Instant Pot Bean Recipes

You will love this collection of Instant Pot Bean Recipes. All easy to make in your pressure cooker, and you'll have a variety of meals where you can use either dry beans or canned beans. From chili to soup to plain beans, all these options are easy, quick, and delicious!


I gathered all my easy and delicious Instant Pot Bean recipes and put them all here for you. From chilis to soups to plain beans, here you’ll find a yummy variety of recipes you can make using both dry beans and canned beans.

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Instant Pot Bean Recipes

These Instant Pot Bean Recipes are all easy and they will save you time versus using the stove. I’ve included a couple of Honduran recipes that I hope you will try! Let’s get started.

  • top view of red beans in a mason jar

    Red Beans

    from One Happy Housewife

    These delicious, Honduran style Instant Pot Red Beans are easy to make and they cook beautifully in your pressure cooker. They are super versatile, and once you make them, there are so many other recipes you can use them for.

  • a bowl of bean soup garnished with cilantro drizzled with mantequilla and hot sauce

    Bean Soup

    from One Happy Housewife

    Once you make the Instant Pot bean recipe above, you will definitely want to use the bean broth to make this Honduran Instant Pot Bean Soup or Sopa de Frijoles. I grew up on this stuff and it is amazing. It was always a treat when beans were cooking because we knew bean soup was for dinner!

  • chili in a small bowl topped with sour cream, shredded cheese, and green onion

    Chili with Beans

    from One Happy Housewife

    This Instant Pot Chili with Dry Beans will save you so much time versus cooking it on the stove. It’s paced full of flavor and so easy to make. Top it with some cheese and sour cream and you’re good to go!

  • chili in a bowl topped with shredded cheese and green onions


    from One Happy Housewife

    If you’d like to make it even easier and use canned beans, then this Instant Pot Chili is for you. This one has such a special flavor. It has a wonderful combination of spices that makes it rich and smokey. Highly recommended!

  • a spoonful of white chicken chili from a bowl

    White Chicken Chili

    from One Happy Housewife

    In the mood for chili, but want to change things up? This Instant Pot White Chicken Chili is the way to go. So hearty and flavorful. This recipe uses pre-cooked chicken and canned Great Northern beans so it is easy peasy!

  • a large bowl of taco soup

    Taco Soup

    from One Happy Housewife

    Talk about easy Instant Pot bean recipes, this delicious Instant Pot Taco Soup will be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser in your home! Loaded with yumminess, it’s hearty, filling, and it’s a big batch so you can either feed a crowd or enjoy some leftovers!

  • adding water to beans in the instant pot

    Power Soaked Beans

    from One Happy Housewife

    If you don’t have time to or if you forget to soak your beans overnight, don’t you worry, I got you! My method for Power Soaking Beans in the Instant Pot works beautifully and is much quicker than simply soaking the beans. Your beans will be ready to use for any recipe you’re making!

I hope these Instant Pot Bean recipes give you some variety to add to your weekly recipes. Let me know in the comments if there are any other bean recipes you’d like me to publish. For more ideas, check out these easy Instant Pot Rice Recipes. Happy Cooking!

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