Gifts for Star Wars Fans

Ok Star Wars fanatics, this gift guide is for you! (or for you to share with your loved ones, hint, hint!) We are huge Star Wars fans at our house! My hubby and I have been Star Wars fans since we were little! Both of us had countless toys and spent a lot of our childhood watching the movies and playing with our Star Wars things. This last year, we made my youngest one’s room Star Wars themed and it turned out amazing!

With the new Star Wars movie coming out this week, I thought it would be appropriate to have a gift guide with gifts for all you die-hard Star Wars fanatics. There are some pretty cool things out there, and I know in putting this gift guide together, Ryan created a whole new wish list of his own! So if you have a Star Wars fan to shop for then you’re in the right place! Here you go:

time to watch your old favorites

What better way to receive the new Star Wars movie, than by watching all the older movies! Ryan got this as a gift from one of my sons last year, and he loved it. The kids really enjoy watching all the movies before the new ones come out. This set includes movies I-VI.

who wouldn’t want Han Solo in their kitchen?

Han Solo in my kitchen? Yes please! These aprons are so cool, and if Solo isn’t your cup of tea, there’s plenty other characters to choose from!

The Force Is Strong With These Aprons

for the sophisticated Star Wars fan

This beautiful engraved decanter and matching glasses is a perfect gift for the Star Wars lover. It’ll be like being in Mos Eisley Cantina!

feel like a Jedi while drinking a coffee

These ultra cool color changing mugs are out of this world! There are several sizes and designs. The Storm Troopers and light sabers appear when hot liquid is poured into the mug. These are not dishwasher or microwave safe, but they’re worth it! Check out the videos on the product page to see how they work.

Serve Their Favorite Brew in One of These “Jedi-Worthy” Mugs

add a bit of the force to your drinks

How cool are these ice trays? They are actually freezer and oven safe. You can make ice, jello, candy, chocolate, and more. Perfect for parties or for everyday fun. 

bleep bloop blop beep boop

I think all Star Wars fans need these in their lives! Have you ever seen a cuter set of measuring cups? His arms are detachable and they turn into measuring spoons! This set is too cute to pass up.

may the force be with you

Every fan needs a Star Wars t-shirt! This is the basic one, but there are many other designs to choose from.

More Great Star Wars Tees Just for Him

be fashionable while wearing the force

Can’t leave out the ladies that are Star Wars fans. These women’s t-shirts are stylish and have great designs to choose from.

More Great Star Wars Tees Just for Her

the millenium falcon will keep you away from the dark side

This Millenium Falcon 3D lamp is a beautiful addition to any home. It has 7 different color modes and can be plugged into a wall outlet or a usb port. Certain to make a Star Wars fan smile!

don’t get cocky, kid

This X Wing Quadcopter drone is sure to be a hit with Star Wars fans. It flies up to 35 mph and has 3 different speed settings which makes it perfect for beginners and advanced pilots!

deck out your room you will

These screen prints are a perfect way to add the finishing touch to any Star Wars themed room. Whether it’s a kid’s room, a playroom or a man cave, they make a great gift for any fan!

relive epic Star Wars battles 

These Star Wars wall decals can bring a child’s room to life. The set includes 31 decals and they get amazing reviews!

for the simple man trying to make his way in the universe

Any Star Wars super fan would appreciate this vintage design Star Wars tie. It includes all the classic characters and is sure to get lots of attention when worn.

Show Off At The Office

snuggle up with the force

A Star Wars throw is a perfect gift for just about any fan. It’s super soft and plush and for the price, you can’t beat it.

make a bold statement

In my humble opinion this would be the ultimate gift for my husband. This Darth Vader inspired watch is stellar and will definitely be loved by the Star Wars fan. A little on the expensive side but definitely a great gift for a special someone!

the perfect droid companion for any Jedi

This app-enabled R2-D2 makes a beatiful gift for any Star Wars fan. One of my sons has the BB-8 version and he loves it. I will say, he uses it more as an awesome decor piece than a toy.

a decortive force field for your table

These Star Wars engraved bamboo coasters are beautiful and would make an excellent gift for any Star Wars fan. I wouldn’t mind a set of these to use when I have guests!

now both Sith and Jedi can share a drink

These Star Wars Tiki mugs are so cute and would be perfect for the Star Wars fan that loves entertaining! They are ceramic and hold about 14 oz of liquid. You can choose from several different designs.

More Awesome Star Wars Tiki Mugs

the perfect gift for your little Padawan

This award winning toy makes a perfect gift for the little Jedi in training. It comes complete with electronic blocks, droid parts and a 9v battery. It encourages invention and has more than 16 missions in the app so kids can train their droid. Pretty cool!

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