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The Ultimate Back-to-School Shopping Guide

The Complete Guide to the Supplies Your Kids Need to Go Back to School

I have 5 kids and that means 5 times the back to school shopping! And, with so many stores and choices of clothing and supplies available, I thought it would be great to put together an ultimate guide for back to school supplies to make it easier on you to get everything you need for your kids.

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back to school supplies list
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I have an 8 year old, a 19 year old and everything in between! So I included all ages to make sure this will be helpful to all moms and dads diving into back to school shopping. I hope you find everything you need!

What You'll Need

I've included the most important categories that you'll need to get your kiddos ready for the new school year. Click on any of the categories below to quickly jump to the section that you're interested in seeing.

Search Your School's Supply List

Both Target and Walmart allow you to easily find your specific school's supply list. Just enter your school's information and they will give you a detailed list of the supplies you'll need for your school.

Use Target's School List Assist app to find your school’s supply list. Or, search for your specific school’s supply list at Walmart's website.

Where to Shop

You can't beat the deals and selection at the big three back-to-school retailers.


The back to school section at Amazon is laid out very intuitively so that you can quickly navigate to what you are interested in. You can easily navigate to the grade level your child is in:

They’ve also highlighted some of the most important sections:


Target also has all their back to school items laid out nicely. Some of the categories that they feature are:

One very interesting thing that Target offers is their School List Assist app that helps you find your specific school’s supply list.


Walmart also allows you to shop their back to school items by grade level. This is how they have their’s laid out:

Some of the categories that Walmart highlights are:

Walmart also allows you to search for your specific school’s supply list directly on their website.


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I HOPE YOU FOUND THIS back to school list HELPFUL

Well, that's all! I hope that this list helped make shopping for all your children's school supplies easier. Enjoy these years of back to school shopping for your kids because I promise, they will be gone in no time!

Also, don't forget to check out my shopping guides for:

Happy back to school shopping!

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back to school supplies list
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