10 Best Gifts for Her

Get a Gift That Will Show Her How Much You Care

If you're looking for a gift for that special "her" in your life, then you're in the right place! I've come up with a list of fun gifts that I, for one, would love receiving.

Most of these gifts are affordable, with a couple thrown in if you want to go all out! These are things I either own and love or have been eyeing for a while and would be thrilled to receive. Here we go!

a fun way to capture those special moments

I used to love my parents’ Polaroid. I still have so many pictures taken with that camera. The one thing they were lacking back then was the “pretty” factor. They were black and big and bulky! So when I first saw these instant cameras from Fujifilm, my heart fluttered!

They come in the cutest colors, and they have matching cases for them! I have a pink one and I just recently took it to a party and everyone loved taking their pictures home as souvenirs!

from Amazon.com
a loving reminder of wonderful memories

This is one of our favorite tech gadgets! We have a digital photo frame and my kids love seeing all the pictures show up on the frame. It’s a great way to keep all your old pictures alive. It makes a great gift for the picture lovers!

from Amazon.com
shower her with luxurious bath and body products

Let’s start with the fact that the whole line is pink and retro. Enough said! But if you need more reasons to love it, you should know everything smells sooo good! All of the products have an amazingly clean, crisp scent.

My favorites are the Clean on Me Shower Gel and The Righteous Butter.

from Ulta.com
the must-have kitchen appliance that every woman needs

By now, surely you know how much I love my Instant Pot! In my opinion, it's not just a kitchen gadget, I really do feel everyone will eventually have one. It's an electric pressure cooker that will cut down your cooking time on so many things. You can even make amazing desserts in it. Unless your significant other has strict rules about not getting her kitchen appliances, this is an awesome gift!

from Amazon.com
tell her how much you love her

This right here is such a cute gift! You can create a personalized book for your loved one letting them know the reasons why you love them. Doesn't get more original or sweeter than that!

from LoveBookOnline.com
the magic of cheese-making in a box

Because it's cheese and we love making stuff. Seriously though, how cool is this? If your lady loves creating things in the kitchen, this is a truly unique gift. These cheese kits get amazing reviews and there's a big variety of cheeses to choose from depending on your tastes. I'd definitely enjoy one of these!

from Etsy.com
a beautiful reminder of how much you love her

These beautiful hand-made signs are perfectly romantic. They would look great with any decor and are sure to make your loved one smile!

from Etsy.com
she'll love listening to her favorite book any time of the day

For the book lover, an audible subscription hits the spot! It's perfect for the woman on the go who loves to read but doesn't have time to sit down and enjoy a good book. We have an audible subscription and we use it daily. We listen to books as we clean, exercise, work, or drive. It's fantastic!

from Amazon.com
lectures given by renowned experts in various disciplines

If your loved one loves to learn, this would be an awesome gift. MasterClass has an incredible array of classes taught by well-known experts in numerous fields. Aspiring photographers can learn from Annie Leibovitz and budding chefs can take a class from Gordon Ramsey or Wolfgang Puck! Pretty amazing to have access to these kinds of teachers if you ask me!

from MasterClass.com
she’ll cherish this reminder of the special times you’ve shared

When I first saw this, I immediately knew I needed one! My husband and I save all kinds of tickets from everywhere we go. This is a great way to keep all those tickets organized and in good shape for when our kids want to look through them in the future! Our problem is we have so many, I'd probably need quite a few books!

from Amazon.com