Gifts for Little Girls

There’s nothing cuter or more fun than shopping for little girls. OK, maybe shopping for yourself, but, let’s not be selfish. Before we adopted a girl, I used to love it when my youngest son was invited to a little girl’s birthday party because I got to go shopping for the gift! I did always need guidance, since I was never sure what toys were “in”.
For this gift-guide, I got a little guidance as well. Though we now have a daughter, she’s 12, and not so little. So I asked my friend Susie, who has two precious little girls, to help me come up with a list of great gifts for little girls! She kindly agreed and we came up with this!

lots of laughs with a splash

Susie says her youngest daughter really wants this cute board game. It’s perfect for the little ones. Kids will enjoy trying to get around the bathtub without getting wet.

Bea Spells-a-Lot is fashionably adorable

Ok, so even my 12 year old would like a Lalaloopsy doll. These little dolls are perfect for little girls 4 and up. They come with lots of cute accessories and are sure to make a little girl smile!

the expression on your little girl’s face will be priceless

This Descendants doll is pretty huge and awesome! She comes with some cool accessories and has poseable arms. The doll also comes with a sheet of sticker tattoos.

this ball is full of surprises

7 layers of surprises in one ball! That’s pretty cool. These cute little dolls come with 6 other surprises. If you feed the doll with her bottle or bathe her, she may cry, spit, tinkle or change colors!

this affectionate little companion magically comes to life

This interactive pet unicorn is as cute as it gets! What little girl wouldn’t love all this cuteness wrapped around their finger? Susie’s girls definitely give these cuties a thumbs up!

every little girl wants to be like mommy

This adorable pretend make-up set is perfect for the little girl who wants to put make up on like mommy! It’s totally pretend, so there’s no mess and no actual make-up going on the little one’s face!
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encourage endless amounts of creativity

I can’t say enough great things about these magnetic tiles! The building possibilities are endless. My 7 year old played with a set at a friend’s house and they were entertained forever! They definitely bring out the child’s building creativity! We are getting him a set for sure!

perfect for the creative fashionista in training

This tub of beads is perfect for creative little girls. The snap on beads make it easy to create all sorts of fun jewelry and accessories. When done playing, simply snap them off and put them back in the tub. These are perfect for tea parties, mini fashion shows and so much more!

so your little one can host the perfect tea party

Every little girl needs a tea set! This adorable porcelain set is a beautiful gift that is sure to be cherished by any sweet little girl!

perfect for the little girl who loves to sing

What little girl doesn’t love to sing their heart out? This super cute karaoke machine is perfect for the budding artist! It’s light and portable, and has built-in speakers as well as disco light effects. Sure to make any little girl happy!

a little girl’s dream come true

Ok, so this is a personal favorite! I still remember the year Santa brought me my very own Barbie Dreamhouse, complete with an elevator! It was 4 stories high and almost as tall as I was! I spent countless hours playing with it. This is the perfect gift for the Barbie lover!

designs that will inspire your little artist

This coloring and activity book will provide hours of entertainment for your little artist. Although the product is marketed for tweens, I feel it’s a great gift for any little girl that loves to color.
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spark imagination, boost creativity and improve problem solving

This amazing building toy is perfect for letting your little girl’s creativity fly! She can create beautiful gardens and at the same time start learning practical engineering. Definitely a great gift to stimulate the brain!

a fun experience that teaches compassion

These Hatchimals are too cute. The little girl in your life can help them hatch, raise them, and then enjoy interactive games with them. Loads of fun!

the cutest spot for your little girl to store her money

These are the most adorable little wallets ever!! There are way too many beautiful designs so it makes it hard to choose just one. Perfect gift to start teaching little girls about money and how to take care of it.
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every little girl dreams of having a bike

This bike is so pretty it will definitely be a hit with any little girl! It comes complete with brakes, training wheels, adjustable handlebars, a kickstand, and of course, a basket!

your girl’s perfect little companion

This smaller version of the American Girl dolls is so very, very cute! Definitely more affordable than the standard sized American Girl doll, but not missing any of the charm. There are 5 different WellieWishers to choose from, each with their own pair of adorable wellie boots. Any one of them would make a perfect companion for a little girl.
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a must see family movie that your girl will love

As usual, Disney doesn’t disappoint with their Princess movies. Moana is a beautiful movie with great music and storyline. If the little girl in your life enjoys Disney movies, this is definitely a great one to get!
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your little girl will love this cute set

Shopkins are all the rage at my house. These little things are addictive and are great for collecting. The bigger dolls are also so cute. There’s tons of possibilities for gifts when it comes to Shopkins, including these sets complete with shopkin figures.
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