Fall is in the Air!

I’m happy to be able to share my fall decor with you and hope you’ll find at least a little inspiration here today! 😉

Christian decorations for fall.

So the truth is, I’ve never been a huge fan of traditional fall colors. I always see the decor in the stores, or at friend’s houses and love it! But when I try to put it in my home, I’m never happy with the way it looks.

Fall decorations for the living room.

Because of this, I never used to really decorate my home for fall. A few years ago, though, I noticed a lot of neutral decor popping up in stores.

Decorating the living room in fall colors.

Lots of creamy white and beige colored pumpkins. I brought some home and was thrilled with the way they looked! I know it’s weird that a color loving girl like myself would want to go with a neutral fall theme, but I really like the way it coordinates with the rest of my colorful home.

Pretty fall decorations.

Decorating a Dining Room for Fall

I usually only decorate two areas of my home for fall, the dining room and the living room. I go all out for Christmas, so for other seasons, I try to keep it simple. So first, let’s take a look at my dining room!

Fall centerpieces for the dining room.

I was gitty when I walked into TJ Maxx and saw they had aqua pumpkins! Seriously! Aqua!

Fall decor ideas for the dining room.

You know they were made for my home! 😉 I got a couple pumpkins and this table runner and was good to go!

Fall dining room decor ideas.

I created a very simple tablescape. A large galvanized tray from Cracker Barrel with a few greenish aqua touches and both beautiful pumpkins on each side.

Fun fall table decorations.

If you know me at all, you know I love owls, and they’re always peeking out from somewhere in my year-round decor. But of course, during fall, they all come out to play!

Fall dining room table centerpieces.

I decided to use the aqua pumpkins in my dining room. The pumpkins mixed with the greenery blend perfectly in here! I love the way they complement my dining room wall color. By the way, it’s Sherwin Williams Hazel.

Decorating fall centerpieces for dining room tables.

I also got some mini pumpkins at the Target Dollar Spot and placed them inside my Pioneer Woman mini cake stand. I think they look so cute in there!

Fall centerpiece ideas for the dining room.

The table looks simple yet pretty, and it was definitely done on a budget, only purchasing a couple of things while also making use of last year’s decor.

Ideas for decorating a fall dining room table.

On my buffet, I always start off with my tiered tray. This is probably the most versatile piece of decor I own. I change it up for every season and holiday! It’s a very inexpensive way to decorate for the seasons! Just a few things from the Target dollar spot and a few more items I already had and it was done!

I kept everything kind of neutral and organic, with a touch of greenish aqua. Don’t you love that cotton ball?! I definitely have a lot of fun switching the tray up every few months.

Ideas for easy fall decorations in the dining room.

This wooden tray has just a few pieces on it. A wooden owl, a pretty wooden sign and some wooden beads!  I placed some lamb’s ears (which I love year round!) in a pretty white vase and done!

Aqua fall decor ideas.

My mirrors, which I have leaning against the wall, stay here all year round. They make the buffet look fuller than it actually is and they match any decor I put in the dining room.

Fall dining room table decorations.

I love the way the pumpkin wreath looks leaning against the mirrors.

Easy fall table decoration ideas for the dining room.

I placed a couple more decor pieces on each side of the tray and some greenery to make the buffet look full. Lots of pumpkin decor of course! As a few of my blogger friends like to say “Give me ALL the pumpkins!”

Simple fall decorating ideas. Ideas for tasteful fall decorations.
Shop My Fall Decor

A few of the items that you can find in my home this fall.

Here is a list of items that I have decorating my home this fall:

  • My tiered tray is decorated for every holiday. It is so versatile.
  • I have this tobacco basket and a square pumpkin wreath sitting up on my mantel.
  • This mini cake stand adorns the centerpiece on my dining room table and the table in my living room has a simple centerpiece.
  • I use these lamb’s ears all year round and found the perfect spot for them on my buffet.
  • Mrs. Meyer’s has a new Apple Cider fall scent for all its soaps, candles and multi-surface cleaner.

The following are a mix of what I have in my home as well as other, similar, items to match the look:

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Decorating a Living Room for Fall

Now, onto the living room!

I definitely went neutral in here. Very unlike me, I know, but I’m really enjoying it.

These little cuties were a gift from my late mother in law. She loved to go thrift shopping and she knew I love owls! She found these for me on one of her shopping trips.

Fall home decor ideas for the living room.

I love packing things in when decorating my mantel. I basically just place a lot of things together, and lean things against the wall, and play with them from there until they look how I want them to. This big wooden owl is a new addition this year. Love it!!

Cute fall decor for the mantel.

The square wreath next to it is one of my favorite fall decor items I own! I found it a couple of years ago, and to be honest, I had never seen a square wreath before. I fell in love as soon as I laid eyes on it! And those tiny, adorable wooden owl in front of it were also a gift from a friend. See what I mean when I say “if you know me at all you know I love owls”?!

Simple autumn color scheme in the living room.

I’m happy with the way things came together on the mantel. I used mostly creams and browns, and a few silver touches.

Cute fall owl decorations for the living room mantel.

Isn’t that square pumpkin wreath just too cute?

Here’s a look from further back. You can see the shelves on each side are decorated for fall as well. Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins! I did throw a squirrel in there on the left side to mix things up!

Neutral fall room decor. Ideas for decorating a mantel for fall.

I decided to keep it really simple on the coffee table and placed just a single hydrangea and pumpkin arrangement. On my couches, I added a few creamy throw pillows and a throw blanket, and the room was done!

Fall living room decor ideas.

Simple and beautiful hydrangea harvest centerpiece on the table.

Decorating a Kitchen for Fall

The only other spot in the house that has a touch of fall is next to my kitchen sink! I am loving the limited edition Mrs. Meyer’s soaps, candles, and multi-surface cleaner. They smell delicious!! Nothing says fall like Apple Cider!

The bottles are so pretty I like to keep them on this beautiful tray my friend made me for my birthday! A pretty wooden sign with a touch of copper and a beautiful kitchen towel with a copper pumpkin give the tray the finishing touch!

Fall decorating ideas for the kitchen.

Love these fall inspired cleaning products. The apple cider smells so delicious.

There you have it! My Fall Home Tour! I really hope you enjoyed it as much I enjoyed putting it together.