Favorite Health & Beauty Brands

If you’ve been following along for a while, you may have noticed that I’ve suddenly started talking about non-toxic products. It may seem sudden to you, but I started making the shift a year ago. Well, because of this shift, in the list below, you will find companies that produce natural, healthy, and non-toxic items that I have discovered and absolutely love!

It has taken me about a year to swap out all the products we used to use for non-toxic versions. It was a slow process, and I wanted to be much more informed before I started sharing with you, my audience. Why the shift to non-toxic? Well, the short version is I had some autoimmune markers come up in my bloodwork and I wanted to confront it head-on! I am writing the long version and will share it with you soon!

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I hope that some of these brands and products will pique your interest and you’ll try them out! I tested out so many before arriving at my favorites. I did my best to get the companies to give me a coupon code for you to try out the products with a discount. I’ve included those below when available. I also tried to include products at different price points for different budgets.

I’m really hopeful that you’ll join me in my effort to remove toxins from your home. As always, I only recommend products and brands I use and love! Remember, you can always check out my Amazon Storefront for my favorites there! And make sure to check out my Favorite Non-Toxic Household Brands as well! Please let me know if you have any questions about the brands below as I use many of their products!

Health & Beauty Brands

  • bend soap pepperment set

    10% OffBend Soap

    I love, love, love Bend Soap! They have some delicious goat milk products that feel so good on your skin! They produce non-toxic body care with simple ingredients. Their scents are so yummy. Their soap is excellent for many skin conditions like eczema. They’ve just launched a line of gift sets as well! Super cute ideas to make your life easier. I can’t recommend Bend Soap enough! Use code ONEHAPPYHOUSEWIFE to save 10%!

  • percentpure bbcream

    100% Pure

    If you’re looking for a variety of clean, non-toxic beauty and skin care products, then check out 100% Pure! They have everything you need in the beauty department. They have make-up, skincare, hair & body care, and they also have some great gift sets.

  • maryruths organics triad of health

    15% OffMaryRuth Organics

    MaryRuth Organics has non-gmo, vegan, gluten-free vitamins and supplements for all your needs! They have delicious supplements for children and adults. Use code MROVALERIE for 15% off.

  • bldgactive skin repair spray

    10% OffActive Skin Repair

    This little bottle does so many things! It’s natural, non-toxic, and doesn’t sting. You can use it on minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, sunburns, rashes, insect bites, and other skin irritations. It’s a great product to have wherever you go! Use my code ONEHAPPYHOUSEWIFE for 10% off!!

  • dime beauty perfume

    Save 20%DIME Beauty

    After making my switch to non-toxic body care products, I thought perfume was out of the question. I was wrong! DIME makes wonderful clean, non-toxic perfumes and I’m so happy to have found them. I’m currently using 7 Summers and ILYSB, and have the sample set as well and they all smell so good! DIME also has clean and safe makeup and skin care. Check them out and use my code ValerieC20 for 20% off!

  • primally pure body butter set

    Save 10%Primally Pure

    Primally Pure is my new body care obsession! I have never seen body care with cleaner ingredients! Seriously, go to the website and read the ingredients on their products. Not only that, but the products work and feel amazing on your face and body. These are incredibly high-quality products and so worth it! Please try the lip balm. Trust me, you’ve never tried a lip balm like this! Use my code ONEHAPPYHOUSEWIFE for 10% off.


I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite products that are on sale this week! I will definitely be taking advantage of these deals both for myself and for my Christmas gift-giving! Happy shopping!

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