Heartbreak to Happiness

As all of you know, the city of Houston and surrounding areas were devastated by Hurricane Harvey this last week. We did not suffer any damages to our home, and my family is safe under our roof. Unfortunately, that is not the case for so many people. It has been heartbreaking to see the loss that so many people are experiencing. At the same time, it has been uplifting to see people come together to support each other. People putting their own lives at risk and using their personal resources in order to rescue complete strangers. The people of...

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That Night on Those Steps

“Do not go out with the first boy that asks you!” Those were my mother’s words when I was leaving for college. I promised her I wouldn’t. I’m not exactly sure why that was her advice, but I guess she wanted me to explore my options. Well, my whole life I pretty much did what my parents told me, never really got in any sort of trouble, and definitely kept my promises to them. In this case, though, that was one promise that I will never regret breaking! I’m pretty sure my mom is OK with the fact I...

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More Than “Just” a Housewife

I’m barely writing my first blog post and my 15 yr. old is already using my blog against me. He came downstairs with a tray full of dishes from his room and placed them next to the kitchen sink. He warned me that there were some stinkers in there that he had forgotten to bring down last week. I told him to go ahead and clean them himself. He paused, put his hand on my shoulder and said “No mama, you should clean it, you love this stuff, it’s what you do. You’re a housewife remember? One Happy Housewife!”...

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