Designing Our Christmas Cards Online

Running behind this Christmas? Haven't had a chance to send out those Christmas cards to all your loved ones? No worries, use this outstanding online service to get those cards designed and sent out in a flash.

the whole family wearing christmas sweaters in front a christmas tree

It’s that time of year again to order Christmas cards!

Actually, it was that time of the year about 3 weeks ago, I know, we’re super late. I had the best intentions to get this done in November, but my best intentions weren’t quite enough this year. All in all, we managed to have a great time getting our pictures taken and I’m so happy with the way they turned out!

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Choosing Our Theme

This year, I wanted to do something fun, so I forced kindly asked everyone to wear an ugly Christmas sweater for the occasion! It actually wasn’t too hard to get them all to agree, which was surprising. They were kind of happy they didn’t have to look like lumberjacks this year like they did on last year’s Christmas cards.

Design Christmas Cards Online With Tiny Prints

Target had an impressive selection of ugly sweaters. They even had an ugly sweater dress for my daughter to wear. She has her own special sense of style, so she was actually thrilled to wear that ugly sweater dress!

How To Design Christmas Cards Online
Destiny is rocking her ugly Christmas sweater dress!

The only one we had trouble finding a sweater for was our little one, Jacob. You would have thought the whole city decided to put an ugly sweater on their little boys because there wasn’t one sweater for little boys anywhere! We finally found him an ugly shirt that was slightly too big, told him it was a sweater and he was cool with it. Phew!

Personalized Holiday Cards
Yup, attitude. Those sleeves were just a bit too long!

Our Christmas Photoshoot

Last year, we took our own pictures with a tripod. It was quite tiring for Ryan to run back and forth to get in the picture every time. This year, we were blessed to have someone take the pictures for us! My friend Angella, who is a photographer, is starting to do family photography so she offered to take our picture to get some practice. She was great and she did such a wonderful job at getting some candids of us in between shots.

Best Holiday Cards 2017

We wanted our pictures outdoors this year so we went out to Market Street and got some great shots in front of the giant Christmas tree. There’s beautiful Christmas decor all around Market Street so it wasn’t hard to find good spots for our picture.

Best Custom Greeting Cards Online

We wanted individual pictures of all the kids. They all obliged and the older boys even had a little fun while their pics were being taken. I love how their personalities came through!

Christmas Cards Online
Ryan Jr. The sweater says it all. This boy has been instrumental in keeping the Christmas spirit in the house this year. He and our elf are killing it!
How To Create Christmas Cards Online
My beautiful curly Phillip looks so handsome in this picture!
Photo Holiday Cards
Finally got Roger to smile!
Tiny Prints Christmas Cards 2017
Teenage boy shenanigans!

Jacob, of course, provided the entertainment for our shoot.

Best Christmas Cards 2017
Best Christmas Cards
How We Designed Our Christmas Cards Online
Doing the Dab!

Jacob complied for a few minutes and we managed to get some great shots of him with his older brothers and with mommy! It was a fleeting moment but we got the shots!

Designing Unique Christmas Cards Online
Ryan Jr and his mini me! This sweater was hand-picked for my son Ryan. If you know him AT ALL, then you know it’s perfect for him!
Tiny Prints Holiday Cards
Phillip was actually happy with the “Pugly” sweater I picked for him!
Design Christmas Cards Online 2017
Jacob with mommy. I must say, his smiling skills are definitely improving! His usual cheesy, show all my teeth, smile didn’t quite make an appearance this year!

Here’s a great shot of my daughter and me where she proudly shows off her ugly sweater dress!

Personalized Christmas Cards
Destiny and me in front of the ginormous Christmas tree at Market Street. It really was the perfect backdrop for our pictures.

Here are a few more of our favorites!

How To Make Christmas Cards Online
All my handsome boys!

By the way, those boots I’m wearing are my new best friends! I love them! I have real issues with the cold and they’ve been amazing for keeping my tootsies warm!

Design Our Christmas Cards Online
Oh Snap!!
Best Photo Christmas Cards 2017
Love this picture of all of us!
Best Online Christmas Card Service
All them kids in their ugly sweaters!
Holiday Greeting Cards
This picture makes me smile. I love my hubby in his ugly sweater!

Creating Our Photo Cards with Tiny Prints

Well, as I mentioned before, we were quite late this year getting our picture taken. Thank goodness for Tiny Prints! I used Tiny Prints last year as well after comparing several different online card services. You can see why I chose them here.

Design Christmas Cards Online With Tiny Prints

New Home, Same Great Designs, and Experience

This year, Tiny Prints now has a new home on the Shutterfly website. It was still just as easy to choose and set up our card. The interface is so easy to work with. It’s simple to choose different designs and play around with all the options to see which you like best.

Design Christmas Cards Online With Tiny Prints

I played around with a couple of styles but loved this one from the beginning. I like that it has the option to put several pictures on the back so we could share a few of our favorites with our friends and family.

Design Christmas Cards Online With Tiny Prints

They Even Thought Of Us Last-Minute Mamas

Back to being late on sending out our cards. Lucky for me, Tiny Prints has a service where they will mail the cards out to your contacts directly. That’s just what I needed in order to get them to my friends and family before Christmas! I had to input my contacts’ addresses manually since I had them in an address book, but they also have an import feature. I’m happy that now the addresses are all in there and I’ll be ready to go next year.

mailing out last minute Christmas cards

And Finally, Our Cards Have Been Finished and Mailed Out

I’m so happy with the way they turned out! What do you think?

Designing our Christmas Cards Using Tiny Prints

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