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Christmas Decor Guide: A Dining Room Winter Wonderland

Deck out Your Dining Room in Festive Elegance
christmas dining room decor
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When I saw these little birds at Target, I just knew they had to come home with me. I mean, have you ever seen such cuteness?

cold bird for christmas dining room decor
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And that’s how it started. The little birds led to the polar bears, the bears led to the deer, the deer led to the organic wreaths and the rest is history.

polar bear for christmas dining room decor
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deer for christmas dining room decor
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So began my mission to turn our dining room into a Winter Wonderland!

I shared with Ryan my plans for decorating our dining room, which involved deviating from our traditional red and white decor and he was more than on board.

Now, you guys think it’s trouble when I go shopping at Target, well when Ryan gets in on the action and we go shopping together, watch out world!

We had so much fun shopping for this project, it was a series of day dates shopping at Target, Marshalls and TJ Maxx followed by quick lunches and then back home to watch it all start to come together. Perfect.

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So how do you go about decorating an entire room in a few days? Well, I thought about the way I usually decorate a room and the steps I follow and came up with a quick simple guide to help you get started.

Of course, this post is centered around Christmas decor, but you can follow these steps any time of the year!

Find Inspiration

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired after reading this post 😉 but if you’re not, then go out window shopping. Try not to buy anything, just go out for inspiration!

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Another option, of course, is to look online. I personally like Instagram and Houzz to find inspiration. There are so many talented people out there, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel! People put their stuff out there so you can be inspired and either imitate or come up with your own ideas after seeing theirs. As my husband always says, “You need to steal like an artist!” So if you love my Winter Wonderland theme, feel free to steal it, and go make it your own!

Choose a Theme

I almost always like to choose a theme when decorating. For me, it was easy to know exactly what theme I wanted to use in our dining room. I wanted a Winter Wonderland with Woodland Creatures and sparkly shiny things.

woodlands creatures for christmas dining room decor
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There are so many themes out there you could go with though. Traditional red and green, Candy Cane, Snowmen, Plaid, Vintage, Buffalo Check, just to name a few. Just walk into a store you love, and certainly, you can find a theme you can run with.

Pick a Color Palette

The color, of course, may come naturally with the theme you choose. In my case, I knew I wanted everything to be silver, white, cream, or organic colored so we set out with that in mind. It’s just what comes to mind when you think of a Winter Wonderland.

Quick Tip: Use a Photo and Color Palette to Inspire Your Decor Choices

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I will usually look up an inspirational photo on my iPhone when I’m shopping. This helps me when I’m choosing my decor items. It may also be helpful to take a color palette with you. You can upload your inspirational photo to Adobe Color and it will automatically create a nifty color palette (like the one above) to take with you on your shopping trip.

There are so many great options out there as far as color goes. You could go with traditional Christmas colors, you can choose neutrals for a more muted effect, you can pick one color and go with variations of it, or you can combine a couple colors. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you pick something before going out shopping, so you can remain focused and not get overwhelmed by all the options out there!

Get Started

Just do it! When you’ve been inspired, and you’ve decided on your theme and color palette, just get right to it. You don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money. Shop your home first. You’d be surprised at how much you already have that you can use in a different way.

Also, don’t forget the Target dollar spot, they have so many cute things there, year round. Shop places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Hobby Lobby. They always have great deals on beautiful decor.

If you’re crafty, you can even make some stuff yourself. The key is, just get started, don’t think about it too much. Once you have your plan, everything should fall into place.

Here’s how I got started (and finished) with mine.

We started by picking the perfect tablecloth. I usually keep my table bare with just a centerpiece, so for Christmas, we wanted to go all out. I found several great options at TJ Maxx, but decided to go with a lightly sparkly frost white one and got the matching napkins as well.

I went ahead and bought a vinyl protector for the table. This is a purchase I can use year round!

Quick Tip: Quickly Eliminate Wrinkles With a Mini Steamer

This Happy Housewife does not like to iron, so when I opened the protector and tablecloth up and saw how wrinkled they were, I knew I had to find an alternative to ironing them!

Joy Mini Steamer
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I’ve always wanted a steamer so it was a perfect excuse to run out and get one.

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So, I ran to Target and found this cute mini travel one by Joy, and for the price, it seemed worth a try. It also got good reviews so I went for it.

Well, so far, I love it! It worked great at taking out all the wrinkles and it was really light and easy to use. I can’t wait to try it on our clothes and curtains!

How To: Eliminating Wrinkles With a Mini Steamer

I hung the protector over my ironing board and began steaming out the wrinkles. On the top side, the protector is plastic and is embossed with a pattern. The bottom side is cloth. I steamed the protector on the cloth side to avoid melting the plastic. Note that the heat from the steamer will flatten out the pattern on the plastic side of the protector.

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Out of the package the protector had lots of wrinkles and creases.
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I passed the steamer over all of the wrinkles
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I gave extra attention to heavy creases and curled edges.
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The entire process only took a few minutes and I was very happy with the results.

I also had this Smith & Hawken centerpiece that I got from Target last year and thought it would be perfect for the look we were trying to achieve. I love the organic feel of the whole Smith & Hawken line at Target. I just added some frosted, sparkly white flower stems from TJ MAXX to dress it up a bit more.

table centerpiece and tablecloth for christmas dining room decor
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Next, I worked on setting the table. I already had a set of silver snowflake plates, and placemats from Target, so I didn’t have to worry about that. I did, however, purchase the silver charger plate at Target. They just add a touch of elegance to the whole table. They’re relatively inexpensive and they have them in several colors.

plates and charger for christmas dining room decor
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I topped off the place setting with my new napkins and napkin rings. I found these beautiful napkin rings at TJ Maxx.

napkin ring for christmas dining room decor
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Then it was time for the fun stuff. Filling up empty spaces with sparkly decor! We had some things from years past, but we also went out and got more in order to fill up the table and buffet.

trees for christmas dining room decor
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We got lots of cute Woodlands animals, as well as different sizes and shapes, of wreaths and trees.

christmas dining room decor
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I then added my wine glasses and silverware.

wine glass for christmas dining room decor
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place setting for christmas dining room decor
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As you can see with the trees, most of them don’t match, and they’re all different sizes. Play with different heights, colors, and textures to give the table some dimension. Also, don’t be scared to fill the table or buffet up more than you usually would. It gives the whole look a lot more visual interest.

decorative trees for christmas dining room decor
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I did get this set of matching whitewashed wood trees in 3 different sizes at Target. I just loved the way they looked together at the store and paired with these owls from Hobby Lobby, it’s just perfect.

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And now for the big reveal! I really love how it turned out.

christmas dining room decor
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dining table and buffet for christmas dining room decor
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I really hope you have found this post helpful and you’ll try something new this year. Don’t be afraid to go for something different, or to deviate a little from your usual decor. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Now It’s Your Turn

Feel free to copy me if you like what I did with my dining room. To make it easier for you, I’ve put together a list of items that will help you create a similar look. Like I said above, I already had some of the items at home. I looked for similar replacements for any of the items that I could not find.

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  • karen rincon says:

    Beautiful! Makes me want to run out to all those stores and get started. You are one talented lady! Thanks for your blog

  • Carolina says:

    It is all so beautiful!! I don’t have to go anywhere else for inspiration. It is all here!! I can’t wait to go shopping and get my own winter wonderland decor.

  • Will says:

    But where do you put the food??

    • Food?? What food? It looks pretty, that’s all that matters! ? Well Will, we put our food along the kitchen counter and the island and everyone walks over with their plate and serves themselves buffet style ? Ryan and I would love to see you soon and meet your family! Hope you’re doing well!!

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