Ultimate Guide to Essential Back-to-School Supplies

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Back-to-school means lots of shopping! Check out this complete list of essential back-to-school supplies to make sure your child has everything they next for this upcoming school year!

It’s back-to-school time and that means lots of shopping! One of the things your kids will definitely need is school supplies! It’s my favorite category of back-to-school shopping! 

I absolutely love pens, notebooks, stationery, markers, and everything else in the supplies category. I enjoy trying new products and there’s never a shortage of supplies in my home.

School Supplies

I definitely have my favorites and I’d love to share them with you. These are the products that I buy for my kids (and myself). All good quality and sure to last. Here’s everything your child will need in the supplies category for this upcoming school year.

  • hybrid notebinder

    Five StarHybrid Notebinder

    I absolutely love these hybrid notebooks! I buy them for my kids every year and I buy some extra ones for myself! They are perfect for keeping all their papers organized and in one place. I get them one for each subject.

  • pocket style highlighters

    SharpiePocket Style Highlighters

    These colorful highlighters are great for the kids! They can choose different colors for different classes which makes it nice. We have no issues with smudging when they highlight their work.

  • post-it flags

    Post-itPost-It Flags

    These Post-It Flags have been great for my older kids. They use them to mark important pages in their books as well as their notebooks. The flags stick well but they are easy to remove when needed.

  • school glue sticks

    Elmer’sSchool Glue Sticks

    You gotta have glue for school! I always prefer buying Elmer’s because it won’t dry out and it works well. This pack of 30 should keep you stocked for a while!

  • mechanical pencils

    BICMechanical Pencils

    These Bic Mechanical pencils are excellent when it comes to mechanical pencils and the price is just right. In my home, mechanical pencils are the favorite type of pencil. Do make sure mechanical pencils are allowed in your child’s school before getting these.

  • flair felt tip pens

    Paper MateFlair Felt Tip Pens

    These pens right here are my obsession. I have loved them for years and they are now available in all sorts of fun colors. They used to come only in red and black back in the day! Now, the colors are endless! These write like a dream.

  • frixion erasable gel pens

    PILOTFrixion Erasable Gel Pens

    These gel pens are not only fun to write with, but they come in awesome colors and they are erasable! They get amazing reviews and would make a great addition to anyone’s pencil case!

  • colored pencils

    PrismacolorColored Pencils

    These are the go to colored pencils when shopping for my son who is great at art. He says these are the best colored pencils and we get him a new set every year!

  • pencil sharpener

    PrismacolorPencil Sharpener

    This Prismacolor sharpener is as good as they come. It’s designed for sharpening colored pencils and will keep your little artist’s pencils sharp and ready to create!

  • premium vinyl eraser

    STAEDTLERPremium Vinyl Eraser

    These are my personal preferred brand of erasers! These white vinyl ones are the best! They erase nicely and don’t leave marks on your paper. Highly recommended.

  • blunt tip scissors

    WestcottBlunt Tip Scissors

    These blunt tip scissors from Westcott are perfect for little hands. They cut perfectly and are less likely to end up hurting your little ones. I love that they come in a variety of colors.

  • pencil case

    ZIPITPencil Case

    This super cute pencil case comes in a variety of fun patterns. It can be used as a pencil case, storage box, or even a makeup bag for the older girls. It’s also machine washable so that makes it special in my book!

  • heavy duty plastic folders

    JAM PAPERHeavy Duty Plastic Folders

    The kids always need pocket folders for school and these poly plastic folders fit the bill. They are sturdy and come in lots of colors to help them keep their papers organized.

  • SharpieRetractable Highlighters

    I already mentioned how I love Sharpie highlighters, but these take it up a notch. They are retractable and they come in some awesome colors. Always no smudge as expected from Sharpie. Where was all this stuff when I was in school?

  • wite-out correction tape

    BICWite-Out Correction Tape

    I am a huge fan of these BIC Wite-Out correction tapes. Remember when we had the liquid ones that made a huge mess? Well, these answered our correction prayers! They make a great addition to your high schooler’s supplies.

  • combination padlock

    desired toolsCombination Padlock

    These combination padlocks are a must if your child needs a lock for his school or gym locker. They can pick their own combination and you can choose the perfect color just for them.

Happy Back-To-School Shopping

That’s it for my school supplies list. These should be all the essentials that your child will need for the new school year. I hope you found this list helpful and are able to save some time and avoid the long back-to-school lines. Make sure to check out my complete back-to-school shopping guide:

The Complete Back-to-School Shopping Guide

Do you have any school supply suggestions that I didn’t mention? Tell me about it in the comments.

 Happy Back to School Shopping!

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