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Instant Pot Eye of Round Recipes

These Are Some of the Best Instant Pot Eye of Round Recipes You’ll Find

Eye of Round can be a difficult cut of meat to work with but armed with the right recipe, you can create an amazing dish from it. You will find the best recipes for making Eye of Round in the Instant Pot right here.

a bowl of eye of round roast
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If you are looking for some amazing Eye of Round recipes that you can make in the Instant Pot, then you’re in the right place. This list of Eye of Round recipes is part of my big list of Instant Pot Beef Recipes.

Before we get to the recipes, I want to answer a few common questions about Eye of Round.

What Is Eye of Round?

Cut from the rear leg of the cow, Eye of Round is one of the leanest and toughest cuts of beef you’ll find. Being so lean, it has a tendency to dry out easily so you need to pay special attention to it while cooking. This has given Eye of Round a reputation for being a difficult cut of meat to cook right.

preparing the round roast for this instant pot salpicon recipe
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Is Eye of Round Roast Tender?

No. Eye of Round is one of the toughest cuts of meat. Nevertheless, with proper preparation and cooking, Eye of Round can be turned into a tender and very flavorful dish.

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instant pot eye of round recipes
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Why Is My Eye of Round Roast So Tough?

Eye of Round is, by nature, a very tough cut of meat because it comes from the hind leg which is a heavily worked section of the cow. If your Eye of Round turns out excessively tough or dry, it’s likely that it was overcooked.

Can You Shred Eye of Round Roast?

Absolutely! My minced meat recipe requires finely shredding the Eye of Round. I use a food processor to make the task easier.

mincing meat in a food processor
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How Do You Cook Eye of Round?

Eye of Round is best suited for grilling or cooking on the skillet but you can also get great results using your pressure cooker.

Can Eye of Round Be Made in the Instant Pot?

Yes, you can actually make a really nice dish using Eye of Round and your Instant Pot. There are not many recipes out there using Eye of Round in the Instant Pot. I’ve included some of the best below.

placing the meat in the pot to make salpicon, one of the best eye of round recipes for the instant pot
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How Long Does It Take to Cook Eye of Round in the Instant Pot?

This depends on the size of your cuts of meat but you definitely don’t want to cook it on high heat for too long or it will dry out.

A tough cut of meat, Eye of Round, is perfect for cooking in the Instant Pot. Here are a couple of choices for turning that eye of round into something delectable!

Eye of Round Recipes

Eye of round is a value cut of meat, is very lean, and can be very tough if not cooked just right. While it’s ideal for marinating and grilling, you can make some great dishes with it in the Instant Pot also.

Some of My Own Instant Pot Eye of Round Recipes

These are my own eye of round recipes made in the Instant Pot.

  • overhead view of salpicon
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    Salpicón from One Happy Housewife

    A light minced meat with a fresh citrusy taste. Perfect served on a corn tortilla or over a bed of rice.

More Instant Pot Eye of Round Recipes

Here are more delicious eye of round recipes from some other great bloggers.

  • a pile of roast beef on a plate
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    Roast Beef from This Old Gal

    This roast beef is made to perfection and would make a delicious sandwich!

  • vietnamese pho tai with eye of round in a bowl
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    Vietnamese Pho Tai from This Old Gal

    If you’re looking for a dish with an international twist, this one is perfect.

instant pot eye of round recipes
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