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Bedroom Side Table Decoration Ideas

A Pretty, Clean and Decluttered Bedside Table Can Help You Relax
nightstand decor such as a lamp, books, a clock, a candle, and flowers
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Having a lovely, well-organized bedside table can help you go to bed feeling clear headed and relaxed. Make sure to keep it to the essentials only: a lamp, a clock and one or two decor pieces. That’s pretty much all you need. Keeping a few of your favorite books on the table is always a great option as well.

Shop My Bedroom

I’ve linked to a few of the items I keep on my nightstand, plus a few other items from my bedroom.

Items I Keep on My Nightstand

These are a few of the items that I currently keep on my nightstand (as pictured in the photo above):

  • My pocket watch clock is so much prettier than one of those ugly plastic alarm clocks that I used to keep on my nightstand.
  • I always keep my favorite books and current reads on my nightstand so that they are readily available for my reading time. One of my favorites, The Magnolia Story, is a must read. It’s such a sweet and inspiring story.

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My Bedroom

This is what you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • My four poster bed is the centerpiece of my bedroom and really makes a beautiful statement.
  • I also have the matching dresser.
  • I keep both of my nightstands decorated with beautiful faux florals.
  • Hanging from the front cross beam on my bed four poster bed, I have these flameless pillar candles placed inside these lanterns. The flameless candles have a timer so that you can set them to come on at the right time of the day.

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nightstand decor such as a lamp, books, a clock, a candle, and flowers
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