Walmart Outerwear for the Entire Family (Under $25)

It is chilly this winter, and Walmart has everything you need for you to keep your entire family warm! Whether you’re looking for puffer jackets, vests, sweatshirts, or hoodies, Walmart has it all. Their prices are great as usual, and the styles this season are better than ever!

Walmart has all levels of warmth and all different kinds of styles for the whole family. You’ll find outerwear for everyone from babies to adults, and everyone in between! There are so many great pieces to choose from. For the entire collection of outerwear from Walmart, check out their Winter Fashion Shop.

walmart outerwear for the family

I have put together my favorite pieces of outerwear for the entire family, all under $25. Great style and great prices? It doesn’t get better than that. I also set up different categories to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need. Hope you find something you love to keep you and your family warm!

Women’s Outerwear

  • Time and TruWomen’s Diamond Quilt Vest

    The perfect layering piece for chilly days! So many possibilities for this vest. You can pair it with a long sleeve shirt or t-shirt, or sweater. Wear it with jeans, leggings, or pants for a stylish look while keeping warm! It comes in sizes up to 3X and lots of vibrant colors!

  • Time and TruWomen’s Lightweight Anorak Jacket

    This hooded, lightweight Anorak jacket is my favorite! I’m in love with this pink color, but there are also other colors to choose from. It protects you from the rain and wind and is super stylish. The drawstring at the waist gives you a perfect fit! Sizes up to 3X are available.

  • Time and TruWomen’s Anorak Jacket With Hood

    This rain and wind-resistant lightweight jacket is a must-have! I love that it has a hoodie and an adjustable drawstring at the waist. It comes in sizes up to 3X and several beautiful colors.

  • Time and TruWomen’s Denim Jacket

    This denim jacket is a great stylish option for layering. You can wear it over a dress, with jeans, or with khakis. There are several washes to choose from and it comes in sizes up to 3X.

Men’s Outerwear

  • No BoundariesMen’s Fleece Hoodie

    This fleece hoodie is warm and cozy! It comes in sizes up to 3X and there are lots of cool colors to choose from. They even have some color block options available. Perfect for staying warm and looking good at the same time!

  • No BoundariesMen’s Corduroy Jacket

    This corduroy jacket is perfect for layering! So many stylish ways to wear this one! It comes in several neutral colors perfect for mixing and matching. Sizes up to 5X are available.

  • No BoundariesMen’s Hooded Flannel Shirt

    I love this men’s lightweight hooded flannel shirt. I really like the color combinations available. This shirt can be worn on its own or layered. Perfect for days when the weather changes from one minute to another! Comes in sizes up to 5X.

  • RussellMen’s Active Jacket

    This men’s active jacket is perfect for guys on the go. It’s warm yet lightweight, so it’s easy to wear throughout the day. It comes in sizes up to 5XL and there are several neutral colors to choose from.

Girls’ Outerwear

  • Wonder NationGirls Puffer Jacket

    I love this lightweight puffer jacket and all the color options! It comes with a special pocket for storing it, which makes it perfect for travel! Your little girl will be warm and stylish in this perfectly-priced puffer jacket! Comes in sizes 4-18, and plus sizes as well.

  • Free AssemblyGirls Crewneck Sweatshirt

    This stylish crewneck with a faux shirt hem is so cute! I have the adult version and I love it! Perfect for keeping warm and looking good at the same time! Comes in sizes 4-18.

  • Wonder NationGirls Quilted Jacket

    This beautiful quilted jacket has a hoodie and comes in sizes 4-18, including plus-size options. It comes in a couple of neutral colors, as well as a couple of beautiful pastels!

  • Wonder NationGirls Denim Jacket

    This girls’ denim jacket is the perfect choice when wanting to look stylish while keeping warm! It comes in sizes 4-18 and includes plus sizes as well. You have a couple of denim washes to choose from as well!

Boys’ Outerwear

  • Wonder NationBoys Full Zip Hoodie

    This boys’ full zip hoodie is lined with faux sherpa making it extra warm and cozy. Comes in sizes 4-18 and husky sizes as well. Lots of colors to choose from for this jacket. This green and the yellow with black are my son’s faves!

  • Wonder NationBoys Puffer Jacket

    This lightweight yet warm puffer jacket is a great choice for boys. It’s perfect for packing on a trip since it’s lightweight and won’t take up too much room. It even has a pocket for storing it! Love the color choices too! Comes in sizes 4-18 as well as husky.

  • Wonder NationBoys Pullover Hoodie

    This pullover hoodie comes in sizes 4-18, and husky as well. They have several beautiful colors to choose from. I love this green and so does my son! The zipped pockets are a huge plus!

  • Wonder NationBoys Quilted Jacket

    This beautiful boys’ quilted jacket comes in sizes 4-18, and also husky. It’s nice and warm and very stylish, perfect to wear on a nice occasion.

Baby & Toddlers Outerwear

  • Wonder NationBaby & Toddler Sherpa Pullover Jacket

    This pullover is so cute! It has pockets, and snap buttons on the front for easy putting on and taking off. It’s super cozy and warm making it perfect for chilly days. It comes in sizes 12M-5T and several beautiful colors.

  • Swiss TechBaby & Toddler Girls Heavyweight Puffer Jacket

    This jacket is very warm and durable! It has a faux sherpa lining inside making it extra cozy. Perfect for keeping your little girl toasty while outdoors on chilly days. It comes in sizes 12M-5T and there are several cute colors and patterns available.

  • Wonder NationBaby & Toddler Packable Puffer Jacket

    The perfect lightweight puffer jacket for your little ones! It has a special pocket for storing, which makes it perfect for packing and traveling. It will keep them warm and protected from the elements. Comes in sizes 0/3M-5T and lots of fun colors!

  • Swiss TechBaby & Toddler Boys’ Heavyweight Puffer Jacket

    This jacket is warm and durable! It has a faux sherpa lining inside making it extra cozy. Perfect for keeping your little guy toasty while outdoors on chilly days. It comes in several colors and sizes 12M-5T.


If you need more ideas or are looking for other great winter fashion items, make sure to head to Walmart’s Winter Fashion Shop.

 Happy Shopping!

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