19 Great Gifts for Fitness Fanatics

I am definitely not a fitness fanatic, but my 16-year-old son Ryan is. He was telling me what he wanted for Christmas this year and everything on his list was related to working out! That sparked the idea in my head of coming up with a gift guide for fitness fanatics and including it in the series.

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I asked Ryan to come up with a list of things he either really wanted or already owns and loves. I added a couple of favorite things of my own and we came up with this!

Gifts for Fitness Fanatics

  • THERMOSInsulated Hydration Bottle

    keeps liquid cold up to 24 hours

    We actually own several of these Thermos water bottles. They are amazing. They are perfect for working out since they have a large spout that allows for bigger gulps. It amazes me how long they really hold the ice! I use mine for when I go play tennis and Ryan uses his everytime he works out.

  • FitbitFitbit Fitness Tracker

    the wristband that challenges and motivates

    I love my Fitbit! I have owned the Fitbit Charge and the Alta. I got the Alta because it was a little slimmer and more fashionable, but I really miss the features of the HR. The HR has the added benefit of tracking your heart rate and it also counts up and down stairs. The Alta doesn’t do this. I miss my Charge!

  • ninja professional blender

    NinjaNinja Professional Blender

    power meets convenience

    This Ninja Professional Blender is perfect for making healthy smoothies and drinks. It has amazing ice crushing capabilities and comes with a single serve attachment with convenient to go lids for the single serve cups. In addition to being a super powerful blender, it also comes with a food processor attachment. All the attachments are dishwasher safe so it makes clean-up that much easier.

  • bowflex adjustable dumbbells

    BowflexBowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

    a versatile, space-saving dumbbell

    Ryan owns these Bowflex adjustable Dumbbells, uses them daily and abosolutely loves them. They combine 15 sets of weights into one. Each dumbbell easily adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds. We keep our workout equipment in our garage, so it’s definitely nice to have these in there instead of a big rack full of dumbbells!

  • punching bag

    OutslayerPunching Bag

    built to take loads of punishment

    This punching bag is on Ryan’s Christmas wishlist. It gets amazing reviews, and after doing much research, both Ryan and his dad have decided this is the one to get! This top quality bag is made to take a beating.

  • mma gloves

    RDXMMA Gloves

    excellent fit and great quality

    If you have a punching bag, you need some good punching gloves! They also get amazing reviews and they come in a variety of colors and sizes.

  • CrossropeJump Rope

    a lightweight, fast rope for fitness training

    Apparently you need just the right jumping rope! Who knew! Ryan and his dad researched jumping ropes and agree they each want one of these. It gets fantastic reviews!

  • power cage

    Fitness RealityPower Cage

    safe, well-built and heavy-duty

    So this one is a little hard-core, but he really dreams of getting one. The Power Cage allows for the person working out to do squats and benchpress without having a spotter. It can also be used for pull-ups, chin-ups and dips. A little on the pricier side, but the boy can dream right?

  • weight bench

    Fitness RealityWeight Bench

    a gym quality workout bench for the home

    This weight bench can be used alone or in conjunction with the cage. It can be used for various weightlifting excercises. It’s another one of Ryan’s wishlist items.

  • recipes for athletes

    Shalane FlanaganRecipes for Athletes

    healthy foods to fuel workouts

    This is a great recipe book specially formualted for athletes. According to the many wonderful reviews, these recipes give you healthy food that tastes amazing. Another thing noted by lots of reviewers is the fact that most recipes are easy to make. Ryan Jr. loves to cook for himself, and I’m certain he would get great use from this book.

  • muscle roller stick

    Supremus SportsMuscle Roller Stick

    works like magic to eliminate pain

    Ryan has been wanting a muscle roller for a while now. This is the one he has decided he’s going to get. It helps relieve muscle soreness, eases cramps and relieves muscle pain after a good workout.

  • flipbelt


    comfortable, convenient and stylish

    This FlipBelt is a really cool product. It helps the person working out stay hands-free. It has 4 separate pockets for carrying phone, keys, credit cards or whatever needs to go with you while working out. Very comfortable to wear and gets great reviews.

  • BalegaRunning Socks

    colorful comfort that protects feet

    Yup, a great pair of socks is essential when working out. These no show running socks are extremely comfortable, keep your feet cool and dry, and protect against blisters. I’d love to get some of these for when I play tennis!

  • fitness sandbags

    Brute Force SandbagsFitness Sandbags

    this indestructible bag provides a great workout

    Lifting sandbags is an unconventional way of pushing your body to its limits. My nephew Allan, which is an extreme fitness fanatic, brought one for Ryan Jr to try, and they had a ball using it. This one gets wonderful reviews.

  • fat gripz

    Fat GripzFat Gripz

    strengthening the athlete’s biggest weakness

    These Fat Gripz are for those looking to buff up their arms. I personally am not a fan of overly buff arms, but Ryan says they’re great. They wrap around barbells, dumbbells and excercise machine handles increasing their diameter which causes greater muscle activation in the arms.

  • vi a.i. fitness tracker

    LifeBEAMVi A.I. Fitness Tracker

    a virtual fitness coach and motivator in your ear

    This souped up fitness tracker is basically like having a fitness coach in your ear while you’re running, walking, using the treadmill or cycling. You can listen to music, it measures your heart rate, elevation, location, allows you to answer calls and more! Pretty cool technology if you ask me.

  • exercise bands

    Fit SimplifyExercise Bands

    get a great workout at an affordable price

    These resistance excercise bands provide a very affordable way to get a great workout. 4 and a half stars with over 90,000 reviews! Can’t beat that.

  • WF Athletic SupplyThe Beast Bar

    an amazing barbell worth every penny

    This is a barbell. Just a barbell. A really high quality barbell. That’s all I got!

  • olympic bumpers

    XMarkOlympic Bumpers

    high quality, low bounce rubber Olympic bumper plates

    And these, these are the weights that go with the high quality barbell. One great thing about them is they are rubber so they won’t mess up your floors!

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