Favorite Clean Food Brands

If you’ve been following along for a while, you may have noticed I’ve recently started talking about non-toxic household products, health & beauty products with clean ingredients, and, of course, better food choices. I’ve even thrown in several healthy recipes out there for you to try and that probably caught you off-guard! You may be wondering why, with a blog full of all kinds of cheesy, comforting, and yummy food, I would suddenly start talking about healthier options.

Well, the short version of my “why” is I had some autoimmune markers come up in my bloodwork and I wanted to confront it head-on! So I went all in! I am writing the long version and will share it with you soon! My husband and I have been eating this way for a year now, and it has made a tremendous impact on our health! Plus, we both lost a lot of weight, which wasn’t even part of the plan when we started. The rest of my family, though not as strict, have all followed along in making changes in their diets.

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Now don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that all my recipes will be gluten-free or super healthy from now on. But I really want to start offering you better choices that will have positive effects on you. I will definitely be posting healthy recipes that will be delicious and easy, but I’ll also be posting some comfort, cheesy goodness for those who aren’t ready to make a switch.

This post will provide you with some brands that have delicious and good-for-you products. They are easy swaps you can make to start eating better. These have all become staples in my home, and I can say without hesitation, my family and I love them all. I’m really hopeful that you’ll join me in my effort to healthier eating and living. As always, I only recommend products and brands I use and love!

Clean Food Brands

  • Save 10%Bare Life

    Bare Life makes the most delicious coconut-based hot cocoa! Their hot cocoa is a much better alternative to your usual hot cocoa and you compromise nothing on taste! I enjoy a comforting cup some afternoons and I love every minute of it! Highly recommend this hot cocoa! Use code ONEHAPPYHOUSEWIFE for 10% off!

  • 10% OffEat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R.

    If you have allergies, or food sensitivities, or are having to follow the AIP diet, this is going to make your day! When I had to go on the AIP diet earlier this year, I really missed some delicious sweet treats! Well, Eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R. to the rescue! Their mixes are incredible! Only a few wholesome ingredients and you will be amazed by wonderful everything tastes! Use code ONEHAPPYHOUSEWIFE for 10% off!

  • Save 10%Primal Kitchen

    Primal Kitchen products have been a staple in our home for a while now. They have wonderful condiments, sauces, dips, and more, all with great ingredients. My whole family loves them! Switching to these healthier options was a breeze as there is absolutely no compromise on taste! Use code ONEHAPPYHOUSEWIFE for 10% off!

  • 10% OffJackson’s Chips

    Jackson’s Chips are my absolute favorite sweet potato chips! They are made with either avocado oil or coconut oil and a few other simple ingredients. They are delicious and they are a great snack! I highly recommend them. Use code ONEHAPPYHOUSEWIFE for 10% off!

  • Hu

    Hu makes the most delicious chocolate ever! Absolutely no weird ingredients! Their dark chocolate bars are dairy free and are made with coconut sugar and a few other simple organic ingredients. My personal favorite is the Cashew + Raspberry Dark, but all the flavors are amazing! They just launched milk chocolate as well, made with organic, grass-fed milk. We keep a large stash of all the flavors in our pantry! They also have yummy snacks! The crackers are a staple in our home!

  • 15% OffOlipop

    Olipop is my family’s new go-to drink! From our youngest to our oldest, to me and my husband, we LOVE it! We don’t drink regular sodas anymore, so Olipop is a perfect substitution! Wholesome ingredients, prebiotics, and amazing taste. Doesn’t get better than that! Use code SODALOVE for 15% off!

  • 10% offAWG Bakery

    If you are grain and gluten-free but miss bread this is for you! I had to go gluten and grain free this year (along with a whole bunch of other “frees!) and this bread is the best one by far! It is so delicious and made with wonderful ingredients. It contains no gluten, grains, eggs, soy, gums, dairy, or refined sugar. It is so delicious though! This bread is a heaven-sent for those of us that can’t have regular bread! Use code ONEHAPPYHOUSEWIFE for 10% off!

  • 10% OffLaird Superfood

    I absolutely love Laird Superfood Creamers! I use them daily in my coffee. It’s such a great product with great ingredients, and the flavors are amazing! Highly recommend you try them out You won’t be disappointed. Use code ONEHAPPYHOUSEWIFE for 10% off!

  • Save 10%Crio Bru

    Crio Bru makes brewed cacao. This was an amazing find for me! This is not hot cocoa, this is cacao beans brewed and ground like coffee. You prepare it as you do regular coffee. I like using my French press to make it. It has a lovely dark chocolate taste that’s not overpowering. It has so many benefits. You get the energy from coffee without all the caffeine. My personal favorite is the Venezuelan Medium Roast. Look around and see which brew you’d prefer and give them a try! Use code ONEHAPPYHOUSEWIFE10OFF for 10% off!

  • Siete Foods

    Siete Foods has been a lifesaver this year! They have everything from chips, to taco shells, to taco seasoning, to hot sauce! All made with a few simple ingredients. Their chips are grain-free, dairy-free, and made with avocado oil. They are delicious! My family has fully transitioned to only eating chips made with avocado or coconut oil, and they all love Siete!

  • EPIC Provisions

    Epic makes some delicious jerky bites and snacks. Made with only real ingredients and absolutely delicious, Epic has become a must-have item in our pantry. We love the grass-fed beef and chicken bites and bars, as well as the salmon, venison, and bison bites! We also love their pork rinds! Epic products make perfect snacks! They make a few other products I haven’t gotten my hands on yet, but I’m sure they’re equally amazing.

  • Simple Mills

    Simple Mills makes delicious sweet treats, snacks, crackers, and bread and cake mixes, all with wonderful ingredients. My kids are obsessed with their chocolate chip cookies, and I’m so happy they’re eating something better than the cookies we used to buy! I love their cupcake mix and frosting for special occasions, and my favorite cookies are the Toasted Pecan ones, made with almond flour, coconut sugar, and coconut oil. Give Simple Mills a try! I know you’ll love them!

  • Autumn’s Gold

    Autumn’s Gold makes my favorite no-grainola and no-grain bars. They are made with wholesome ingredients and are amazingly delicious! Their products are available at select Costcos. So if you see them, grab them as they are worth it!

  • Artisana Organics

    I love, love, love, Artisana Organics. Their pecan butter is ridiculous! I also use a tablespoon of their coconut butter in my coffee every single morning and it makes it so creamy and delicious. Absolutely no bad ingredients in their products! Highly recommend all of them.

  • Chosen Foods

    Chosen Foods makes clean ingredient condiments and oils. We use their mayo and their avocado oil. We especially love the spray avocado oil as it has only one ingredient and no propellants.

  • Chomps

    We love Chomps! They are 100% grass-fed beef sticks and they are delicious! I love eating one or two between meals, and the kids love them as snacks! They have several flavors to choose from. My favorites are Italian and Original. We like getting the minis since they are the perfect size for snacking. For trips, we like the bigger ones.

  • Cocojune

    Cocojune makes delicious coconut-based yogurt without any unnecessary ingredients. It was so hard to find a yogurt that was dairy free and wasn’t full of crap! I love the original and the Vanilla Chamomile. I find these at Whole Foods and H-E-B.

  • Miyoko’s Creamery

    Miyoko’s makes plant-based cheese and butter. Now, I am by no means a vegan (I eat beef several times a day!), but, since I’m dairy free, these vegan cheeses from Miyoko’s have been life savers! I eat the cashew cream cheese daily, and the cheese wheels are one of my favorite snacks to enjoy with some Hu crackers! (Garlic & Herbs is my favorite flavor, closely followed by Chive). Everyone that comes over gets served crackers with cheese and no one has a clue it’s not real cheese. When I tell them, they are shocked at how delicious the cheese is. I love these products because they are made with simple ingredients that are good for you. This is not the case with most plant-based milk and cheeses.

  • Lesser Evil

    Lesser Evil is a snack company that uses only simple quality ingredients and no inflammatory oils (no canola or sunflower oil!). My husband and kids love the Sea Salt Popcorn. I personally don’t eat any corn because it’s inflammatory for me, but they still enjoy it and love munching on Lesser Evil popcorn when we watch TV or movies! I am a fan of their Paleo Puffs, especially the “no cheese” cheesiness! You can find Lesser Evil in stores, on Amazon, as well as on their own website.


I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite healthy food brands! I hope you will try some or all and start making a change toward healthier eating!!

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