Ultimate Guide to the Best Water Bottles for School

Make sure you get the best water bottle for your kid with this back-to-school shopping guide. You'll find top-quality water bottles for both young ones and older kiddos. Keep your child hydrated and cool with these great choices for water bottles.

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A good water bottle is a must-have for back-to-school. There are so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming. 

I have 5 kids and we’ve been through a ton of water bottles. Some we’ve loved and some not so much! I will share with you the ones we’ve loved the most. These are all long-lasting, high-quality water bottles. They’ll keep drinks cold and your child will be hydrated.

Best Kids Water Bottles for School

Here you’ll see the best water bottles for little ones. These have all worked great for my kids, most of whom are not so little anymore!

  • THERMOSFuntainer Bottle

    A great water bottle for little girls. It keeps drinks cold and it comes in lots of cute and girly designs.

  • THERMOSFuntainer Bottle

    This water bottle is perfect for little boys. It’s strong and keeps water extra cold! You can find it in your little one’s favorite characters.

  • sip hydration bottle

    S’wellS’ip Hydration Bottle

    This is a version of the S’well water bottle called S’ip. These bottles give you the same great quality at a much better price. They are smaller and come in lots of cute designs that girls of all ages will love. I love that the lid is attached.

  • back to school shopping list water bottle

    baijiCollapsible Bottle

    These water bottles are lightweight, super durable, and easy to wash. Your kiddo will no longer have to lug around a bulky, empty water bottle after lunchtime. They can just roll it up, tuck it away in their bag and go.

Best Water Bottles for High School

Now onto the bigger kiddos! These are all perfect for your high-schoolers and even for your kids involved in athletics.

  • cactaki water bottle

    CactakiWater Bottle

    If you’ve been searching for the perfect water bottle, then your search may have just come to an end. This water bottle is so innovative that it could very well change your life. If you’ve never seen these water bottles before, then you must check them out.

  • back to school shopping list water bottle

    EmbravaSports Water Bottle

    If you have a child in activities that demand quality, durability, and functionality out of a water bottle then this is your bottle. Uniquely designed for quick and easy one-handed operation, your kiddo will be able to hydrate with fresh cool water without stopping what they’re doing.

  • S’wellWater Bottle

    These stainless steel water bottles are so beautiful and will keep drinks ice cold for the entire day. Perfect for the student that wants to add some style to their lunch box.

  • swell water bottle

    Simple ModernWave Bottle

    Not only are they cute, stylish, and sleek but they hold enough cold water to last for hours. Check out all the colorful choices that they have to offer.

  • thermos water bottle

    THERMOS24 Ounce Bottle

    This water bottle became my favorite water bottle last year when I discovered it. It keeps water extremely cold and the ice stays intact all day, even after being in the sun! This is the larger option for thirsty kids!

  • back to school shopping list water bottle

    THERMOS18 Ounce Bottle

    This is the smaller version of my favorite water bottle. My little one uses it for outdoor camps during the summer and it helps keep him hydrated and cool!

Happy Back-To-School Shopping

That’s it for my best back-to-school water bottles. I hope you found this list helpful and are able to save some time and avoid the long back-to-school lines. Make sure to check out my complete back-to-school shopping guide:

The Complete Back-to-School Shopping Guide

Do you have a water bottle that you absolutely love? Tell me about it in the comments.

Happy Back to School Shopping!

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