

Blue Curtains with Star Wars Tie Back
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Hobby Lobby had so many metal Star Wars signs!

Like my little curtain tie-backs? Well, guess where they came from? They are the ribbons that came wrapped around the comforter set!

Comforter Set Wraps as Curtain Tie Backs
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I used the ribbons that came with the quilt set as curtain tie-backs!

They already came with velcro, so I simply adjusted the size with a little packing tape and voila!

Quick Tip

Decorating With Unconventional Decor

Decorating pieces can show up in the most unconventional places. Even a toothbrush holder can be used to hold pencils and markers, so always keep your eyes open and be resourceful.

Fill Empty Walls With Wall Decor of Various Shapes, Sizes, and Textures

Shopping for the wall decor was a lot of fun! I went to Hobby Lobby and found a huge selection of these metal wall signs. They were 50% off on the week when I went, so I got several to place throughout the room.

Holding Star Wars Sign
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So much fun decorating a Star Wars room! So many memories!

I also found this neat light switch cover plate, that says “Light Side” and “Dark Side”. See what they did there 🙂

Star Wars Light Switch Cover Plate
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The switch plate cover was perfect!

When it comes to artwork and mirrors, you don’t always have to hang them on the wall. You can get just as good an effect by leaning them! That’s what I did with the two canvas pictures in the following photos. I placed one on his bookshelves and the other on his nightstand. I think they look great and add to the decor pieces next to them.

Bookshelf Decorated With Star Wars Toys, Decor and Canvas Art
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Other than the canvas art, all the decor pieces in this photo we already had on hand.

On a side note, styling his shelves was a lot of fun. We mostly used things we already had on hand. The walkie-talkies and his giant BB8 were cool birthday presents from family and friends. That was an unexpected benefit of having a Star Wars-themed birthday party. Most of his gifts were also Star Wars themed! Also, we already owned the Darth Vader mask from a previous Halloween costume. As for his legos, they look so cool in the figure containers. Oh, and mommy loves building legos!

Star Wars Bedding & Nightstand Decorated With Star Wars Canvas Art & Lamp
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Double shaded lamp for a cool effect.

Now back to the wall decor, we had everything finished except for the big wall in the room opposite Jacob’s bed. We wanted something slightly bigger to cover more wall. We went to several places before our final stop where we found the perfect canvas prints. Walmart! They had quite a few to choose from, but I let Ryan take the lead on this one, and he chose these three. We put them up side by side and they completed the room perfectly!

Star Wars Wall Canvas Art Walmart
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Walmart had the perfect canvas prints!
Star Wars Canvas Wall Art from Walmart
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Star Wars Canvas Art Wall Decor
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I let Ryan choose the ones he wanted. I’d say he did a pretty good job!
Quick Tip

Match the Empty Space

Match the size of your decor items with the space they are filling. Use larger decor items when you have large empty spaces to fill.

The Star Wars Bedroom Reveal

And now for the big reveal! Here’s Jacob’s new Star Wars room!

Decorating a Boys Bedroom with Star Wars Decor
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Perfect Star Wars room for a six-year-old!
Star Wars Bedroom Reveal
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Bedroom Redo Star Wars Decor
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Decorating a Boys Bedroom Makeover With a Star Wars Theme
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That little bag on his closet door holds his level 1 reading books. This way he can quickly grab the bag and take it with him when we’re going out! There are a few Star Wars books in there of course.
A Star Wars Rug Finishes Off This Boys Room Makeover
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This awesome rug gives him a nice place to lay out his toys. So glad to be done! Now he can enjoy his new “bigger boy” room!

Well, I really hope you enjoyed the reveal of Jacob’s new Star Wars room as much as we enjoyed putting it together! It’s so much fun walking into his room and remembering one of my favorite pastimes as a child. I’m thrilled to say he loves it as much as we do! The force is strong with this one!

Want to check out Jacob’s room he left behind? See his whimsical Dr. Seuss room here.

Star Wars Themed Boy's Bedroom Decor Makeover
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  • Bethany Crisp says:

    How fun!! You did an amazing job!! I love all the special details!!

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    Wow! Lucky boy! Great job mom and dad!

  • Kim says:

    Love it! Great job guys! I’m sure Jacob loves it as well!

  • Ann Marie Glinka says:

    I think Jacob’s new room is amazing! I think you need to start an interior decorating business!

  • Mari la más bonita de todas says:

    BTW & FYI Jacob has the best godparents ever and forever!! (Drops microphone and walks away slowly but in a really cool manner)

  • Mari la más bonita de todas says:

    Can’t wait to have a sleep over @ Jacob’s!! Love the room and love you guys even more!!

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    Great job as always. Feel free to come bring your decorative genius to my house anytime.

  • Lali says:

    Hi VK,

    I have to see Jacobs room!! Part of your Star Wars inspiration must have come from the times we used to go flying after school hours and you loved to turn the controls of the plane from side to side!! You are a frustrated astronaut!

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