An Inviting Summer Guest Bedroom with Walmart Home

Summer is in well underway and slowly the world is reemerging. People are traveling once again to visit loved ones, and friends and family are making their way to your home once again! This makes me happy in all sorts of ways. It especially makes me so excited to create a beautiful and inviting summer guest bedroom for our guests. 

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Walmart Home has so many beautiful and affordable items for you to create your own welcoming guest bedroom. I’ve partnered with Walmart to show you my favorite products that will help you create a beautiful and inviting guest bedroom in your home. I’m also sharing with you some tips for making your guests feel welcome in your home. Easy, small things you can do that will make a huge difference for your guests. 

How To Be The Hostess With The Mostess

Here are some suggestions for little things that will make a big difference for your guests.

  • Freshly cleaned towels and sheets
  • A basket with travel size toiletries (Walmart has kits with all the basics!)
  • A basket with snacks and mini water bottles
  • Enough toilet paper (It’s never fun to have to ask your host for more!)
  • Hand soap
  • Plenty of warm blankets
  • A few over the counter medications for headaches or upset stomach (another thing that’s not fun to ask for, save them the embarrassment!) 
  • A cute board with the wifi password
  • A hairdryer
  • A candle or essential oil diffuser

The Perfect Summer Guest Bedroom

Here are some summery products from Walmart Home to inspire you to create an inviting guest bedroom in your home!

  • yellow accent chair

    14Karat HomeYellow Accent Chair

    classic and traditional style

    It’s a great idea to have an accent chair in your guest bedroom if you have the space for it. This cheery yellow chair will add life to your guest bedroom and it’ll provide a place for your guest to read a book or relax before bed.

  • white quilt set

    Home EssenceWhite Quilt Set

    casual and comfortable bedding

    Bedding is so important when it comes to comfort. This beautiful white quilt set is perfect year round and can be combined with different colored sheets depending on the season.

  • yellow bed sheet

    NestlYellow Sheets

    wake up to a brighter tomorrow

    These sheets are so colorful and summery! They are perfect when combined with the orange sheets and will help you create a fun and inviting bed for your guests!

  • orange bed sheets

    NestlOrange Sheets

    peaceful, refreshing sleep

    These orange sheets when paired with the yellow sheets create the perfect summer bed for any guest!

  • area rug

    Unique LoomArea Rug

    brighten up any room

    A beautiful area rug is a great way to tie everything together in a room. This rug is perfect for summer and it combines beautifully with the other items in the room.

  • yellow throw pillow

    Better Homes & GardensYellow Throw Pillow

    add a pop of color to your decor

    You’ll definitely want to add some throw pillows to the bed and Walmart has plenty to choose from. This yellow one would look perfect with the white quilt and the yellow and orange sheets combined.

  • aqua table lamp

    Decor TherapyTable Lamp

    a combination of beauty and function

    This aqua table lamp is so pretty and would make a wonderful addition in a guest room. It will be so convenient for your guest to have a bedside lamp so they don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the light.

  • aqua tranquil candle

    Spa CandleAqua “Tranquil” Candle

    relax and unwind

    A relaxing candle is a must in a guest room. This tranquil candle is not only pretty but smells divine!

  • white calm candle

    Spa CandleWhite “Calm” Candle

    calm and uplift your spirit

    Another beautiful and delicious smelling candle is this calm candle. White will match with anything so you can keep it in the room year round.

  • white night stand

    MainstaysWhite Nightstand

    give your bedroom a fresh look

    If your guest room is in need of a nightstand look no further than this white one. It’ll match your bedding perfectly and it’s a great place for your guest to place some of their personal items at night.

  • striped yellow throw pillow

    Better Homes & GardensStriped Yellow Pillow

    transform your indoor space

    Another beautiful accent pillow, this striped yellow one matches the bedding and it will add some pizzaz to the whole look.

  • my happy place yellow pillow

    Better Homes & GardensMy Happy Place Pillow

    add some happiness to your space

    What a perfect throw pillow for guests! You want them to feel like your guest bedroom is their happy place!

  • aqua throw pillow

    MainstaysAqua Throw Pillow

    create a place to relax

    I would combine some of the yellow throw pillows with this aqua one to tie everything together.

  • set of two yellow throw pillows

    MainstaysYellow Pillows

    simple, attractive, and comfortable

    If you want to go with only yellow, then I recommend this set of two yellow throw pillows. They are very pretty and the price for two is nice!

  • leaner mirror

    Drew Barrymore Flower HomeFull Length Leaner Mirror

    minimalist yet full of character

    I think every guest room should have a full length mirror. You know you want to examine your entire look before leaving your room in the morning! This leaner mirror is perfect for a guest bedroom. No need to drill holes in the wall!

  • hyacinth basket

    Trademark InnovationsHyacinth Basket

    sturdy, attractive and useful

    This beautiful basket is perfect for placing some goodies for your guest. You can fill it with snacks, small water bottles, travel sized toiletries, and whatever else will make your guest feel welcome and at home!

  • rattan end table

    Baxton StudioSide Table

    bring tropical charm to your home

    This side table will look beautiful next to an accent chair. Matches any decor and is a perfect spot for your guest’s books or personal items.

  • lightweight blanket

    Home EssenceLightweight Blanket

    one of the softest cotton blankets

    You’ll want to have a nice blanket or two available  for those guests that are cold natured! I’m always cold so I appreciate some warm blankets at night. It’s nice not having to ask for them.

Enjoy Hosting Your Summer Guests!

That’s it for my guest bedroom must-haves. I hope you’re able to create an inviting and summery guest bedroom in your home. Walmart has everything you need to keep your guests comfy and happy!

Do you have a suggestion for a guest bedroom I didn’t mention? Tell me about it in the comments.

 Happy Hosting!

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