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Ultimate Guide to Back-to-School Clothes for Boys

Your Back-To-School Shopping Guide to Boy’s Clothing

Use my Ultimate Guide to Back-to-School Clothes for Boys to make sure you send your little boy back to school in comfortable and stylish clothing. Lots of great, fashionable choices at different price points to meet your needs.

It's time for Back-to-School shopping and I've got you covered with some great ideas for clothing for your boys! Shopping for back-to-school can get overwhelming with so many options available.

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back to school clothes for boys
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I hope to make it easier for you with this list of basic essentials for your boy's next school year.


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You'll find lots of choices covering the basics all the way to some more fashionable choices. I've included choices for little boys as well as your older kiddos. 

Essential Tops for boys

Interlock Uniform Polo

If you need uniforms for your little boys, then you'll definitely want to check out Target. They have good quality items at affordable prices. 

Uniform Jersey Polo

These polos are a great buy. They come in two classic uniform colors, are soft, fit really nicely, and are well made.

Long Sleeve Interlock Polo

These long sleeve polos are perfect for your boy's school uniform as the weather starts getting cooler. These shirts are well made, comfortable, and fit great. Plus, they come in several common uniform colors.

Basic Tees

If you need some basic short sleeved t-shirts for your boys then these are a great choice. They have a few classic colors to choose from!


Stylish Tops for boys

Cat & Jack Graphic Tees

We love the Cat & Jack brand at Target. They have great affordable items for my boys. These graphic tees are priced super right and they are stylish. 

Old Navy Graphic Tees

Old Navy has always been a favorite place to get some cool graphic tees for the kids. They always have great sales and cute stuff.

Cat & Jack Button-Down Shirts

Comfortable, stylish, and durable, these button-down shirts can be dressed up with khakis or worn more casually with jeans. A great addition to your boy's wardrobe.

Old Navy Button-Down Shirts

These button down shirts from Old Navy are a great choice for the boy that likes to step it up a notch when it comes to school attire! You can always expect good quality at great prices at Old Navy.


Essential Bottoms for boys

Uniform Chino Pants

Target is a great choice for buying the uniform pants your little boy needs for this upcoming school year. All the basic colors are available and I like that they have reinforced knees. You know boys! 

Old Navy Uniform Pants

Known for their great selection of uniforms and very affordable prices, Old Navy has everything you need for your boy to look sharp this school year! 

Uniform Chino Shorts

These uniform shorts are stylish, comfortable, well made, and last a long time. They even hold up well for those boys who are extra active. These shorts come in three colors and are affordably priced. 

Old Navy Uniform Shorts

Old Navy is the king of uniform shorts. They have a great selection of colors, they look and fit great, are comfortable, and the price is always right. 


More Bottoms for boys

Cat & Jack Jeans

I love jeans because you can combine them any type of shirt. These jeans are a great choice for any little boy. A comfortable fit at a great value, your boy is sure to find his favorite jean here.

Old Navy Jeans

Old Navy carries an almost endless selection of jeans. The extra flexible karate jeans are an awesome choice for those super active boys that like to do roundhouse kicks! You're sure to find the right fit and style for your boy at a great price. 

Cat & Jack Shorts

Target carries a large selection of shorts for your boy. Shorts are always comfortable and Cat & Jack always has great prices on all your favorite short styles.

Old Navy Shorts

Old Navy is a great place to go for boys' shorts. So many styles to choose from and the price is always right. 


Boys Activewear

Target Activewear

If your boy prefers to wear athletic wear to school, then here are some great options for you. Super comfortable and durable, perfect for boys!

Old Navy Activewear

Old Navy's activewear line is awesome. Very affordable prices and so many colors and styles to choose from. 



That's it for my back-to-school clothing suggestions for boys. I hope you found this list helpful.

 Happy Back to School Shopping!

back to school clothes for boys
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