20 Best Gifts for Bakers

Baking is one of my favorite things to do! I love how excited my kids get every time I’ve baked them a treat! Even though I love to bake, I wanted some expert help for putting together this gift guide. I went to my friend Olgui who is a professional baker (and she’s amazing at it!) and asked her to tell me what her must-haves are and also give me some of her wishlist items. Funnily enough, her wishlist has now become my wishlist! Read on to find the perfect gift for the baker in your life!

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Listed below are all the items that were carefully selected for those looking to get the perfect gift for that special person in their life.

Best Gifts For Bakers

  • stand mixer

    KitchenAidArtisan Stand Mixer

    a baker’s best tool

    Not only is this mixer essential for a baker, it’s so pretty to look at! I personally have the Ultra Power Plus 4.5 Qt. in Ice Blue. It’s very heavy duty, super easy to operate and quickly mixes, kneads, and whips your ingredients. I love the stainless steel bowl which makes for a very easy cleanup! There are lots of attachments including food grinders, pasta makers, and more. If you’d like a souped-up version of this mixer, then you’ll want to consider the Professional Series.

  • stand mixer blade

    New MetroMixer BeaterBlade

    a neccessary attachment for mixers

    This beaterblade is a perfect complement for the KitchenAid Mixer. It scrapes the bowl as it’s mixing! No more turning the mixer on and off to clean the sides. What a time saver. Just make sure you get the right size blade for the mixer you are purchasing.

  • stand mixer cover

    KitchenAidFitted Mixer Cover

    keeps a baker’s mixer clean

    Every baker will love that they can keep their stand mixer perfectly clean when not in use with this fitted stand mixer cover. Designed specifically for KitchenAid Tilt-Head Stand Mixers this cover is made of heavyweight quilted material and is machine washable.

  • KitchenAidMixer Bowl Covers

    perfect for KitchenAid mixer bowls

    Another great accessory for the KitchenAid mixer, these dishwasher safe covers are perfect for keeping your ingredients in the refrigerator. They’re also great for covering leftover cookie dough or rising yeast dough.

  • silicone prep bowls

    Le CreusetSilicone Prep Bowls

    great for holding ingredients

    These Le Creuset Stain Resistant Silicone Prep Bowls are perfect for keeping your ingredients until you’re ready to use them. They are freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Doesn’t get better than that! They are flexible so it makes it easy to transfer ingredients into smaller containers. They come in a variety of vibrant colors. Keep in mind these are not mixing bowls, they are small prep bowls.

  • mixing bowls

    BellemainUltimate Mixing Bowls

    a baker’s dream

    These Bellemain Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls are a dream! They come in a set with 4 different sized bowls and lids. These bowls also double as measuring cups with measurements etched on the side so you never have to wonder how much mixture you have in the bowl. Talk about do it all bowls! They also have a non slip silicone bottom, which is perfect for preventing accidents! These bowls are definitely an amazing addition to any kitchen! (I’d love them to be added to mine!)

  • fondant work mat

    Folksy Super KitchenFondant Work Mat

    the best for rolling out fondant

    This non-stick silicone pastry mat is perfect for the baker that likes to work with fondant. It’s easy to clean and it’s dishwasher safe. It lays perfectly flat and is no-slip. It’s not only great for fondant, but it works well for rolling pizza dough, pies, or cookie dough.

  • rolling pins

    Joseph JosephAdjustable Rolling Pin

    roll dough like a pro

    This Adjustable Rolling Pin will allow you to roll dough to the exact thickness you want. It’s easy to use for both beginners and professionals. The rolling pin is made of wood with solid removable plastic rings that are BPA free. Definitely a very clever design that makes rolling dough easier!

  • linen apron

    CaldoLinen Kitchen Apron

    upgrade to the ultimate apron

    This machine washable linen apron was inspired by professional chefs. The adjustable waist and neck straps will make for a perfect fit. It’s lightweight yet durable. I would definitely love adding this apron to my kitchen!

  • kneading mat

    LIMNUOPastry Mat

    meets the demanding baker’s needs

    This beautiful pastry mat is a great gift for any baker! Your baker can now keep their work area clean thanks to this non-stick and easy to clean mat. It’s made of high quality, BPA free, food-grade silicone and is perfect for kneading and shaping dough.

  • cake stand

    OhuhuRotating Cake Stand

    decorate the perfect cake with ease

    This rotating cake stand is perfect for decorating cakes. It has a stainless steel bearing which gives it a smooth rotation, and it turns both ways, so it can be used by a righty or a lefty! It has a non-slip bottom and the top is etched with measurements. When you finish decorating your cake, it makes for a beautiful stand to display it on.

  • bakers stand

    My WeightBaker’s Scale

    the ultimate scale for the baker

    This scale is the momma of kitchen scales. It has an easy to clean stainless steel top, and a hinged shield to avoid messes. The display is very bright and easy to read. It runs on batteries, but you can purchase an AC adapter separately. If your baker is in need of a scale, this one is definitely one to get!

  • cake cutter

    ORBLUEPie Server & Cake Cutter

    cut and serve cake like a boss

    Every baker needs a great cake cutter. You definitely don’t want to ruin your creation by cutting into a cake or pie with a dull knife. This stainless steel cutter doubles as a server, so you only need one tool for a perfect slice of cake! Add to that the fact that it’s dishwasher safe, and I’m sold! I need one.

  • silicone baking mat

    SilpatSilicone Baking Mat

    the perfect baking mat

    This silicone baking mat turns any baking sheet into a non-stick surface. No need to use sprays, butter or oil anymore. It’s very easy to clean and it’s freezer, oven, and microwave safe. This one is high on my wish list this year!

  • piping set

    K&S ArtisanPiping Set

    decorate cakes, cupcakes and more

    So this one is for the bakers who love to decorate their creations. I unfortunately, am not so good at that. Maybe if I had this piping set and guide I could be awesome! The set comes with 27 different nozzles as well as everything else you need to decorate cakes like a pro. It gets amazing reviews!

  • flour sifter

    BellemainFlour Sifter

    sift flour with ease

    This Stainless Steel Sifter holds a whole 3 cups of flour. It is sturdy yet lightweight and the crank is easy to turn. This makes for effortless sifting. It’s also perfect for using with powdered sugar. I’m used to sifting flour with a strainer and tapping it on the side, so this is definitely a welcome addition in my kitchen!

  • HOMWESilicone Oven Mitts

    the perfect fitting mitts

    These are the prettiest oven mitts around! They come in so many beautiful colors. I, of course, have these aqua ones. They fit my hands perfectly. I have small hands and usually mitts are big on my hands. These come in two sizes so it was nice to be able to find some that finally fit right!

  • porcelain ramekins

    BellemainPorcelain Ramekins

    ideal for delicious desserts

    These cute little porcelain ramekins are ideal for making so many yummy desserts! Creme brûlée, flan, lava cakes, soufflé, the possibilities are endless! They are oven, microwave, pressure cooker, and freezer safe and they can be washed in the dishwasher! They are also perfect for serving salsa, arroz con leche, dipping sauces or dressings. These multi-tasking ramekins are a great addition to any kitchen!

  • bench scraper

    OXO Good GripsBench Scraper

    the handy tool every baker needs

    Ok, so I was not aware I needed one of these Stainless Steel Scraper and Choppers until now! So many uses! There’s the obvious dough cutting and vegetable chopping, but you can do so much more! Perfect for cutting brownies, pizza, dividing meats for freezing, scraping butcher blocks and cutting boards, and so much more. All this and it’s dishwasher safe! I need this in my life.

  • silicone spatula

    KitchenAidMixer Spatula

    a neccessary tool for any baker

    I love, love, love my KitchenAid Aqua Sky utensils. I have a lot of them, and every piece is well made, durable, and beautiful. This spatula is an ideal gift for a baker. The flexible, curved silicone head is perfect for mixing and scraping.

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