Favorite Non-Toxic Household Brands

If you are looking to make a shift in your home to non-toxic products, you’ve come to the right place! Last year, due to some health issues, I started a wellness journey that included major diet changes as well as a big overhaul of all our household and cleaning products. It took me about a year to complete the switchover, and I wouldn’t say we’re fully there yet.

So even though, the change may seem sudden to you, my readers, it has taken a year of research and trial and error before beginning to share with you the wonderful products I have found and now use daily. Why the shift to non-toxic? Well, the short version is I had some autoimmune markers come up in my bloodwork and I wanted to confront it head-on! I am writing the long version and will share it with you soon!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosure.

I really hope that you will try some of these brands out! I tested out so many before arriving at my favorites. After finding a product that was non-toxic and worked well, I did my best to get the companies to give me a coupon code for you to try it out. I’ve included those below when available. I’ve also found great products at different price points, in order to try to meet everyone’s needs.

I’m really hopeful that you’ll join me in my effort to remove toxins from your home. As always, I only recommend products and brands I use and love! Remember, you can always check out my Amazon Storefront for my favorites there! And if you’re interested in health and beauty products that are safe and non-toxic, check out my Favorite Health & Beauty Brands post. Please let me know if you have any questions about the brands below as I use many of their products!

Non-Toxic Household Brands

  • 15% OffElihome

    These cutting boards from Elihome are the best I’ve ever had. I use them every single day. They are so light and thin, which makes them easy to store and pick up. They are dishwasher safe and are made in the US! I highly recommend them! I also love the silicone spatulas and own several sets. Use my code ONEHAPPYHOUSEWIFE for 15% off!!

  • 20% OffCaraway

    We love our Caraway cookware and bakeware. Non-toxic ceramic, super easy to clean, and they are beautiful! So many colors to choose from. They work incredibly well, and I’m so happy we made the switch. With 20% off, I definitely recommend you try them out! No code needed.

  • Free Shipping!Plant Therapy

    Plant Therapy makes some beautiful essential oils and blends. The aroma fills my home every day and I love it. They always offer free shipping which is such a plus. They also have some delicious body products that make perfect gifts for friends, family, or yourself!

  • 15% Off Starter KitsBranch Basics

    Branch Basics has been one of my favorite products as I transitioned our home to non-toxic. These are truly “clean” household products that work! I love how my hands don’t feel raw and dry after using Branch Basics to clean my home! I also use their detergent, oxygen boost, and dishwasher tabs. I can’t recommend them enough! Use code ONEHAPPYHOUSEWIFE for 15% off starter kits!

  • Grow Fragrance

    If you love your home smelling amazing but are looking for a non-toxic alternative, then Grow is for you! They have so many amazing scents, and the product works so well! Your house will smell wonderful and you don’t have to worry about breathing in toxic ingredients! You are going to LOVE Grow Fragrance!

  • Puracy

    I love Puracy laundry detergent. My favorite is the Fresh Linen scent. I have one pump bottle and I buy the refills that come in a larger size. Our clothes smell so good after washing them and they come out clean! They have so many other products as well including hand soaps, body products, and other household cleaners.

  • Molly’s Suds

    Molly’s Suds makes awesome non-toxic detergents. I specifically use their powdered detergents. My favorites are Peppermint, Citrus, and the Super Powder in Ocean Mist. Clothes come out clean, and they have a light scent to them.

  • 9 Elements

    9 Elements is a great starting brand if you want a better alternative to the toxic household cleaners you may be using. It’s affordable, and it works great! We use the dish soap, the detergent, and the multi-purpose cleaner. We love the lavender scent for the cleaner, and for the detergent and dish soap we usually buy the lemon scent. The foaming dish spray is the best!! This brand is available at most supermarkets which makes it easy to find when you’re out shopping.


I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite non-toxic household products! Let’s do our best to remove the toxins from our homes one step at a time! Happy shopping!

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