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What to Put on a Bedside Table

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Wondering what to put on your bedside table? Here is a shot of my bedside table that I featured on Instagram. I hope it can provide you with a little bit of inspiration.

I usually place very few items on mine. Three to four decor items on a single nightstand is more than enough. But I have a little trick in the photo. As you can see there are six books neatly stacked under the clock. A stack of books can actually act as one single, cohesive decor piece. But you have to be careful not to overdo your stack. In the photo, you can see, that I have my stack of books acting as a stand for this beautiful pocket watch inspired clock from Pottery Barn. I also carefully selected books that I am currently reading or plan to read soon.

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Another tip that I’d like to point out: Be practical and do your best to ensure that most items on your bedside table are useful and functional. Three of the four items on my bedside table serve a specific purpose:

  • A small lamp for accent lighting
  • An alarm clock so I don’t end up sleeping in (because I will otherwise)
  • A stack of books for my nightly reading

And, remember, just because something is functional doesn’t mean that it can’t be decorative. A well-coordinated stack of books always makes for a great decor piece on a bedside table. When choosing an alarm clock, steer away from those ugly, utilitarian looking, plastic boxes from most department stores. Instead look for something more decorative like the clock that I picked up at Pottery Barn. There are many other options out there as well. And always ensure that your lamp matches your decor.

More Affordable Bedside Clock Options

My Bedside Table as Seen on Instagram

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BVS6_DKBScK/ width=640]

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nightstand decor
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