Fun Winter Fashion From Walmart

It’s that time of year again! The air is getting crisp, and pumpkin spice and peppermint lattes are everywhere. That can only mean one thing… it’s time to start thinking about your winter wardrobe! If you’re like me, you want to be cozy, stylish, and comfortable when the temperature drops. But finding clothes that meet those criteria can be a challenge, especially if you’re on a budget. That’s why I’m so excited to share Walmart’s incredible selection of winter clothing with you!

Cozy sweaters, cute boots, and warm coats…oh my! Walmart has everything you need to stay comfortable all winter long. And the best part is that all of their winter clothing is affordably priced, so you can stock up without breaking the bank. As you’ll see from my suggestions below, you can buy just a few pieces and mix and match them to create so many different outfits!

valerie posing in her new winter fashions from Walmart in front of a bench at a shopping center

Make sure to check out my outfit suggestions and inspiration at the bottom of the post as well! And if you need more inspiration, check out Walmart’s Winter Shop.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Walmart’s women’s winter clothing collection:

Cozy Up With Winter Tops From Walmart

It’s officially getting chilly out there, and that means it’s time to start bundling up! If you’re in the market for great winter tops to help keep you cozy all season long, Walmart has you covered. Plus, with prices like these, you can afford to stock up on several different items. So don’t wait any longer; check out my Walmart favorites below and start shopping for your winter wardrobe!

  • Free AssemblyCrewneck Sweatshirt

    This Free Assembly sweatshirt is the cutest! It has a faux button-down shirt bottom and sleeve ends and comes in several colors. Goes great with jeans!

  • Time and TruThermal Top with Long Sleeves

    I’m always cold, so when I found these thermal long-sleeve shirts from Time and Tru I was in heaven! So many beautiful colors to choose from. They can be worn under a flannel shirt or an open cardigan, or alone! They work great with jeans or leggings. This pink color was my favorite!

  • Time and TrueThermal Top with Long Sleeves

    This beautiful yellow thermal top really pops! It looks great under a cardigan or a flannel shirt, and pairs perfectly with jeans or leggings.

  • Time and TrueThermal Top with Long Sleeves

    This burnt orange thermal top is beautiful! It matches well with several outer layers, as well as jeans or leggings! It’s warm, soft, and super comfy!

  • Time and TrueThermal Top with Long Sleeves

    This deep red thermal long-sleeve top matches so well with several outerwear items in this post. It can be worn under a flannel shirt or an open cardigan, or alone! It works great with jeans or leggings.

Get Excited For Winter With New Outerwear From Walmart

Walmart’s new outerwear line is beautiful! Whether you’re in the market for a stylish cardigan or a warm coat, Walmart has choices for you. With so many different options available, you’re sure to find the perfect piece of outerwear for your style and budget. Now’s your chance to update your wardrobe! So what are you waiting for?

  • Time and TruOpen Cardigan

    I love this Time and Tru cardigan because it’s so colorful! You can mix and match with lots of shirts and bottoms.

  • Time and TrueWomen’s Sweatshirt

    These sweatshirts are probably my favorite purchase! They are soft and comfortable and look super cute with either jeans or leggings. This yellow is perfect with my jeans and adds a pop of color to my outfit!

  • Time and TrueWomen’s Sweatshirt

    These sweatshirts are probably my favorite purchase because I’m all about comfort! They are super soft and look so cute with either jeans or leggings. Lots of colors to choose from as well! This green is a perfect color for fall and winter and looks great with several of the bottoms I got.

  • Time and TrueFlannel Shirt

    This flannel works great open with a matching thermal underneath! They have various colors to pick from.

  • Free AssemblyMock Neck Sweater

    I’m in love with this sweater and the color combination! It’s warm and fuzzy and looks great with jeans or other pants.

Warm, Stylish Winter Bottoms From Walmart

Walmart also has some great winter bottoms to help keep you warm all season long! Whether you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, cozy leggings, comfy jeggings, or casual pants, Walmart has something perfect for you. Check out my favorites below!

  • Time and TrueHigh Rise Jeggings

    These Time and Tru Jeggings come in such fun colors! They pull up like leggings, but the material is a stronger, pant feel. They look great with flats or ankle boots!

  • Time and TruKnit Leggings

    These Time and Tru Leggings are soft and incredibly comfortable. They have lots of color options available. I like pairing them with longer shirts and sweaters. This two-pack has a basic black and also a green that matches so many of the winter tops!

  • Time and TruHigh Rise Skinny Jeans

    These Time and Tru jeans are super soft and comfy! I love how they fit, and you can pair them with any top!

  • Time and TruKnit Leggings

    These Time and Tru Leggings are soft and incredibly comfortable. This two-pack has a basic black and also a beautiful red that pops! I love pairing it with longer shirts and tops, and there are plenty of coordinating ones to choose from!

Fun, Fashionable Winter Accessories From Walmart

Walmart has a great selection of winter accessories to help complete your winter look. Check out some of my favorite fun and fashionable items below. All you need are a few staple pieces that will work with all your outfits!

  • purse walmart

    Time and TruSmall Wallet/Purse

    This wallet works as a wallet, a small purse, or a wristlet. I’m a fan of small purses, so this one is perfect for me. It matches all the outfits I put together!

  • Time and TruAnkle Boots

    Talk about cute! These brown ankle boots match beautifully with so many outfits. Pair them with skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, and other pants.

  • Time and TruCircle Pendant Necklace

    I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I love a long necklace. I saw this one and had to have it! It has different tones to it and matches all the outfits I got.

Winter Outfit Inspiration

Here are my outfit inspirations for you. As you can see, most pieces can be mixed and matched to create endless possibilities! Plus, all you need is one cute pair of shoes, a nice purse, and one accessory, and you can use those with all the different outfits! You can use these pieces and dress them up or down. There’s definitely something for everyone!


If you’re looking for affordable, stylish, and cozy women’s winter clothing, then look no further than Walmart! You’ll find everything you need to keep warm all season long without breaking the bank. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

 Happy Winter Shopping!

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